Sunday, March 28, 2010

What Does Obama Truly Want to Accomplish With His Health Care Plan?

By nature, Man is born free and independent. But to live in a state of nature alone is not safe and offers no security. Hence, Man created government for his or her protection and to achieve maximum happiness. Under a constitutional republican form of government, Man delegates to that government limited powers to best achieve that protection. What rights and powers Man does not delegate to that government are his or her to exercise to his or her best advantage in the pursuit of his or her happiness. Let us examine the liberties which the People have retained and enjoyed since the Founding of the Constitutional Republic.

“Does not every man sit under his own vine and under his own fig-tree, having none to make him afraid? Does not every one follow his calling without impediments and receive the reward of his well-earned industry? The farmer cultivates his land, and reaps the fruit which the bounty of heaven bestows on his honest toil. The mechanic is exercised in his art, and receives the reward of his labour. The merchant drives his commerce, and none can deprive him of the gain he honestly acquires; all classes and callings of men amongst us are protected in their various pursuits, and secured by the laws in the possession and enjoyment of the property obtained in those pursuits. The laws are as well executed as they ever were, in this or any other country. Neither the hand of private violence, nor the more to be dreaded hand of legal oppression, are [sic] reached out to distress us.”

Pamphlets on the Constitution of the United States, Published During Its Discussion by the People 1787-1788, Address By Melancthon Smith p. 94 (Paul Leicester Ford ed. 1888). Melancthon Smith of New York, was a member of the Continental Congress, (1785–88), and of the New York State Convention, in which he opposed, but ultimately voted for the ratification of the new Constitution.  He helped reconcile Federalists and anti-Federalists, enabling New York state to ratify the US Constitution in the Dutchess County Courthouse in Poughkeepsie on July 26, 1788

It cannot be denied that today our nation is experiencing economic hardship. But so have we throughout our history. Let us examine the economic times that prevailed during the Founding:

“It is true, many individuals labour under embarrassments, but these are to be imputed to the unavoidable circumstances of things, rather than to any defect in our governments. We have just emerged from a long and expensive war. During its existence few people were in a situation to increase their fortunes, but many to diminish them. Debts contracted before the war were left unpaid [7] while it existed, and these were left a burden too heavy to be borne at the commencement of peace. Add to these, that when the war was over, too many of us, instead of reassuming our old habits of frugality, and industry, by which alone every country must be placed in a prosperous condition, took up the profuse use of foreign commodities. The couutry [sic] was deluged with articles imported from abroad, and the cash of the country has been sent to pay for them, and still left us labouring under the weight of a huge debt to persons abroad. These are the true sources to which we are to trace all the private difficulties of individuals: But will a new government relieve you from these? The advocates for it have not yet told you how it will do it—And I will venture to pronounce, that there is but one way in which it can be effected, and that is by industry and economy; limit your expences within your earnings; sell more than you buy, and everything will be well on this score. Your present condition is such as is common to take place after the conclusion of a war. Those who can remember our situation after the termination of the war preceding the last, will recollect that our condition was similar to the present, but time and industry soon recovered us from it. Money was scare [sic], the produce of the country much lower than it has been since the peace, and many individuals were extremely embarrassed with debts; and this happened although we did not experience the ravages, desolations, and loss of property, that were suffered during the late war.” Melancthon Smith at 95.

Our current economic woes have not been caused by war but rather from bad economic decisions made by government, industry, and individuals. But we have seen the same in our history and as a nation we always overcame those times and eventually prevailed. Regardless of the cause of economic problems, what is important is that there is a remedy for curing them which is the same remedy offered by Melancthon Smith with reference to any post-war period. That remedy is “frugality,” “industry and economy; limit your expences within your earnings; sell more than you buy…”

Indeed, if health care shall be the social problem upon which we are obliged to act, then let us act upon that problem alone and not allow the central government under the guise of curing that “evil” to intrude upon so many cherished liberties of the people.  Why are we to give to the central government so much power and control over our private lives and industry in the name of health care? Can the central government not offer a more limited and balanced plan which would address the very concerns it expresses without intruding so much upon our liberties? We Americans are a wise and practical people. I cannot imagine that we cannot put together a plan that would address our current health care problems without the need of the central government taking over so much of our private lives and industry and forcing employers and individuals to purchase health insurance under circumstances dictated by the central government or face various forms of punishments. The danger with such government encroachment upon our individual liberties is that “history affords us no examples of persons once possessed of power resigning it willingly.” Melancthon Smith at 100. That Obama has not even tried to develop a much more limited and reasonable approach to the health care problem should tell a cautious and prudent person that his plan is not one of only solving the problem of health care, but rather one of taking advantage of a moment in history to gain power and control over private lives and industry and thereby achieve his grand plan of “redistribution of wealth” and slowly but eventually transform our free enterprise system into a government-controlled socialist/communist/Marxist way of life.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
March 28, 2010


jayjay said...

Right you (and the late Mr. Smith) are with the joint analysis.

Watch out, America!! The times they are a changin'.

Incredulous said...

Obama's visitor list recently includes murderer/rapist Billy Ayers, Jewish self-loather and betrayor and nation-bankrupter George Soros, Black Liberation Theology (Marxism) justified white homicide racist 'former' muslim Jeremiah Wright, and Louis Farrakhan hater of "blue eyed devil" white people.
Breitbart posted a video showing Obama's long running coalition with these miscreants for his "REVOLUTION".
Cherchez la femme: Both Obama's mother and wife are severe America haters. Obama's anthropological dispassionate take on Americans is one of a calculating lion on the Serengeti studying its kill. His comment about bible-clinging xenophobic Americans is revealing of his studied emotionless approach to Americans, whom he does not include himself with on any level. He's hunting us, stalking us, like a velociraptor...while we look one way, his cohorts are zeroing in for the kill. And we are in the crosshairs.

Remember Wright and Farrakhan visited with Kadafi, whose proxy wars from Darfur to Chad to Kenya are behind Islamic US Africa. Obama campaigned for Kadafi-al Qaeda linked marxist Odinga who committed genocide on Kenyan Christians. Obama's philosophy of altruism lies very external to the USA, which is an evil force to be prostituted for his greater ends.

Remember Billy Ayers said that 25 million Americans would need to be exterminated as non-re-educatable after his Neo-Stalinist revolution.

Remember Jeremy Wright said that black on white crime is righteous and that the middle class should be obliterated.

And remember Obama just gave billions to George Soros to drill oil off Venezuela, he allows Russia to drill in the Gulf of Mexico and China off Florida, but will not allow Americans to drill their own oil. Soros and Geithner are behind the $14Trillion theft from America. Soros is pure evil. Geithner is the son of the Gugenheim/Annenberg/Ford Foundation scandal Geithner ---where tax free charities were/are abused to study ways to program youth into socialism (obama worked with Ayers for 5 years on a $50 million grant about youth indoctrination). Their focus is on rewriting American history, and Google digitized texts will make this very easy to do. Children will learn our founders were evil rich racist white men, not the truth of their rich heritage, or that Europeans have suffered as much slavery as any other race.

Know who Obama keeps company with, and know Obama. Know his women, and know his heart. A husband and wife needn't agree on all things they like, but they MUST agree on all things they hate. And Obama and Michelle, hate America.


Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...

yes sir,

Using a different name, you posted the same message at I have answered you on The Betrayal web cite as follows:

You cited the case of U.S. v. Southeastern Underwriters Ass’n 322 U.S. 533(1944) to support the legality if Obamacare. That case is inapposite. That case concerned whether a federal criminal indictment under the Sherman Act should stand. The defendants were charged with restraining and monopolizing the fire insurance business. The defendants argued that "the business of fire insurance is not commerce." The Court held that such insurance is commerce and that Congress could regulate it under the Sherman Act. The indictment was therefore upheld. This case has absoutely nothing to do with whether Congress can compel an individual or employer to purchase health insurance, let alone the many other aspects of the new health insurance law.

The limited application of the Southeastern Underwriters Ass'n case is evidenced by the fact that it was never cited by any other court.

As far as your attempting to justify the new health care law based on what Republicans tried to do in the past, your argument has no validity. What the Republicans tried to do in the past is no standard of legality and I do not know what would make you think that honest people would believe that.

Incredulous said...

George Soros and his entire group of Communists are destroying our country. China says he is not welcome and France calls him a criminal. He has destroyed countries by playing with their money markets. When our economy just about crashed last fall, Soros was delighted, not only at the money he was making, but also at the prospect of America’s collapse. You know your country is in trouble when Soros says the G-20 meeting was “successful.” The success was for Soros and his cronies, but not for We the People. He is one of the more wicked anti-Americans on our soil.

Obama plans a full out assault on public education this Spring, this is where the real indoctrination occurs. We are not supposed to be exceptional, we are supposed to whither and die and be replaced and overruled, according to Obama.

He is literally, not one of us.

Incredulous said...

And what of Obama's Council of Governors which are 10 traitors to the Constitution of these United States? Mr. Obama has circumvented the Constitution and the 50 States by illegally having Constitutional Governors of their states serving also as federal officials.
It is simply illegal for any sitting politician to serve in two areas of the government at the same time.
Barack Hussein Obama has created a Constitutional Crisis in 10 States and one Commonwealth, along with a national grounds for impeachment in his federalizing State Governors in a dual position.

The 10 Judas Goats include both Democrats and Republican stooges. Republican Governor Luis G. Fortuno of Puerto Rico, North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue, Vermont Republican Governor James Douglas, Washington Democratic Governor Chris Gregoire, Democratic Governor Brad Henry of Oklahoma, Democratic Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri, Democratic Governor Martin O'Malley of Maryland, Republican Governor Janice K. Brewer of Arizona, Republican Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia and Republican Governor Mike Rounds of South Dakota.

I called Chris Gregoire's office about this, my own governor, and when asking about this, was met with rude abusive disdain such that I would expect from a Pelosi or Reid representative.
Gregoire is being PAID for a FEDERAL and a STATE position simultaneously, and I'm sure it's the same deal with the other governors. She also has FEDERAL AUTHORITY at the same time she has state authority, and I'm sure this is the same with the other governors.

All 11 of these Executives now must be impeached for breaking their Oath of Office which is to uphold, protect and defend their respective Constitutions.

The ten governors represent the 10 FEMA zones, akin to Hitler's reduction of some 77 counties in Austria down to 15 (or so), Obama's planned dictatorship and centralized power requires consolidation.

Incredulous said...

McCain was funded by Soros
No wonder he was a traitor over the NBC issue, and wants to give amnesty to 40 million to alter the vote. He's no conservative!

Robert said...

Please help me understand Obama's logic.

Health care is a "right" so the government (regular folks like you and me) have to pay for it in unlimited quantities for anyone who wants it.

Don't we also have rights to speech, religion, assembly, arms,and other stuff? (Unlike health care, these can actually be found listed in our Constitution.)

If so, is Obama now going to ask for government funding so that we can all exercise those rights to the fullest? I would like to take my family on several religious retreats and pilgrimages. I would like to own several print and electronic speech media. I would like to gather with friends at any number of great venues including the Super Bowl, the Final Four, all of our National Parks, and lots of other places. Oh, I don't own near enough guns,either.

When can I expect the checks to start coming in so that I can enjoy all of my "rights" fully?

If necessary, I'll take some doctors and nurses along just to be fair.

Sheila said...

Mario or Charles I know this question is off topic but How long can the court take in anwering your appeal or your request for Oral arguments!!!!

RealityCheck said...

Barack Obama is the chairman of the UN security council, that is an illegal/treasonous act for a sitting President, actually I could probably make a citizens arrest so I don't know why they are having so much trouble with this man. If he were arrested he would have to show his Birth certificate and that would end that. He has committed several acts against th econstitution, why hasnt' he been arrested and his cohorts the Supreme court as well? They can, according to the constitution, be removed if they are not doeing their job. He is practicing communism while in the white house and forcing it on Americans, he has sworn to uphold the constitution, he has not, just arrest the man. Genocide is against the law, what do you think will happen when he shuts down medicare and social security and leaves our most vulnerable citizens homeless and hungry? Attempted genocide should do it or should we wait util half the population is history. Lets redistributer the easth, the FR sponsored obama, let them pay for what he had done to this country, lets atake their money and redistribute it to the citizens of this country who have been robbed of all currency which now sits in a forein bank the worl dbank, we would reeiv a million each with plenty left over to fix all our problems including our debt to China. Theft is an illegal offense is it not? arrest him. What is the problem?

Larry said...

@ Incredulous : Sadly, most people had no clue what was ACTUALLY occurring behind the scenes during the 2008 campaign. You are correct, GEORGE SOROS and BILDERBERG GROUP controlled McCain, Clinton, and the Usurper during the last presidential election. That's why McCain and Clinton didn't dare to challenge the Usurper's eligibility - they were all in on the scam from the beginning. The entire "election process" was totally compromised. 5JUNE2008 Hillary and the Usurper secretly headed to Chantilly, Virginia for the Bilderberg meeting, as the press corps was locked into another airplane, lied to by Robert Gibbs, then shuffled off to a distant location to get them out of the way and keep them from discovering and reporting the truth. By early June, 2008, Soros and Bilderberg had already decided the Usurper was to become the next president and the Usurper was advised of their evil plans. Now that he and his owners are in power, the foolish Usurper's bold lies continue to grow in number, but not one shall stand the test of time. Little does the Usurper and his little group realize how readily visible his lies are to everyone but them. The truth has now burst forth and the Usurper's lies are being exposed with a force as unstoppable as the flowers of springtime. Lies and liars never prosper for long, the light of day is their most feared enemy. Darkness is fading and the Sun is rising, the Usurper has lost all credibility throughout the world. (Here is the video of an extremely angry press corps after they discover they had been tricked.)

Anonymous said...

Obama Steps Up Confrontation
White House Seeks to Rally Supporters With Aggressive Tone Against Opponents

“You will not surely die [if you pass ObamaCare],” the serpent [Obama] said to [the ignorant proletariat] the woman. “For God knows that when you eat of it [the fruit of Socialism] your eyes will be opened, and you will be like [Me, an omipotent dictator] God, knowing good [Marxism/Captivity] and evil [The Constitution of the United States/Freedom].” (Genesis 3:4-5 )

chuck said...

@Reality Check
Who is going to arrest Obama? He owns the Congress and is Commander-in-Chief. The Supreme Court has refused to hear eligibility saying it is the job of Congress. Too bad we can't do like Honduras did. What do you suggest?

Incredulous said...

Bob McCarty reports that in a news release today, Army Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin said he is wiling to risk a court-martial in order if that’s what it takes to determine whether or not President Barack Obama is eligible to serve as president of the United States. Not your average officer, Colonel Lakin is the lead flight surgeon charged with caring for Army Chief of Staff General George W. Casey’s pilots and air crew.

This video provides an overview of his argument (03:01)

"I am today compelled to make the distasteful choice to invite my own court martial, in pursuit of the truth about the president’s eligibility under the constitution to hold office," said Colonel Lakin.

The news release cited (1) Article II, Sec. 1 of the U. S. Constitution which explicitly provides that only "natural born" citizens can serve as president and commander-in-chief and (2) Mr. Obama’s continued refusal to release his original 1961 birth certificate as reasons behind Colonel Lakin reaching the conclusion that his orders are unlawful, and thus MUST be disobeyed.

Today, according to the news release, Colonel Lakin said he had informed his superiors that he cannot understand how his oath of office to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution" does not permit him, as a military officer, to pursue proof of eligibility from his commander-in-chief. In addition, he noted that his efforts have been rebuffed with legal evasions. Given the Obama Administration’s "transparency" initiative, the colonel believes many U.S. citizens are also demanding release of the original birth certificate, educational records, and other documents.

Colonel Lakin’s numerous awards and decorations include the Army Flight Surgeon’s Badge, Combat Medical Badge, the Bronze Service Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Army Commendation Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters, the Army Achievement Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters, the National Defense Service Medal with Bronze Service Star, the Armed Forced Expedition Medal, the Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal, the Army Service Ribbon, the Overseas Service Ribbon and the NATO service medal.

The American Patriot Foundation, a non-profit group incorporated in 2003 to foster appreciation and respect for the U.S. Constitution, has set up a legal defense fund and will provide Colonel Lakin with a top-flight defense team about which details are available on the foundation’s

Hat’s off to this guy for having the spine to take on this effort.

jayjay said...


That's not at all what SCOTUS has said but perhaps you're just trying to work in a bit of Flying Monkey nonsense.

I'd suggest you more carefully read both the Kerchner et al original filing as well as the Initial Appeals Brief. There are adequate provisions in the law now to handle this matter if the man is found to be legally ineligible.

James said...

Be sure to tune into Plains Radio tonight at 8:00pm. Ed Hale is Claiming HE HAS IT
Tonight I will release Obama Birth Certificate that was in the vault in the State of Hawaii. This is his orginal BC that the director stood up and said " I have seen his BC and he is a NBC". Well now I am about to prove that woman lie to America with the same document that she claims he was a NBC with. If you want to help Caren and myself pay for this, please click on the blue button above that says "Request a Password". You will be given a password if you donate at least $100.00 and your name will be included in those that help to get this document. Tongiht at 8:00 PM Central, Be listening

OK CG - this is how I got it: I have a friend in Hawaii who contacted me in Feb and ask if I would be interested in the Obama long form BC. I said yes but under certain conditions. It must be proven to be ligit. They agreed and sent me the BC. I had 3 major Colleges test this document. All test prove that this is the real deal.
How this document was removed from the State of Hawaii vault? A supervisor retired a few months back, on their last day on the job, abotu 15 minutes before closing time, they walk into the vault, folded it up and then stuck it in their shirt and walked out with it. The reasson that did this was because the director had lied to the American people about Obama place of birth and he was a NBC. They wanted to set the record straight. Now we have the document with the supporting document from these colleges that proves beyond any doubth that this is real and it is ligit. Hope that answer your question CG.
State Texas

jayjay said...


Ed has a long history of making suspect claims and presentations in the past. Having said that, I'm all for anyone who might truly expose the fraud who has never shown himself to hold the office he now occupies, BUT keep in mind Ed may just see this as a great "April Fools" joke.

Remember that a similar April Fools bit of misinformation has gone around in prior years.

Certainly we'll eventually find out, but what stops Ed and his accomplice (right or not) from being charged with theft by, say, the DOJ???

Incredulous said...

pfffft on Ed Hale, he ALWAYS says he has it, collect$ then disappears

chuck said...


The DOJ is working against SCOTUS. Obama ridiculed them publicly. I believe there is more going on here than law and legality, and "if" is a mighty big word when it comes to finding Obama guilty of anything. Remember Judge Carter's complete reversal on discovery after Coie-Perkins' (they are hiding Obama's records) man became his legal clerk? SCOTUS will likely never see a suit concerning eligibility.

Larry said...

Remember, it took over two years to expose the Watergate conspiracy and force Nixon to resign. Sooner than later, the Usurper's illegal deeds will be exposed and he shall be remembered by historians as the most notoriously corrupt, treasonous, and disgraceful politician in America's entire history. Truth moves steadily toward the finish line at a crawl when we are most anxious for it to arise and sprint. By crawl or by sprint, truth shall carry the day and win the race. If you desire to see tangible proof, simply visit your local courthouse and sit mesmerized as you witness the start to finish twists and turns of a few important hearings. Now, please indulge me as I shock you. I sincerely believe the passage of "Obamacare" is a disguised blessing from God. I believe He has answered America's unceasing prayers. God Himself allowed the arrogant Marxist Democrats to thoughtlessly dig and set the trap called "Obamacare", now they have thrown themselves headlong into the bottomless pit they had intended to utilize for the disposal of our Constitution and the future of our nation. "Obamacare" has awakened, outraged, and motivated a HUGE majority of voters. This Fall, "Obamacare" shall doubtless be the cause of the loss of the Marxist Democrats' majority in Congress, then the renewed body shall do a quick about face and fully investigate the background of the Usurper. Most current Congressmen and their staff members remind me of a fruit jar full of worms, which neither know, nor care about anything outside the confines of the little world contained within that jar. As He has done forever, God still patiently sits upon his throne and carries out His plans for justice according to His schedule, not ours. Mark my words, in due season, the truth about the Usurper shall be exposed for all to see. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

jayjay said...


A fine post!!

Larry said...

The average American is a strange lot. A man will spend thousands of dollars to securely fence his property so his purebred animals cannot mate with mongrels, yet that same man likely has no idea where his precious children are or with whom they are associating at any given moment. He is also the type who will complain all day and into the night about how corrupt and out of control our government is, but he will not register and vote, he refuses to offer himself as a candidate for public office, he knows not what the public schools are teaching his children, and he will not financially support social, political, religious, and legal causes which positively affect his daily life, the future of his children, and this nation. Why is the American man shocked when he suddenly discovers his children have been involved in serious mischief? "Surely it isn't their fault", proclaims he. Does he not always place the blame for the trouble his children are in on "hanging around with the wrong crowd"? Given his limited interaction with and lack of supervision over his children, how does he know his own offspring do not themselves comprise "the wrong crowd"? It's time for everyone to become directly involved and take responsibility for changing our nation for the better, beginning in our own homes. COMMON SENSE DICTATES THAT WE MUST ALL TAKE A SERIOUS PERSONAL INTEREST IN and DONATE TO THE SOCIAL, POLITICAL, RELIGIOUS, and LEGAL CAUSES WHICH WE FEEL ARE VITALLY IMPORTANT, OTHERWISE, WHEN TROUBLE ARRIVES AT THE DOORSTEP OF OUR NATION or OUR HOMES, YOU CAN BE CERTAIN THAT IT IS BECAUSE "WE THE PEOPLE" HAVE BECOME TOO COMFORTABLE and FAILED TO BE PROACTIVELY RESPONSIBLE.

Incredulous said...

25th Amendment for an insane massive drug addict?
Medical, what's your take on this? He's always rubbing/picking his nose, and now he's got white powder all over his shoulders, legs, suit...
Looks like Obama spilled his whole bag of cocaine when plane hits turbulence over Afghanistan.
Pilots face courts martial.

Incredulous said...

I first thought this was a joke, but no...
This Congressman's IQ is so low he thinks Guam might capsize if more people are loaded on to it. Difficult to watch:

Now, we know Obama cannot construct a sentence sans tellie, but really shouldn't there be drug/insanity/and IQ tests for our highest level of government?

THIS is embarrassing.

William said...

Mario & Charles,

Although it is not relevant to any case, I have a little humor here!

After reviewing brief explanations of the Federal Court at their home website, I stumbled across a particular type of case they have authority to review.

“…A case also may be filed in federal court based on the “diversity of citizenship”
…such as United States citizens and those of another country.”

I wonder what Citizenship Obama would fall under against Charles? U.S. Citizen v. British Citizen (smile)

Larry said...

@Incredulous : The Usurper confessed in his first book, "Dreams From My Father" (1995), that he had used marijuana and cocaine ("maybe a little blow"). There is also a published first hand witness account of the Usurper's cocaine abuse from Larry Sinclair. Very reliable inside sources in and around the District of Columbia advise that the Usurper has a severe and ever growing substance abuse issue. Sources also advise that the Usurper's narcissistic personality disorder, aka "N.P.D."(see video by Dr. Ali Sina -, is fed and inflated by the euphoria brought on by the ingestion of cocaine and other substances. (Greek-Roman mythology states that Narcissus was a handsome, vain youth who died from thirst while admiring his own reflection in a stream.) "The reality is more likely that alcoholism and other addictions, like pot/marijuana, prescription drugs, cocaine, etc, are the result of a personality disorder...." TEARS AND HEALING... "Pathological narcissism is an addiction to Narcissistic Supply, the narcissist's drug of choice. It is, therefore, not surprising that other addictive and reckless behaviours – workaholism, alcoholism, drug abuse, pathological gambling, compulsory shopping, or reckless driving – piggyback on this primary dependence.
The narcissist – like other types of addicts – derives pleasure from these exploits. But they also sustain and enhance his grandiose fantasies as 'unique', 'superior', 'entitled', and 'chosen'. They place him above the laws and pressures of the mundane and away from the humiliating and sobering demands of reality. They render him the centre of attention – but also place him in 'splendid isolation' from the madding and inferior crowd.
Such compulsory and wild pursuits provide a psychological exoskeleton. They are a substitute to quotidian existence. They afford the narcissist with an agenda, with timetables, goals, and faux achievements. The narcissist – the adrenaline junkie – feels that he is in control, alert, excited, and vital. He does not regard his condition as dependence. The narcissist firmly believes that he is in charge of his addiction, that he can quit at will and on short notice.
The narcissist denies his cravings for fear of 'losing face' and subverting the flawless, perfect, immaculate, and omnipotent image he projects. When caught red handed, the narcissist underestimates, rationalises, or intellectualises his addictive and reckless behaviours – converting them into an integral part of his grandiose and fantastic False Self." "Narcissistic Personality Disorder" Topic Page on Suite 101 by SAM VAKNIN, Ph.D..."..."...When sociodemographic factors as well as comorbidity of various Axis I disorders during the year prior to the study were considered, narcissistic personality disorder remained significantly linked with substance use disorder, major depressive disorder, bipolar I disorder, any anxiety disorder, specific phobia, generalized anxiety disorder, and posttraumatic stress disorder..." Psychiatric News August 1, 2008
Volume 43 Number 15 Page 38. The evidence in support of the Usurper's substance abuse is very strong, indeed. Once again, we have a situation where arrogant and hypocritical elected officials have exempted themselves from drug testing, but they demand that any regular government employee in a sensitive position be tested on a regular basis. It is my opinion that allowing the Usurper to have his "finger on the button", when any other unstable individual with a substance abuse problem could not even legally own a firearm, places this nation in extremely grave danger.

Larry said...

@ Incedulous : W.H. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs will probably explain away all that white powder covering the Usurper as nothing more than flour from making a batch of his delicious biscuits to donate to a homeless shelter. We all know how charitable the Usurper is, just ask Goldman - Sachs. Robert Gibbs never lies. (Wink wink, nod nod.)

Incredulous said...

mmm mmm mmm! delicious biscuits!
I just wonder how he passed his physical with flying colors. They can detect marijuana in hair for 6 months...cocaine half life is only an hour, but that's just a half-life... But any way, they weren't looking for it, and since you have the inside scoop (which I love reading since it's so obvious to those of us who've seen patients anyway) and it's getting worse over time. He's getting ever more aggressive as Herr dictator. Per "finger on the button", if anything, seems he wants to blow up Israel first and foremost.

Larry said...

@ Incredulous : I have my suspicions regarding whether or not the Usurper actually "passed his physical with flying colors". The first name listed on the memorandum, "ROBERT GIBBS", means everything listed below it is highly suspect. It seems unusual that the physician signed his name near the top of the memorandum, instead of below the summary (the signature appears to be that of a right handed male of early middle age). As you are aware, unless the Usurper signs a blanket "H.I.P.A.A." release form giving every member of the public the opportunity to examine the actual details of the results of the tests, we have but a brief and vague summary written by a physician who was/is under the command of the Usurper (I can't help but wonder how many rewrites that poor physician might have been forced to do [nope, we don't like this one either, try again!]). There is no mention of a drug screen being performed - that seems odd and suspicious, one may have been performed and the results kept secret for "national security purposes". Under "Recommendations", I find two notations "Continue smoking cessation efforts...and "...moderation in alcohol intake..." very interesting. Does the reference to smoking cessation mean only tobacco products (which he supposedly stopped using months ago), or is it a cleverly hidden admission of crack cocaine and/or marijuana use, too? A physician who finds it necessary to advise a patient to reduce his alcohol intake is indirectly telling the patient, "hey, buddy, you're a drunk and you'd better cut your alcohol consumption or expect to spend time in a rehab program". The combination of too much alcohol consumption, cocaine abuse, and "Occasional use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication..." is very damaging to the kidneys and may suddenly cause the Usurper to begin spending Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on dialysis and the other days of the week shopping for a transplant (I'd love to see his past and present b.u.n./creatinine numbers). As for the "Jet lag/time zone management, direct physician prescribed program, occasional medication use", which of the two following "medication regimens" do you believe the Usurper is more likely to have followed, an occasional benzodiazepine P.M. for relaxation and rest, then modafinil A.M. for wakefulness, or a few beers to assist with sleep P.M., then a snort of cocaine p.r.n. to promote wakefulness and prevent withdrawal symptoms (such as severe paranoia and instantaneous violent outbursts)? The summary doesn't even disclose the amount of magnesium citrate required to be certain the Usurper was no longer "full of it" prior to his colorectal exam - whatever amount he ingested, then expelled, was only effective for a very short period of time (sorry, I just couldn't resist). Surely a person holding a position of such great responsibility and importance with so many top medical professionals at his beck and call wouldn't feel the need to "self medicate" with "street drugs" (wink wink, nod nod). As for the Usurper having "his finger on the button" and being very unstable, I'm sure the Joint Chiefs of Staff have duly noted the problem and they're monitoring it 24/7/365, but whatever precautions they have in place to prevent a world-wide catastrophe is information that would only be known to a handful of general grade officers. To permanently invoke the Twenty Fifth Amendment is a dangerous undertaking, our enemies might attempt to take advantage of the inevitable chaos and attack while we are in transition - the Usurper's substance abuse problem places us in a very precarious situation at this very moment. The White House has a long history of covering up the medical problems of presidents, thus the "summary" we have been fed should not be taken as the gospel truth.

Larry said...

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