Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Catalog of Evidence - Concerned Americans Have Good Reason to Doubt that Putative President Obama Was Born in Hawaii

A Catalog of Evidence - Concerned Americans
Have Good Reason to Doubt
that Putative President Obama Was Born in Hawaii

by: Mario Apuzzo, Esq.

Originally Posted: April 25, 2010
Last Update: January 1, 2011
Discussed on the Peter Boyle Radio Show 9 March 2011

Get a copy of this Catalog of Evidence report at SCRIBD. Also see the Kerchner v Obama Petition to the U.S. Supreme Court filed by Attorney Mario Apuzzo in September 2010.

Re-Posted by:
CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)


James said...

Great interviews you have been giving. I strongly encourage you to send all your information, advocacy and research to the state legislators who crafting eligiblity bills.
Mark Hatfeild of Georgia:
Leo Berman of Texas

Mae Beavers of Tennessee

You may have easier time getting ahold of State legislatures rather than members of Congress.

Good Luck!

James said...

Here is the latest on the Nebraska Birther Bill. The first hearing on it is tomorrow
May be you can contact Sen. Mark Christensen and offer your help and support.

RuleofLaw said...

There is no explicit definition of Natural Born Citizen at the Federal level. There is however an explicit definition of this term at the state level and it reveals a troubling trend in the eligibility question for President Obama. Natural Born citizen has been defined in Indiana as being no different from born or birthright citizen. Neither parent must be a US citizen and as long as you can make it seem as if you were born somewhere in the US, by the ruling in Indiana you are natural born. Thus anyone born to a foreigner on US soil is allowed to become President. So far no one has addressed this issue. Here is the address for the ruling.
The specific wording is on page 17. I have written to both Rep. Hatfeild of Georgia and Rep. Berman of Texas to let them know about this. So far no response.

Anonymous said...

Do not give up. The White House Insider report today.

says Impeach the President? No way that is too good for him!

James said...


I just got word...

Mark Hatfield - Leader of the Georgia Birther Bill, will be on Reality Check Radio Tommorrow
Reality Check Radio is the biggest Obot attack dog against the birthers.
You might want to spread the word and listen to the show tomorrow night.
You can bet Mark Hatfield is going to be attacked.
Please spread the word.

js said...

in order to challenge ObieOne...all that needs be for one be charged under a law...(not under the UCMJ)...that ObieOne signed...

the perfect defense...that ObieOne is not eligible to hold office...and that the law the person is being charged with does not carry the authority of law under the Constitution of the US and cannot be enforced...

the person should not waive his/her right to a speedy trial...and should be repesented by an atty that is well informed about the research done by both leo donofrio...and mario order to establish a reasonable basis for this defense...not one word about ObieOnes birth certificate needs to be mentioned...his father was born in Kenya...and was a brit. citzen when ObieOne was born...preventing ObieOnes every being eligible for POTUS...factual evidence can be presented in ObieOnes books...and election web sites...that ObieOne takes credit for...that makes the case for the defense...(ObieONe's admission to those facts has already been established publicly)...

it would all happen to fast...for any mount a meaningful defense...and force discovery...on the states prove that ObieOne "is" qualified...based on real world facts...and not technicalities and political inuendo...

best place would be in a state court with overwelming odds of landing a conservative, constitutionalist Justice....

discussion...what laws...which state...viability for success....