Friday, July 31, 2009

MommaE Radio Rebels - BlogTalkRadio - 8:00 p.m. EDT Friday 31 Jul 2009 - Kerchner et al v. Obama & Congress - Update by Atty Apuzzo and Mr. Kerchner:

MommaE Radio Rebels - BlogTalkRadio - 8:00 p.m. EDT Friday 31 Jul 2009 - Kerchner et al v. Obama & Congress - Update by Atty Apuzzo and Mr. Kerchner. You can listen to the show via podcast at the below link. Discussion of the case with the host starts at about 39 minutes into the show.

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cfkerchner said...

Thank you to all who joined us on the show. And a special thanks to those who donated toward the publicity, education, and advertising fund raising drive. It was a good show. Thank you MommaE for having us on.

Charles Kerchner

Georgetown said...

Even if Obam was born in Hawaii, he would not have been born a US Citizen
Consulates and their Families
(TL:CON-64; 11-30-95)
a. Under international law, diplomatic agents are immune from the criminal jurisdiction
of the receiving state. Diplomatic agents are also immune, with limited exception, from the
civil and administrative jurisdiction of the state. The immunities of diplomatic agents extend
to the members of their family forming part of their household. For this reason children born
in the United States to diplomats to the United States are not subject to U.S. jurisdiction
and do not acquire U.S. citizenship under the 14th Amendment or the laws derived from it.

I thought this might interest you
from a commenter named Flos666
Sure there's evidence that Obama's not a natural born citizen. He was turned down for US. financial aid when he went to undergraduate school. He got a letter from the US. Department of Education saying he was unintitiled to the Federal aid because he wasn't a US. citizen. This letter was signed by the Dept. of Education Secretary during the Reagan administration. Obama's picture on NNDB website was the picture he sent to his undergrad. school when he did the whole application package, including his financial aid form. That's why his school sealed his records - they can either eat from the trough or be threatened by his imperial presidency by losing all their government aid (research dollars) from divulging this information.
The Directors of the FBI and the CIA are responsible for controlling who gets the ciphers to read classified information. The Director of the FBI guards the ciphers - like the one for reading the nuclear code. If Obama threatens the CIA Director and tries to politicize the CIA, the FBI Director will just sit, sit, and sit some more on the ciphers until Obama produces a vault copy of his birth certificate (which he doesn't have). One of the former CIA Directors had the Dept. of Education financial aid letter investigated and certified that it was authentic, but Obama can punish him if he speaks out by putting him on trial for alleged war crimes. He's innocent, but he would have to use his life savings to defend himself.
The Director of the FBI refuses to have his agency politicized, so if he sits on the ciphers and Obama as an acct of spite tries to fire him, he will just release the information to the public. All of this is going behind the scenes, but if you see Obama clearly not discussing certain topics like Iran during a press conference, that means he is *uninformed* for a reason...

James said...

I found some new information about the Iowa Guy who claims he has Obama's Kenyan BC. Perhaps you should follow this up:

"I will be releasing a video in August (yes, 2009) which entails information about the birth place of US President Barack Obama. This video will include footage of US President Barack Obama's Kenyan birth certificate. You'll see the birth certificate close up and from different angles. You'll be able to distinguish and make out the embossed (or raised) seal on the certificate. Among the names on the certificate is a doctor that was present at the birth."

James said...

Hold on to your hats!!!!
Could this be it??????

sjc said...

Orly Taitz has a Kenyan Certified copy of Obama's birth cert. up on her site

Place of birth Mombasa,Kenya

Pending forensic testing

dab said...

This was mentioned on his site:

cfkerchner said...

Here is a press release I sent out to about 100 media contacts. With the mentioned docs URL links to the docs included.

2 Aug 2009 For Immediate Release
Here is an online picture of a certified copy of Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate.

We now have a picture of a paper document provided only on the internet by Obama saying he was born in Hawaii. And now we have a picture of a paper document on the internet provided from Kenya saying he was born in Kenya.

We have statements from people in Kenya, Obama's paternal grandmother saying he was born in Kenya and she held him in the hospital the day he was born in Mombasa, Kenya. And we have the Kenyan Ambassador to the U.S. acknowledging that it is common knowledge in Kenya since 2004 that Obama was born in Kenya.

On the other side we have no contemporaneous witnesses coming forth to verify that they were present and/or have first hand knowledge that Obama was born in Kenya. The Hawaiian official say there is a "vital record" in their files saying his birth was "recorded" in Hawaii. There statements are only as good as the veracity of those proffered vital records back in 1961 or whenever they were provided to the state of Hawaii. But with the extremely lax birth registration laws in Hawaii in 1961, Obama could very well have been "born in Kenya" and "had his birth registered in Hawaii" by the grandmother or mother using the simple mail-in birth registration form, with no 3rd party witnesses needed, which was permitted under the rules and regs in 1961. See attached report for more about how easy it was to falsely register a birth in Hawaii in 1961.

Two pictures on the internet. Which one is real? Or are both real docs but the underlying facts in Hawaii were based on false statements by the grandmother or mother in 1961 to obtained U.S. citizenship for her new born son, born in Kenya. We need a forensic investigation both in Hawaii and Kenya to determine the truth.

Charles Kerchner
Also see:

jayjay said...

Gee, would "our guy" lie???

(do geese fly???)