Monday, July 27, 2009

Censorship by Google and BlogSpot Robots, Altered Search Engine Algorithms, Biased Google Staff. Internet Cyber-Attacks on Conservative Blogs/Websites

Censorship by Google and BlogSpot Robots, Altered Search Engine Algorithms, and Biased Google Staff. A National Resource and Public Corporation has been Compromised by an Extremely Politically Biased CEO. Other Internet Cyber-Attacks Being Attempted & Orchestrated by the Obots . Some Cloaked and Subtle. Some Not. Is Obama's New Cyber/Internet Czar Actively or Passively Involved and Does He Know What is Going On to Shut Down Opponents of Obama on the Net?

25 July 2009 - Note from the moderator and contributors:
A notice has been received from Google and Blogspot that this blog may be deleted in 20 days based on complaints (probably phony spamming and TOS violation charges filed by the Obots or concerns being passed down from the top itself). If this blog is taken down or deleted in the next few weeks, please move to the parallel/mirror blog which has copies of the posts posted here. It is located at:

Please make a note of that URL. However, do not post any new comments there at that site until such time as we have to abandoned this blog due to this obvious attempted harassment and censorship by Google and BlogSpot staff disguised and hiding behind the guise of it being anonymous unnamed "robots" having flagged and locked this blog. Note: Google's CEO is a member of the Obama technology team and a major funds contributor to Obama. Google has changed their "robot" algorithms to protect Obama and are censoring and "sand boxing" conservative websites such as See this post at for more details:

26 Jul 2009 - Update: The threat and warning message in the owner and moderator's screens that this blog is being reviewed as a spam blog and if found to be so would be deleted in 20 days was addressed by Atty Apuzzo, the blog owner, and the warning message has now been removed.

31 Jul 2009 - Update: Denial of Service (DOS) attacks are being reported at various websites on the net which have been critical of Obama and his lack of eligibility under our Constitution to be the President. The official "" website was temporarily blocked for about 9 hours from access by normal users by a coordinated DOS attack late Thursday and early Friday. Others have reported similar attacks. We believe these DOS attacks are being orchestrated via ACORN and affiliated groups using "zombie programs" installed on the computers of 10s of thousands of their members nationwide and even worldwide (they have 1 million members outside the USA) and that these zombie sleeper codes in these thousands of computers are being controlled by a central "war room" operation operated by ACORN and/or the Obama campaign staff, which is still in operation, to engage in cyber-warfare against their current targets of interest. I believe they also engage paid and/or volunteer ACORN chapter members as bloggers who are turned loose on the internet when needed to flood conservative blogs or main stream media sites with trolling type messages in any blog where any a thread about the Obama eligitiblity issue is gaining traction or in the news. This internet war room, with its paid bloggers and 10s of thousands of zombie computers world wide, can then send out a simple internet coded command at any time at will to attack any website on the net at any given time with massive, overwhelming numbers of internet "page serve" requests, blog postings and attempts, or emails to block access to the site by normal users, and to cause servers to crash and to clog up email in boxes with robotically generated page serve requests and emails. Keep you firewalls and virus checkers up to date and report any DOS attacks to your ISP immediately and request they report it to law enforcement and/or report it yourself directly to the FBI cyber crimes unit for investigation. I believe ACORN and all its affilations and "cousins" should be investigated under the RICO laws. and under international criminal conspiracy crime laws.

For More About What Obama and Google Want to Hide About Obama's Citizenship Issues See:


cfkerchner said...

The Google response was that they are hiding behind unnamed and anonymous fuzzy logic "robots" algorithms and programs as the cause. ;-)

Basically they are saying ... it wasn't me, it wasn't he, it was that robot over there behind the tree. ;-)

Like wow, we out here in net land don't know what they are doing, and we are to believe those fuzzy logic search rules aren't created, set, and adjusted by humans with a deliberate plan orchestrated and ordered by the Google CEO (in the tank for Obama) to bury sites critical of Obama's citizenship issues. ;-)

We are not alone with this new aggressive behavior this week by Google's CEO to protect Obama and his position on Obama's technology advisory insider group. Google has altered their search engine algorithms to bury articles and site critical of Obama and his exact citizenship status and birth certificate issues. has recently been targeted by Google's biased CEO, search engines, and staff.

Google's Search Engine Biased to Protect Obama from Criticism


Teo Bear said...

There is another issue to censorship of the Internet, it is called "Net Neutrality."

Net Neutrality is basically trying to prevent censorship, in that it's opposite is a "pay to play" scheme where you must pay for your site to be allowed to be carried by (that is not blocked) your ISP, Cox, TimeWarner, Comcast, etc.

Google is for Net Neutrality not because they share the feeling of the 100 million freedom loving Americans who do not want their Internet content filtered by big media who are now ISP's, but because Google does not want this cutting into their profit margins.

Hey Schmitt, here is an idea. Search Engine Neutrality!

We better not hold our breath because Google like Chicago politics is a Pay-to-Play search engine. If you want to ratings for your site, on generic search terms, you better be running Google Ads.

jayjay said...

It's good to see that the warning message has been removed and let's hope it stays removed.

It should never have been there in the first place.

jayjay said...

All - FYI -

Leo Donofrio's blog has some new postings pointing out that Obama has falsely sworn (under oath and jurat-notarized) the he was both eligible under the Constitution AND is a "natural born citizen".

Leo incorrectly picked up the fact that there were two such fraudulent swearings, but in fact there was only one - in AZ.

Here's the blog:

Whether two counts or only one, I think that a single case would be sufficient before most courts.

He also cites the Minor v. Happersett case which was AFTER the 14th Amendment became law and SCOTUS still then said that there was doubt as to the single citizen nbc argument (but not the the 2 US citizen parents on US soil instance).

It should also be noted that no less of an eminent Constitutional scholar (and teacher of the law thereof) who voted for SR511 was also one of its sponsors!!! The resolution is not meaningful in law but at least does state that 2 US born parents were required for McCain (but apparently the implication is that it's not required for the man who has never shown he is eligible to hold the office he now occupies).