Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Similarity Between the Tea Party and the Obama Eligibility Movements

Clearly, many politicians and media representatives now in power feel threatened by the Tea Party Movement. They will try everything to discredit it, just like they have attempted to do with the Obama eligibilty issue. They attack it by giving it an appropriate name (it is the tea bagging and birthers, tin-foil hat movement). They attack it by misstating who motivated it and who is funding it (the rich invented and are funding it), who is behind it (sore-loser Republicans, racists, right-wing extremists, rednecks, white-power extremists), and whether it is really sincere (it is only Constitutional pseudo law). The picture that these individuals paint is that they and only they are the real representatives of the little, working-class guy and gal. How dare any other party or group attempt to try to take over their role as the protector of the underdog? Yes, indeed, those in power want the public to believe that they alone can and will help the majority of people better their lives. By making the public believe that, those in power only perpetuate their own power.

Those in power would rather stay in power and protect their own political and media jobs rather than do what is best for America today and in future years. As to the politicians, the American public should send all these opportunists, regardless of political party, packing back home to real jobs. As to the media, the public should relegate those media outlets that have either never learned or forgotten what correct media reporting is to the realm of irrelevancy.

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Cynde L. Hammond said...

Mr. Apuzzo,

Well said!

The shame of it is that the majority of American people are actually ignorant enough to fall for these ploys, even though they have noted a ring of truth to what we are doing. Rather than having to use their brains to research and find out the truth for themselves, they find it easier to remain "sheeple," following the rest of their herd blindly.

I've signed up to follow your blog, and I hope you'll continue to visit mine.

Cynde L. Hammond

daddynoz said...

cited from my blog;

Tea Party

The MSM and the elected officials are missing the point. Far be it from me to point out the obvious, but here goes;

1. Most Americans are willing to pay taxes to an elected government that dispenses those funds as the representatives see fit. The umbrage of the taxpayer is not, necessarily, with the collection but with the unequal disbursement (SPENDING). Defense, national parks, NASA, mail service, border protection and immigration, etc. are understood to be at the discretion of the elected party. Fine. Historically, all administrations and congresses are EXPECTED to remain to the confines of the taxes collected. The Republicans were voted out of office for their failure to remain within these constraints (admittedly the Democrats have had Congress since 2006). The most recent congress and administration has violated that, once sacrosant, compact with the United States Citizen-Taxpayer at thier own peril.

2. Spending. I am not an economist, but any rube can see that our currency is diminished through the printing of more dollars and our national security compromised by our debt being held by foreign powers (especially communist). Above all that, it is economic suicide to be compelled to pay interest on debt that could go to the viability of our Republic (i.e. infrastructure, defense, education, etc.).

3. Shame on our media and government for dismissing the character of the recent protest. It was not violent. It was not a product of a powerful concerted power broker (i.e. Soros). It was in fact immensely civil and largely representative of the status quo. The MSM would hold that unless the debate is on the level of McVeigh or Ayers it is inconsequential. Wow.

4. July 4th is the next opportunity to show the socialist-left how adults show their displeasure with the current tax and spend government. I expect it to be congruent with 15APR but larger and similarly civil.

5. Good for you America for recognizing we are screwing our kids (and their kids). Adults pay taxes and sacrifice their sons and daughters on the alter of liberty. So be it and good. That responsible nature doesn't preclude outrage when that faith is found placed in the hands of the criminally irresponsible. The Republicans rightfully suffered their due...what makes the Democrats immune to equivelant expectations of accountability?

6. Democrats don't pay taxes and obviously don't expect their children to there is no measurable harm to running up a TWENTY TRILLION DOLLAR ($20,000,000,000,000) debt in ten years (they must assume the adults will take care of it later). Sickening and repugnant to all those who value the principles of accountability and responsibility.

7. Though I voted for McCain (not a NBC) I am NOT a Republican per se, I just favored his reform message over the then and current "transformation" idealology being implemented. Unfortunately, I'm like a broken watch, correct twice a day. I wonder what the other thing I'll be right about. Gee, I hope it is not the failure to combat the supremacy of Islam.

Please, God, don't let it be our failure to combat the supremacy of Islam (i.e. subjugation of religious freedom, suppression of women's (human!) rights IAW individual liberty, and freedom from tyrannical secular persection masked in the guise of a righteous benevolent religion).

SFC Nosworthy
Not a affiliated with any party...but conservative (i.e. forced by events to be an adult)