Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Blog Rules

THE RULES: Please keep in mind this is a moderated blog. This is akin to a court setting and is not a wide open say anything you want, anytime you want, free speech zone like a soap box in a public square. If you want that type of forum you will have to go elsewhere. Keep your comments and questions in the case threads serious and focused on the post subject, Article II natural born citizenship, and/or merits of the Kerchner et al v Obama & Congress et al lawsuit. Unsubstantiated statements which are determined to be false and misleading, or even potentially misleading to others (the jury of public opinion reading this blog) as to the true facts of that lawsuit, repetitive, argumentative, personal attacks, criticism or lobbying efforts for other attorneys and/or their cases, blog scrolling and flaming by internet trolls or stalkers, advertising links, inappropriate links, disinformation campaigns, posting links to notorious Obot disinformation sites, and/or off topic comments will likely not be posted. I also will not discuss in public specifics of any lawsuit or case as to my planned tactics or strategies for pursuing that case. That will be only be revealed at the appropriate time in subsequent court filings and in the hearings or trial. I am the Judge in this blog and will rule on the merits, materiality, worthiness, etc., of all comments. My rulings on the acceptance or rejection of a comment are final. Please note that your comments will not appear immediately as I have to review them first. As I am busy working on this case, and other cases with my law office, it may be several hours to 1/2 a day at times before your comment is reviewed and accepted and/or answered. Thank you for your kind consideration of the purpose of the blog posts to educate the American electorate about the legal term of art "natural born Citizen", the Obama Article II eligibility issues, and the historic Kerchner vs. Obama & Congress lawsuit.


cfkerchner said...

And for the O-Bots cruising on by from time to time. No blog scrolling here. :-)