Monday, March 14, 2011

Obama Ineligible! 14 Mar 2011 Issue Washington Times National Weekly Edition - page 5

Obama Ineligible! 14 Mar 2011 issue Washington Times National Weekly edition - page 5.

Citizen maybe, but NOT a "natural born Citizen" of the United States.

Obama is not Article II constitutionally eligible to be the President and Commander of our military. Obama is NOT a "natural born Citizen" to constitutional standards. Obama's father was NOT a U.S. Citizen. Obama's father was not an immigrant to the United States. Obama's father was a foreign national, a British Subject. Obama is the child of an alien father who was sojourning in the U.S. attending college. Obama was born a British Subject via his father and is still such to this day. Obama has never conclusively proved he was born in Hawaii. Obama's paternal family in Kenya, Kenyan government officials, and newspapers in Kenya say he was born in Kenya. Obama's maternal grandmother likely falsely and illegally registered him as born in Hawaii to get him, her new foreign-born grandson, U.S. Citizenship.

History shows us that a popularly elected, but ineligible, chief executive in the executive branch of a government can be legally and constitutionally removed from office, e.g., Governor Thomas H. Moodie of North Dakota was a prime example. After he was sworn in and serving as Governor, the North Dakota State Supreme Court ordered Governor Moodie removed from office, after it was determined that he was constitutionally and legally ineligible to serve in the office to which he was popularly elected.

Also, two U.S. Senators although popularly elected and sworn in to the U.S. Senate were subsequently removed from office after it was learned that they were NOT constitutionally eligible when they were elected.
Albert Gallatin [U.S. Senator seating unconstitutional and annulled]:
James Shields [U.S. Senator seating unconstitutional and annulled]:

Thus it is very clear that winning a popular election does not trump or nullify the constitution of a state or the U.S. federal constitution. Obama is not constitutionally eligible to be the President and Commander in Chief of the military and should be removed from office and his election, confirmation, and swearing in annulled.

The action of the states can save out Constitution and our Republic. Contact your state legislators and demand action to vet Obama's constitutional eligibility in the next election. And in that vein there is immediate needed action in GA. See this action alert for GA: Contact the GA Speaker of the House David Ralston and Urge Him to 100% Support the GA HB401 and a 2012 Presidential Election Cycle Effective Date

Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.
CDR USNR (Retired)


MichaelN said...


This may have some useful info

jayjay said...


I just received word from some of my sources is Japan that they do not think Mr. Obama's pre-election proclamation about electing him so that the "This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal" has worked out too well.

I believe they are re-thinking the whole mess since none of them have seen his birth/early life documentation (either)!!