Friday, April 30, 2010

Atty Apuzzo and CDR Kerchner on Jeff Kuhner Show in Wash DC - Friday, 30 Apr 2010 @ 1 PM EST

Atty Mario Apuzzo and CDR Kerchner were guests on the Jeff Kuhner Show on WTNT 570 in Washington DC hosted by Jeff Kuhner on Friday, 30 April 2010, at 1:00 p.m. EST.

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Charles F. Kerchner, Jr., Commander USNR (Retired)
Lead Plaintiff, Kerchner v Obama & Congress
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P.S. Why concerned Americans have good reasons to doubt whether Obama was born in Hawaii:


jayjay said...

Glad to see that you were botrh able to be on at the same time.

I suspect that Jeff obtained some new outlooks on the eligibility issue since he HAD been pretty well locked into the BC only in some earlier shows.

Great job.

Unknown said...

Is there a podcast for the show? Missed it, but would love to hear it!


cfkerchner said...


I was disappointed to learn that the Jeff Kuhner Show is not available by podcast. I am now trying to secure an audio copy from the show to put on my servers. When I get it I will include a link in with the show announcement post.

CDR Kerchner

Larry said...

Wish I hadn't been so busy today trying to negotiate a sudden offer of an automotive book and TV deal. I never realized the contracts were so complicated. After reading over everything, I'm beginning to wonder whether they pay me or I pay them.

cfkerchner said...

John Smith posted:
Sorry I missed the show. I look forward to access to an archived version.

The balance of his comment is being addressed privately.

CDR Kerchner

cfkerchner said...

Hi all,

The podcast link for our appearance today on the Jeff Kuhner Show is now up and active in the show announcement post and for your convenience I will repeat it in the comment:

CDR Kerchner

Joe said...

Rep. Duncan Hunter-CA-R said at a Tea Party in Ramona, San Diego County over the weekend:

"Would you support deportation of natural born American citizens that are the children of illegal aliens?" a man in the audience asked.

"I would have to, yes," Hunter said.

I almost had a heart attack when I heard about this. But the natural born citizen remark apparently did not come from Duncan.

90 CA House Reps. are co-sponsering a bill now to do away with citizenship of children of illegal aliens.

cfkerchner said...

What a dumb or deliberately planted statement that person asked in that question. Children of illegal aliens are native born Citizens of the USA at best but they certainly are not "natural born Citizens" because by definition a "natural born Citizen" must have two U.S. Citizen parents in addition to being born in the USA. Children of illegal aliens thus do not meet that criteria and neither does Obama no matter where he was born since his father was a British Subject as was Obama too at birth. This planted misleading type of statement from an Obot operative in the audience as to who is a natural born Citizen I see popping up in a lot of stories recently. I think this is the latest Obama misinformation campaign with the media and putting people into conservative groups to ask dumb and wrong premise questions like that one. Probably being controlled and orchestrated by the Obama far left nerve center funded by George Soros, the Center for American Progress and/or other Soros funded groups putting out disinformation to cover up for Obama and try to confuse the American people further now that they are starting to catch on to the truth. JMHO.

CDR Kerchner

Incredulous said...

Mr. Apuzzo:
According to Hawaii Law HRS §338-18
the Department of Vital Statistics is REQUIRED to "VERIFY" "ANY RECORD". They are require to provide "verification in lieu of a certified copy" of "any record" of this exact document: paid for by Barack Obama.
Definition of "record": A document.
Definition of "verify": To prove the truth of by presentation of evidence or testimony; substantiate. To affirm formally or under oath.

Now so far the Department of Health/Vital Statistics and the Office of Information Policies which is supposed to enforce Hawaii information laws, have REFUSED to ABIDE Hawaii law. Refused.
Further Hawaii DOH/VS REFUSES to VERIFY OBAMA'S COLB(meaning they are avoiding their duty). If they verify a document which is obviously forged they are guilty of treason. If they don't verify it they admit we've been fed lies.
Further Hawaii DOH/VS REFUSES TO VOUCH FOR FUKINO'S STATEMENT that Obama was born in there.
Further if Fukino made a statement from Obama's Vital Documents, she needed his express permission or she's guilty of a misdemeanor. Hawaii DOH/VS says Fukino is not guilty of misconduct, on the record, therefore she HAD TO have gotten permission from Obama to reveal ANY data from his vitals. Therefore Hawaii DOH/VS CANNOT fall back on Privacy Laws to protect disclosure since they are simultaneously saying Obama gave permission for disclosure.

What can be done now that Hawaii's Dept of Health/Vital Statistics and Hawaii's Office of Information Policy refuses to abide their very own laws?

Bill Cutting said...

Mario, Commander Great interview!

I am glad that nonsense about the Bill Oreilly investigation came up. What investigation? There was none. The entire lame stream media has lied to the American public. Their opinions are based on suspect forged internet images.

Do you think you could get a drivers license, Social Security card or US passport based on an internet image? No

But you can get a Top Secret securtity clearance and be elected to command the largest military in the world. What a joke.

Obama show us your papers!!

Mick said...

I listened to the podcast, and Kuhner seems fixated on the BC. I don't think he fully understands the non citizen father issue. He kept saying that "since Obama's father was "BORN IN KENYA", which is not the correct thought. The correct thing to say was since "Obama's father was NOT A US CITIZEN when Obama was born". I don't think you drove that point home well enough. It was good that this was on terrestrial radio. Wonder if Kuhner will discuss this issue when he subs for Savage.

Incredulous said...

Nobody's ever pushed on the simplest front which Hawaii law requires itself to do:
"Does Hawaii verify the COLB"...
So far the answer is absolutely NO.

For example, say you wanted to verify little Johnny was eligible to play soccer in Hawaii. Johnny's mom directs you to a funny looking digital COLB on the internet. Was that Johnny's document, or did he cop that from another kid? You then have the right by Hawaii law, to have Hawaii "verify" "any record" you send to them for a small fee of #5. NOT just the dates, on the document Johnny's mom gave you, not just a factoid or two, have a right by Hawaii law to have them "verify" "any record" you send to them.

What Hawaii's been doing to get away with not obeying their own law, is to try give people a form to fill out so they can ask if point by point the data is correct on Johnny's digital funny looking document. It may be some of the data is "correct" and some isn't, but the document, not being Johnny's, being "funny looking" they could never verify.
In Obama's case,

He has nothing, no Hawaii verification of the COLB or even any backing of Fukino's statement, and now she or Hawaii are proven guilty of crimes themselves, by their very own laws.

If Hawaii has no respect for its OWN laws, it certainly will have no respect for the Constitution.

jayjay said...


Good point that the BC "issue" is overplayed (and of course that plays into the desires of the pro-Obama claims).

The point really is that Obama would not be a nbC eveb if he were born on the steps of the U. S. Capital since he has admitted that his father was governed by the BNA of 1948 and that he, himself, was governed by that same law.

That clearly makes him ANYTHING BUT eligible under the black-letter law of our country; the U. S. Constitution.

Dixhistory said...

Great interview guys. This is off topic but worth a read.

Plunder look at or click on Chapter 7


Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...


It is not possible to get a full correction on every detail that is given during a fast-paced radio interview. There is only so much time and we all have to give each other a chance to speak. All in all, I believe that there is more than enough statements from both Commander Kerchner and me that drove home the point that Obama's father was a British subject and not a U.S. citizen at any time and that Obama himself was a British subject at the time of his birth. You would have to be sleeping through the show not to come away with that understanding. I must therefore disagree with your assessment of things.

Robert said...

Until Hawaii verifies the COLB it has no more value as proof of Obama's birthplace than scribbling on a dinner napkin.

Whether Hawaii verifies it or not, Obama has stipulated to his birth under British jurisdiction and has for the duration of his life claimed Barrack Hussein Obama, Sr. as his father.

It is clear that he is not Constitutionally qualified to hold the office of President. It is also clear that he has a large group of informed and willing accomplices. Our leadership and military have failed to act. What Constitutional and legal recourse remains?

Incredulous said...

Hawaii has been asked to lawfully, per HRS 338-18 verify the fighthesmears COLB and they won't.
This can be taken as them not verifying the COLB, since they've had months since the request.

Since Hawaii does not verify the COLB, can we just shut those stupid people up who say the opposite?

Even Okubo will not vouch for Fukino's truthfulness in her statement!
The Hawaii Attorney General refuses to corroborate Fukino's statement too.

Nobody and nothing in Hawaii stands behind Obama.

Anderson Cooper can go take a flying leap! He doesn't even have that 0's and 1's COLB to bank on!

Incredulous said...

Robert: Your point is critical, because indeed you could send crayola scribbling on a dinner napkin and $5 and ask DOH to verify that or not and they would have to do so!
Obama's online COLB is as good as that napkin.
The other point is that Obama's COLB says it was "FILED" but when a COLB is certified it is "ACCEPTED" by the registrar, which is the step after the filing. So Obama could make up whatever crap he wanted, file it, then say, "see it's on file!".

In fact I analyzed Chiyome Fukino's statement and she does not say that Obama was born in Hawaii based on documents that were accepted by the registrar, only filed by the registrar. She did this to cover her lying butt...this way she can say what's ON FILE says he was born in Hawaii, when that's utterly pointless. Damn! Everyone in the media has used that stupid statement of hers as if it had any meaning! I could submit a COLB application saying my mother was Marilyn Monroe and I was born in Maui last year and they would FILE it, then I could say "see it's on file!". Jeesh.

Look at Fukino's statement:
“I, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, Director of the Hawai‛i State Department of Health, have seen the original vital
records maintained on file by the Hawai‘i State Department of Health verifying Barack Hussein Obama
was born in Hawai‘i and is a natural-born American citizen. I have nothing further to add to this statement
or my original statement issued in October 2008 over eight months ago.”

She also uses the made-up term meant to confuse "natural-born American citizen" using a hyphen and American in it, to differentiate it from the Constitution Article II requirement. The puppy press is willfully STOOPID on this and only wanted enough "toldyaso" data to keep the public off balance.

Criminals ALL!

Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...


Fukino lost any little credibility that she had when she added in her statement that Obama is a "natural-born American citizen." Making such a statement is way beyond the scope of her job. We have witnessed the national debate on what is an Article II "natural born Citizen." I cannot fathom what makes Fukino think that she has the competence given the complexity of the issue to tell us that Obama is a "natural born Citizen." She should not have made such a statement given that the public is looking to her and her office for assistance in getting to the truth of where Obama was born. Why would she go to such lengths to make such a statement which is well beyond her competency to make? It is only reasonable to conclude that if she would go to such lenghts to support Obama on a constitutional legal question over which she has no jurisdiction, she would also be improperly motivated to support Obama when it comes to the factual question of whether Obama was born in Hawaii.

Mick said...

Mr. Apuzzo,
I realize that on a fast paced radio show it's hard to get every point across and that the point about Obama's father's lack of US citizenship was certainly discussed, but I still came away thinking that Kuhner did not fully understand (or was somehow sabatoging the point). A lot of people view the parents citizenship issue as some sort of racist, exclusive requirement, when it is anything but that. Him implying that Obama was not eligible because his father was not born here plays into that. I think that despite the fact that you and Cmdr. made the statement about Obama Sr. not being a citizen, Kuhner himself did not (or would not) understand the difference. I found myself wanting to correct him at the moment he made the statement about Obama Sr's birthplace. But again, to have it discussed on terrestrial radio was awesome! What Kuhner does from here will be a clue as to whether he understands the gravity and truth of your argument, or whether he is just another media puppet, politeley acknowledging your argument, while at the same time burying it or designating it as "conspiracy". How could he not expand on such a powder keg that is Obama's Kryptinite? I got Donofrio on in S. Fla radio more than a year ago, but since then she (the host) will not discuss the issue, and has personally told me that she doesn't want to cause the civil unrest she feels (or someone does) would ensue if this issue was pressed forward. This is despite the fact that she harangues his every move day after day. It is very frustrating to know that she has the argument in front of her, and the pulpit to educate the public and won't discuss the NBC issue. I am guessing that Kuhner does the same. We'll see. Maybe you should call in to his show sometime next week.

Incredulous said...

Mr. Apuzzo: It's because (I know we've dealt with them) these Hawaii officials think they can play cutesy with the wording and remove themselves from any future culpability.

In Hawaii, first an application for a COLB is filed, then later accepted by registrar and certified.
Fukino thinks she's amazingly brilliant and oh so cute in her verbage and that if it's not "exact" she has plausible deniability. She only says that she saw Obama's COLB ON FILE and it says he was born there. If he really was born there she'd say Obama gave her permission (required by law in Hawaii) to disclose that his birth certificate which has accepted by the registrar State of Hawaii states that he was born in Hawaii.
Okubo will not vouch for Fukino's statement.
Nor will the Hawaii Attorney General.
For Fukino to have made that statement anyway, she'd have had to have had Obama's permission to disclose his vitals publicly, thus Hawaii could not fall back on privacy laws since (unless Fukino has committed a misdemeanor crime) he had to have given express permission for public disclosure.

I hope Hawaii officials imagine themselves being tried for treason by 320 million really pissed off American citizens for their "cutesy" obfuscations and ridiculous wordplay to throw off the entire probe in to Obama's birthplace and his treason.

Fukino is utterly clueless as to the legal backing of the term "natural born citizen" she just thinks again she is being cutesy and smarter-than-thou with her word-play (natural-born American citizen is not what's used in the Constitution).

They're scared and rightfully so. Obama is too, he jokes nervously about birthers and his birthplace all of the time now (with Leno yesterday), we'll get the last laugh! Ha ha ha treason aint funny.

They're losing at the mocking game, it makes them look like flopsweat panic attack losers grasping at their final straws. Har har har, nobody's laughing with them any more, the pulse is definitely against Obama.

When you call your representatives, and they try to obfuscate natural born citizen with "well Obama is a US citizen" he's not a US citizen (unless they're considering his Crow Indian adoption, he never filed naturalization papers even when he married Michelle). No, he's just another illegal alien, and he'd better not drive through Arizona!

Mr. Apuzzo, you are way up here on this high plane analyzing history and precedent, and really what you're dealing with at the Hawaii level are a bunch of paid off idiots who've played with the language than ran for cover like cockroaches (Fukino: "I have nothing more to add to this"---umm yes, lady, you do...). It's really sad, you're so far out of their league and yet they're weighting down the process of justice.
But keep on keeping on for THE TRUTH HAS A LIFE ALL ITS OWN. It just keeps revealing itself, and will always win in the end.

Incredulous said...

I would like to suggest to Hawaii officials that if even one of them comes clean, then the equilibrium of justice will see to it that they are protected and that worse consequences of judicial punishment will not come about. Then they can sleep at night again.
If the Supreme Court lets down the American public, the people will abide their duty and remove corruption.

jayjay said...


I've listened to Jeff Kuhner on-air quite a bit and he is, indeed, no "shrinking violet" when it comes to Obama's eligibility.

But I do believe you are right in that at present Jeff does not fully understand the import of Obama's daddy being an alien and therefore governed by the BNA of 1948 and that his son, Barry (or whatever his name really is) was governed by that same law also ... all of which makes it IMPOSSIBLE for the man to be eligible to be President.

If the parentage information is as above, it matters not where Obama was born. He could have been born on the steps of the United States Capitol Building and STILL be ineligible to be President - therefore a usurper.

I believe that Jeff was previously focused heavily on the BC/US-birth solely and is now - with the advent of his interview of Mario and Charles - beginning to get the picture (BIG TIME). Let's hope he spends some "quality time" on the Apuzzo website to educate himself further. I think he has done a bit of that already based upon some of the questions he asked and hopefully will do even more as Mario's site (aided by Charles) is BY FAR the best-informed set of legal issues on the elibibility matter.

Even Leo Donofrio did not have NEARLY the grasp of the nbC issue as do Mario and Charles and Leo did not "know" Vattel and his importance in the eligibility issue as do Mario and Charles.

So with Jeff Kuhner, we'll see - but it is truly encouraging to begin to get some more mainstream recognition of the eligibility issue. We'll see ...

Larry said...

I should write to Hawaii and apply for a "delayed birth certificate" under an assumed name just to prove how loosely they operate. I could produce "documentation" of whatever Hawaii requires and I'll bet you anything my documents would pass muster without one eyebrow being raised - the Vital Statistics clerks there are clueless. There are very competent printers who can copy "security paper" and make an exact copy of the state embossing seal if you want to "do it yourself". Why is it that the governments of states like Hawaii, Florida, and California are just brimming with half wits, homosexuals, druggies, illegal aliens, and lazy bums? I've personally seen individuals who have twenty five or more REAL state issued driving licenses, all from different states and all in different names. "Homeland Security" ("Fatherland Security" is what Hitler called it) is a fraud and a sham or they would research "0"s TRUE background and deport him. There's no rational reason why "0" should still be be holding office and running such a massive con game on Americans.

Dixhistory said...

We should all make sure and vote on Thursday to have Mario and Charles back on the Kuhner Show.