Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Atty Apuzzo & CDR Kerchner on Revolution Radio Show hosted by Dr. Kate - Wed, 07 Apr 2010, 9:10 p.m. EST

Atty Mario Apuzzo and CDR Kerchner will be guests on Revolution Radio Show hosted by Dr. Kate on Wednesday, 7 April 2010, at 9:10 p.m. EST.

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Charles F. Kerchner, Jr., Commander USNR (Retired), Lead Plaintiff, Kerchner v Obama & Congress
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William said...

Reviewing some statistics in the 2nd court of appeals, it appears that only 8% of cases pending are given the approval for oral arguments. I could not find any data for the 3rd court, but assume it is not much higher.

William said...

Charles & Mario,

Possible future radio interview for you two?

-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is a columnist at The Washington Times and president of the Edmund Burke Institute, a Washington think tank. He is the daily host of the "Kuhner Show" on WTNT 570-AM ( from noon until 3 p.m.

Talk show host Jeff Kuhner, on 570 WTNT, who two months ago said on his program that he thought that Obama was probably born in Hawaii, just said that Obama is a USURPER and an illegitimate president of the United States!

Kuhner characterized the Obama "presidency" as one of the biggest cons ever!

Kuhner calls O'Reilly STUPID! "Murdoch and Fox in bed with the Saudis...birth certificate issue off limits because Saudi Arabia buying up access and influence in the United States!"

Guy4013 said...

Hi Charles and Mario,

Just in case you have not seen the article on the presidential candidate Hughes against FDR, the Hughes was not a Natural born citizen and was reported as such in the news.

See the article at thepostemail by Sharon.

Very interesting article by Sharon

Also. apparently in 1862 the US passed a law to prevent anyone born of foreign parents from serving in the military.

In 1862, If you can't serve in the military. how can you really be Commander in Chief?

jayjay said...

Looking forward to hearing both on the show ...

Learn something new each time ...

Oh, and William - Mario and Charles are indeed aware of the Jeff Kuhner show which is certainly one of the best and is situated in WDC which is a good location to help spread the word around (as Jeff is, indeed, doing).

Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...

This is to inform everyone that the Kerchner et al v. Obama/Congress et al case has been tentatively listed on the merits on Tuesday, June 29, 2010, in Newark, New Jersey. It may be necessary for the panel to move the case to another day within the week of June 28, 2010. The Court will notify us if there is a change.

The panel will determine if there will be oral argument and if so, how much time each side will have to argue. We will know if there will be oral argument no less that one week prior to June 29, 2010.

jayjay said...


Does "on the merits" mean only with respect to the "standing, etc." issues - or to the merits of the original complaint???

Just so we don't all get our hopes too high!!

Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...


The merits pertain only to the issues that are on appeal. Those issues are standing and political questions. Hence, merits is defined in relation to those issues only. This means that the underlying merits of Obama's eligibility will most likely not be decided. That does not mean that those underlying merits are not important, even on this appeal, for those merits do inform on the question of standing and political question.

jayjay said...


Good job on the drkate radio show despite the frequent interjection of several obvious Obots (who shall remain nameless since if you read the chat the red herrings and lack of knowledge of the Kerchner et al actions are quite obvious).

I notice that there were several in the chart room who may not have heard you two previously.

Keep up the good work!!!

Joe said...

Hi Mario,
I was on hold for a question tonight but by time they got to me, I couldn't talk. I have been thinking about this NBC issue and I just found it impossible that there was not a different reference to it anywhere at the time. Then you found the Ramsey article.

I was wondering where did you find it and has anyone checked France's archives for more different articles on the definition of NBC?

Obviously everyone knew what the definition was 193 years ago.

Also did you see the recently uncovered video of Michelle Obama referring to Kenya as his "home country"? It was scrubbed off the transcript before the election and now, all of a sudden, the video shows up.

thank you for doing this.

James said...

James said...

Col. Terry Lakin makes a direct and passionate appeal to Barack Obama. What will be Obama's response?

James said...

Col. Terry Lakin has just released his current speech declaration:

Joe said...

Could someone please post the article Ramsay wrote?

cfkerchner said...

Hi Joe,

A copy of it was included as an addendum to Mario's letter to the court on April 2nd, 2010. Here is a link to that letter posted at SCRIBD. Scroll down to the article by David Ramsay.

CDR Kerchner

Let us move forward said...

I fear that the court is willing to move on the case in order to reinforce the current rulings on standing.

If an individual is found to have standing in a case citing a Constitutional violation, then the unpopular health care bill will spawn many such cases.

Or perhaps a court has figured out that the unpresidential behavior display by Mr. Obama is very dangerous to the good old USA.

All that can be done is wait and see.

jayjay said...


Most likely Obama will merely ignore Lt. Col. Lakin's plea to him.

Any bets???

Unknown said...

Off topic for Puzo1: Doesn't HBO acknowledge Obama (of Kenya/UKC) as his father? Doesn't that "acknowledged fact" mean he is not an NBC? (As required by the Constitution?) What need is there for birth certificates?

Larry said...

At this time, many important items are most definitely in our favor. The revealing "white powder scandal" is no longer heard in the MSM, but it is still very hot news on the street. The popularity of and confidence in the Usurper has plummeted, the "healthcare bill" has maddened nearly every Citizen and almost triggered a revolution, the entire world realizes the Usurper does not meet the legal standard to hold office and many countries are now refusing to sign agreements with him because they may well be declared null and void, and the crew of "professional bloggers" working for TRACY RUSSO and the DOJ have fallen almost totally silent because they have finally come to realize that all their crude postings on various blogs have only helped the Usurper to fall from grace. The DOJ blogging team's unceasing rudeness and arrogance inadvertently caused millions of persons to fully research and investigate the "n.b.C." issue, thus immensely helping our cause. Apparently, the DOJ blogging team and foolish old "Doctor Conspiracy" didn't bother to take note of an ancient and unattributable quote. "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt." (I accidentally located a YouTube video of the crazy old Marxist known as "Doctor Conspiracy" driving his beloved East German built, two cycle "Trabant 600" [look it up] automobile after having a few beers.)

Bob said...

Mario --

You might get your point across to our Brit friends if you begin to refer to the putative president as an "expat" president, Obama.

Really, everyone understands the phrase "expat!"