Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where Is the Conspiracy?

A commentator recently stated:
"B]ut uh, until there is a link to some primary record of his mom being Kenya [sic] at or around the time of his birth then it's just a whack conspiracy theory."

The conspiracy motivation is also constantly repeated on various pro-Obama blogs, mainsteam media reports, political discourse at all levels, and even in at least one Federal Court decision dismissing a case filed against Obama. A conspiracy theory is fed by "facts" that are in dispute. That is why it is called a theory.

But these facts are not in dispute: under the British Nationality Act 1948(BNA 1948), Obama’s father was a British citizen/subject when he was born in the English colony of Kenya. Obama’s father continued to be such and not a U.S. citizen when Obama was born in 1961. Under the same BNA 1948, at birth, regardless of where he was born, Obama also became a British citizen/subject by descent from his British father.

As applicable only to a Presidential Article II "natural born Citizen" (not an Article II grandfathered "Citizen [which of course has long expired]," not an Article I "Citizen" [for Representatives and Senators who are eligible even if naturalized], not a 14th Amendment "citizen" [who is one either born on U.S. soil with U.S. jurisdiction or naturalized], not a U.S. Code born "citizen" [born on U.S. soil with U.S. jurisdiction or in U.S. outlying possessions or foreign countries to one or two U.S. citizen parents or being of unknown parentage is found in the U.S. while under the age of 5], and not a Wong Kim Ark 14th Amendment "citizen" [born on U.S. soil to alien parents who are legal U.S. residents]), the individual must be born in the United States to a mother and father who are themselves United States citizens (by birth or naturalization). This is to assure that a would-be, all powerful President and Commander in Chief of the Military has sole allegiance and loyalty to the United States from the time of birth, for the sources of citizenship (jus soli and jus sanguinis) are all united at birth to give the child only U.S. citizenship from birth and thereby forever prevent any other nation from claiming that child's citizenship, allegiance, loyalty and demanding military service or political favors. Such unity of U.S. citizenship also prevents a would-be President from feeling conflicted as to his allegiance and loyalty between the United States and some other foreign country, whether done consciously or unconsciously. Finally, such unity of U.S. citizenship allows the American people to fully trust their President with protecting their nation and their and their families' very lives. The American people expect their President to make very tough decisions in a moment of crisis and they cannot risk that their President may be ambivalent about taking the proper course of action because of some allegiance and loyalty conflict acquired from birth and nurtured throughout his or her life.

It is public knowledge that Obama has admitted in his writings and otherwise that when he was born, his father was a British citizen/subject and not a United States citizen and that at that time he himself also became such. In fact, his father was not even a permanent resident of the United States, but rather only a student who would probably have been here only on a temporary student visa. Hence, not only was Obama's father not a United States citizen but Obama himself was born a British subject/citizen. Hence, clearly, Obama is not and cannot be an Article II "natural born Citizen," regardless of where he may have been born, regardless of what his original long-form Birth Certificate may say, regardless of to which countries he may have travelled, regardless of how many passports he may have acquired and used, regardless of whether or not he registered for the military service, regardless of what any of his school or medical documents say, regardless of what foreign schools he attended, and regardless of whether he was ever adopted by some foreign national. The real operative facts are not in dispute. I fail to see where the conspiracy is.

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daddynoz said...

I may be wrong, but if a majority of Americans actually knew the truth...

about where the money went.

how it was appropriated.

the REAL that debt was incurred in the process.

The Democrats would be done (and the Republicans for that matter).

Term limits and real reform are the only recourse for this Republic if is has a hope for viability.


Teo Bear said...


You wrote “The American people expect their President to make very tough decisions in a moment of crisis and they cannot risk that their President may be ambivalent about taking the proper course of action because of some allegiance and loyalty conflict acquired from birth and nurtured throughout his or her life.”

I would like to point out that the reverse is also true. That a person may hate the one allegiance and make decisions in a time of crisis that affect our national security.

I would like to point out that while Obama was born a British Subject, from his Kenyan grandfather he acquired a hatred for the British. His grandmother in Kenya told him stories about his grandfather about his grandfather’s imprisonment during the Mau Mau uprising, where his grandfather was allegedly tortured by the British. We can see this distaste for our century old ally Britain in the way he received the Prime Minister in Washington, and the very “casual” way he met the Queen just recently at the G20 summit. Mark this “casualness” against the very formal subordinate prostration he gave the Saudi King.

I am not saying that this cancels out the preposition you bring about favoring the foreign allegiance over the loosely held allegiance to ones birth place. I believe that this only serves to strengthen your theory as it shows that there are dangerous consequences. Obama does feel he is more Kenyan than British, in this I have no doubt. As such we can expect him to follow his Kenyan roots to an antipathy towards our ally Britain.

With Obama, we are also dealing with multiple citizenships and claims to his loyalties and allegiances. Of the known citizenships for Obama we have, US, British, Kenyan and Indonesian. The people in Kenya already expect that Obama will help their country with aid. They are calling him a Kenyan, and there is a reason for that, because on December 12, 1963 he was automatically given citizenship in Kenya. Is he still a Kenyan Citizen? An Act of the Parliament of Kenya called Chapter 170, allows him to hold dual citizenship status if he makes an oath of allegiance, and affirms that he intends to return to Kenya. He must make this oath and affirmation before his 23rd birthday. So a question arises is why Obama is hiding a 1983 visit to Kenya, when he would be between 21 and 22 years old?

While some people may disagree with this, and point to the various laws that have supposedly stripped him of these citizenships, I would like to point out that these laws that supposedly strip him of citizenship can be changed at a later date to restore those citizenships to him. So in effect with Obama we are dealing with a man whose condition of birth allows other countries to pass laws that can make him answerable to these foreign powers. This only goes to reinforce your argument that a Natural Born Citizen of the United States is one who is the child at birth of two US Citizens and is born in the USA. It is only this way that all claims to allegiance and loyalties by foreign powers is removed. Our Founding Father’s were intelligent men, the product of the age of enlightenment, and I find it ludicrous to believe that they would leave the security of the nation that they just bleed for to establish to the whims of foreign governments.

Tèo Bear `,:-)

mtngoat61 said...

Hi Teo,

Excellent point Teo. Obama considers himself a citizen of the world. And that is not just a rhetorical statement, as you so astutely point out. There are citizenship claims on him from multiple countries and he likely confirmed his multiple citizenship at various times in his life as "conveniences" to him at those times in his life. That is why he is hiding his college admission records and financial aide records and passport and travael records. His natural born loyalties and love are NOT to the USA since he is not a natural born citizen of the USA. For further evidence of his inner feelings about the USA, all one has to do is read the original, unredacted first edition version of his book, "Dreams From My Father", to understand his arrogant hatred for America, our people, and the American system and his love for Socialism and Marxism, which were the philosophies of his Marxist Kenyan father who was a member of the Kenyan government after Kenyan independence from Britain. Obama's true mindset it to finish the goals of what his father started via the violent and terrorist Mau Mau revolution in Kenya ... that is to spread Socialism and Marism as the ideal form of government for the world. This is why he, and his wife too who is also a Marxist, chose to associate themselves all their adult lives with people like Saul Alinskyites and Bill Ayers, Michael Klonsky, and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. These people are all dedicated Marxists. These actions speak louder than words. Obama as a U.S. Senator chose to meddle and get involved with the Kenyan governament elections for his socialist tribal cousin Odinga who instigated and permitted violence within his followers when he did not win out right. He even went to Kenya as a U.S. Senator to campaign for these Marxists. And the further action of Obama's choosing to bow to the King of Saudi Arabia and not the Queen dramatically point out your point and reveal his inner self to the world. You are correct, he loathes the British even though he is still a British subject by birth. A very good observation and point by you. It was either a deliberate or a Freudian slip on his part in diplomatic protocol whereby he revealed his true inner self, once again.

Keep up the good work with your The Birthers website and the educational material there on "natural born citizenship".

M Publius Goat