Monday, June 21, 2010

New Ad - Hawaii 2008 Senior Elections Clerk, Tim Adams, Supervisors' Investigations in 2008 - Obama Not Born in any Hawaii Hospital

New Ad - Hawaii 2008 Senior Elections Clerk, Tim Adams, Says He & His Supervisors' Investigations in 2008 Showed Obama Not Born in any Hawaii Hospital and He Would So Testify in Court - Washington Times National Weekly edition - 21 June 2010 - page 5

When will the major and national Main Stream Media interview Tim Adams? It is disgraceful that no major national media has even reported this story or investigated and discussed it in their writings and speaking on radio or TV in their roles as national reporters as to its veracity. Nor have they even interviewed Tim Adams and/or his former supervisors for more details about their in depth investigation into Obama's claimed hospital birth in Hawaii which was done by the Hawaiian Election's Office supervisory staff. That office has confirmed that Tim Adams did work there in 2008. Our Main Stream Media is deliberately, without conscience, disgracefully, and now criminally in my opinion ignoring this story and everything else about the Obama eligibility issue for two years now. The Main Stream Media is failing totally in their duty to insure the legality of elections in our Constitutional Republic by exposing frauds and con-men trying to fool the people and defraud the election process. What good is a free press if they don't do their job and instead act as shills and cover up agents for the Obama lies about his early life and allow him to continue to hide and seal his records from the American people? Our major media in the USA has become akin to the news media in the old former Soviet Union. Nobody in Russia trusted them. And now nobody in the USA trusts are major media. And the people are getting very angry about the media feeding us all red herring stories of the daily crisis with Obama's policies instead of talking about the elephant in the room in Washington DC circles and with the majority of the American people, the Obama's constitutional eligibility issue. The major media in this country is now a complete national disgrace, along with Obama and a corrupt Congress lead by two parties complicit in the eligibility issue cover up. A day of reckoning is coming. A lot of rhetorical heads are going to roll in Obama's team, the Congress, the press, and both political parties. We the People are angry and totally fed up with the Congress and the Press and the Political Parties. It is only a matter of time now. Let it come sooner rather than later. And let the chips and heads fall where there may in both political parties in the elections, if not sooner, for what they have done in creating the worst Constitutional Crisis since the Civil War. The truth and the Constitution will win in the end. And the deceivers will be punished by We the People.

Charles Kerchner, Commander USNR (Retired)
Lead Plaintiff, Kerchner v Obama & Congress