Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When It Comes to Obama the Media Continues to Fail the American People

In my essay at this blog entitled, Congress and the Media Have Placed America at Risk of Being Attacked from Within, I argued how the Congress and our media have failed to adequately protect the integrity of the 2008 presidential election and consequently to protect our nation and Constitution by putting us at risk of being attacked from within.

I explained that given conflicting evidence about where Obama was born, many in the public have wanted to make sure that Obama was born in Hawaii and constitutionally eligible for the Office of President.

I also explained that Obama has asserted privacy rights to block any efforts by the public to view his Hawaii birth records and other background documents.

I explained that the media has failed us miserably in not asserting its powers to confirm whether or not Obama was born in Hawaii.

I also explained how in the past, the media has not hesitated to assert its rights to uncover the truth on matters it deemed important and I asked why has it not done the same when it comes to confirming where Obama was born.

Well, here is another example of the media getting in the fight when it wants to uncover information that it believes is important to the public.

With the general election two weeks away, six major television networks are asking a federal judge to enjoin New Jersey from enforcing a broad ban on exit polling and other expressive activity within 100 feet of polling places.

The plaintiffs, ABC, the Associated Press, CNN, CBS, Fox News and NBC, in American Broadcasting Companies Inc. et al. v. Wells , 2:09-cv-5275, are asking U.S. District Judge Peter Sheridan for a temporary restraining order and a permanent injunction, arguing that restrictions on exit polling activities have been struck down on First Amendment grounds in the 12 federal courts that have heard similar challenges.

The suit, filed on October 16, 2009, in Newark, New Jersey, seeks to block a September 30, 2009, New Jersey Supreme Court ruling that surprised the litigants on both sides. The American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey had appealed the attorney general's denial of a request to hand out voters' rights cards at the polls. But none of the parties sought to ban exit polling within 100 feet, which the state has permitted since 1988.

The media plaintiffs say the ban serves no legitimate government interest that would justify infringement of their First Amendment rights. While conceding that courts have recognized the states' interest in prohibiting activities that interfere with the electoral process, they argue in their brief that there is no evidence that polling voters who have cast their ballots borders on intimidation or fraud.

The plaintiffs also maintain that prohibiting exit polling within 100 feet is not a narrowly tailored approach. The state defendants "already have all the authority they need to address any potential disruption at the polls. Applying a blanket restriction to plaintiffs' non-disruptive exit polling activities, however, is unnecessary and unconstitutionally overbroad," their brief said.

The plaintiffs also argue they will suffer irreparable harm if injunctive relief is not granted. They cite the potential loss of valuable voter information in the election.

As we can see, the media will not hesitate to take on the big boys when it comes to fighting for what it perceives to be its First Amendment rights. But when it comes to Obama, who blocked all efforts by the public to learn about who he really is by wanting to review his birth, education, work, and travel documents, why did the media believe that Obama’s privacy rights should trump its First Amendment rights to express itself by satisfying its journalistic obligations to provide critical information of national security importance to our political institutions and the voting public? If the media could not make a successful First Amendment claim, why did it not even file any Freedom of Information Actions with all public entities possessing any of Obama’s records and arguing that any right to privacy should fail given the critical national security interest it sought to protect?

Needles to say, the President of the United States, in both his civil and military capacities, has immense powers over not only our nation but over the world. Again I ask, why has and why does the media take on these other legal fights, not affecting national security, but did not do anything of real substance to uncover the real evidence needed to assist our political institutions and the American public to find out who Obama really is?

Does not the media see the potential “irreparable harm” to our nation should Obama not be eligible to hold the Office of President? Why does the media mock and suppress the efforts of those who want our courts to confirm whether Obama is constitutionally eligible to be President, like not reporting on a pending case against Obama until the Court dismisses it on some threshold or procedural ground and not the merits and then telling the world that the case was frivolous? Is the media afraid of what may be uncovered?

The only "evidence" of his being born in Hawaii that Obama released to the public was a computer-imaged Certification of Live Birth posted on his web site and not a paper long-form, hospital-generated Birth Certificate. Now there are so many alleged and questionable birth certificates of Obama’s birth floating around the internet which show him to have been born in Kenya. Who knows how many more will come in the future. Clearly, such activity is a distraction for our nation and only takes away from the respect that the Office of President so much deserves. It is time for the media to step up to the plate and assist our nation to bring the issue of Obama’s place of birth to a close.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
185 Gatzmer Avenue
Jamesburg, New Jersey 08831
October 20, 2009


Ted said...

Of course, it doesn't matter whether Obama was born in Kenya, Hawaii, or wherever, in the sense of trumping Obama’s (Sortero’s) own declaration to the world that his father is Barack Obama Sr. of British/Kenyan nationality on Barry’s birth — hence, by his own declaration he’s not a “natural born citizen” (requiring both citizen parents).

Case closed.

jayjay said...

WHY, INDEED!!!!!!!!

Incredulous said...

True all that, the media is complicit in this marxist takeover.
But why?
Canada Free Press wrote their money and jobs were threatened. They were more willing to trash the Constitutional Republic and keep their jobs than to stand up for it even while Obama the "Undecider" mismanages Afnamistan causing US soldiers to DIE.
OR they are marxists themselves.
OR they were paid off.
In any case, they are complicit, they are criminals, and it is right that the public should attack that angle relentlessly. The media are part of the enemy within,they are few in numbers and their weapons are control over the press---now Obama wants control over the internet too.

It's not as if we're going to get a straight answer from a crime in progress. "Is that your hand in the bank safe?" "Why no, it's just my elbow, and you're a racist, oh! and look at the bunny wabbit almost got hit by a truck!"

The DNC and the cabal of mafioso and media are prepped for inquiries and expecting an apathetic lazy materialistic stupid public not to challenge them in any meaningful way. They've corrupted the courts too.

libertyforusa said...

Our nation is in desperate need of defragmentation of it's values. They have become a jumbled and confused mess!

The list of reputable conservative voices that jumped on the "silence is golden" bandwagon early on is one of the great mysteries in the case of allowing this Obama legal hide and seek game to proceed.

What could be more important than confirming the legitimacy of the POTUS?

Many of these power players must know the actual and exact real story about Obama- and feel that suppressing that truth is more valuable then being involved in any way to expose it.

The cover up is too universal, making it extra sinister.

The media is a total disgrace in many areas, and deserve all the criticism they are getting for being pawns of the Obama administration.

Both Congress and the media have totally shirked their accountability to the people.

Americans deserve better.

Sallyven said...

All good questions, Mr. Apuzzo. One would think the media would be all over such a "sensational" story. The likely answer: The media doesn't want the truth to become known at this point, because it would reveal the obvious bias and lack of real reporting and journalism in their coverage of the election.

Have you ever read "Witness", by Whittaker Chambers? (One of the best books I have ever read, by the way.) In parts of it, Chambers discusses the infiltration of Communism in the media, during the time (40's) he was an editor of Time Magazine. I would not think it farfetched to believe that this Communist influence has also played a role, as few can argue the far-left liberal agenda of this President, which the Communist party has endorsed.

There are so many important things to take away from a reading of this masterpiece (as well as the many profound statements it contains), but one thing Chambers did make clear--by including all of the hundreds of names and numerous pages of seemingly minor details of the Communist plotting and "community organizing" and spying that occurred--that an evil of this nature does not require a single individual at the top, directing the show, but rather it can move as one giant monster, comprised of all the individuals who are of the same mindset, each performing their own minor contribution to aid in its movement.

Conspiracy? Maybe not of the kind that we usually see in the movies, with the evil madman who wants to "rule the world", but of the kind composed of many individuals, all working to dismantle and "transform" our form of government, aided by a constituency who are uneducated in our nation’s history and easily swayed by an unaccountable media.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...


I have not read Witness, but based on your recommendation would like to. I will see if I can get a copy and read it.

Thank you for your contributions to this blog and to the public.

Jim said... can get "A Tissue of Lies" which should be a few books anywhere.It goes over HUAC and the whole Chamber-Hiss Affair.It should be noted that Hiss was a Soviet Agent that penned the UN Chrater verbatim from the former USSR's Constitution.Good work.You know,after the treasonous APA ACt and later the UN put on oour soil fromland donated from the Illuminist Rockefeller it was all over for our sovereignty.Just a matter of Fabianism until December at Copenhagen,but admire and respect your efforts....m2 see IO Blog open thread for history and what is to come shorlty -- note:type open thread into search box.We haven't commented here because your case is poignant in that it is the best one.We give Leo credit for his work and education.But you were right the other day on not helping the defense and also not denigating anyone's efforts publicly,although we have laid it out in this open thread for the historicval record.We expect major upheaval next week from our decades long research.Hope we are my frien are an excellent and educated Plaintiff that I'm sure makes the load on Mario's shoulder's less difficult to bear in this tryingt time.Thank you for your service,and Mario thank you for standing up when the likes of experts such as Vierira and Napolitino and others yawn and play the political pundit and write columns as the nations descends into tyranny.In Jesus' Love........ Bry/Gort/Jim/ma...m2...and m3

Jim said...

Mario,you don't have to publish this one---kay[also in open thread] is almost in tears over your case.Although we know this really must be done in DC,we do agree with your analysis on a theortical level.That is to say,if we had a legtimate government,then QW or any action should be heard anywhere in the country.But under Title 50 and tied into Title 28 US Code and all the wranglings and beauracracy of the Administrative State it really must be done in DC with millions behind the lawsuit.Too late though.Rod Class is looking for the remedy of going on the floor of Congress to prove what many of us have known for decades about the system.It wil never get that far.Here's link to Rod's work via radio--- AIB- and-- RADIOFREEAMERICA-- This is old news to some of us,but a shocker for those of us that have been in the trenches for decades.God Bless you and Charles my dear friends.

Sallyven said...

I am not sure what "bry" is talking about, but I think that The Tissue book sought to disprove whether Chamber's accusations in the famous Hiss trial were true. Recently released KGB files have proven, however, that Chambers was correct and Alger Hiss was indeed a spy.

My recommendation to you to read Witness has nothing to do with this aspect. It is one of those beautifully written and powerful books that you will find yourself underlining and marking up as you read it, and when you open it later to locate a particular line or passage, you will find yourself again lost in its pages (all 800 of them!). But beyond this, the parallels with events as they are today, are indeed striking. Chambers was a true American hero, who endured great personal risk, unsupported by the public and ridiculed by the media, in his battle, both personally and publicly, for the truth.

Incredulous said...

Yuri Bezmenov speaks 25 years ago about psychological warfare.

This is a marxist takeover, plain and simple. All the steps are there, and the end game is violent, deadly and ugly.

Ayers has said 25 million Americans will need to be exterminated because they cannot be reeducated.
Anita Dunn admires mass murdered (100 million) Mao.
Georgia has 500K 4-person plastic coffins stacked up.

I hate sounding like this, it's unbelievable to me as I type it. But here it is.

Unknown said...

The courts have obviously been totally corrupted by an unseen hand. Unless something positive transpires very soon, this nation will be finished. I couldn't be more disgusted with the government and the media and everyone I know feels precisely the same way. God help the government's case next time I'm selected to sit on a jury, no matter what the evidence shows, whomever is on trial will go free, that I promise.

James said...


It is coming up to November and still no answer from the Judge. Perhaps you should call the court to find what is going on. If you don't get a decision by November 1, 2009, you should think about writing a second letter to the judge. It has been almost 3 months...This judge has had plenty of time to render a decision. How much longer are willing to wait.

jayjay said...

Sallyven and all:

The book "Witness" is excellent as you say and shows the widespread Communist influence which started about the time, actually, of Woodrow Wilson - our first truly far-left dangerous president. It is well worth the read.

An even more informative book that shows how political party greed in QWashington DC plays into the hands of committed Communists is the book "Blacklisted By History" by W. Staunton Evans which DEEPLY researches and investigates what the liberals still (spitting on the floor in disdain) call the "Joe McCarthy era".

The book documents in great detail (600 pages of heavily footnoted archival data and material from the Russian decrypted Venona Papers) that of those identified by McCarthy in his many Senate hearings about 90 to 95% were indeed Communists employed inside of the US government - many with state department jobs and were influential in China becoming the Communist country we see today.

Also fascinating (since it no doubt is true today) a cabal of Democratic Senators (mainly) supported by the president at the time (Truman) were able to make gross offerings of the "Big Lie" about McCarthy and sought to destroy him personally and hound him out of the Senate (which they did). His main Senate protagonist was Millard Tydings who held competitive hearings trying to nail McCarthy to the wall with information which the author clearly documents were grossly and outrageously untrue - but few stuch up for McCarthy and certainly the media (even then) delighted in attacking such a conservative guy who loved his country and sought to see it not be pushed into Communism. Even today the MSM would tell you the oft-repeated lies about McCarthy.

A highly recommended read to gain insight into what is going on inside the Beltway today no doubt!!

In the meantime, talk is cheap ...
so that the full page articles educating politicians and others can continue. Use the link:

EVEN a $5 donation helps make a difference!!!

Andy said...

James basically summed up my comment. How much longer must you wait. I would add only one thing - is there no judicial rule that compels the judge to render a decision without undue delay? Can he sit on this indefinitely? Can you appeal to a higher court if he fails to render a decision within a certain amount of time?

Also, on the subject of the birth certificate a topic has recently been brought to my attention that I would like to share with your readers. That is, Obama's posted COLB contains a date that says "filed by registrar" while other people's hawaiian COLB's contain the language of "accepted by registrar". I've worked for the federal government before and filed and accepted are to very different things. Accepted generally means, we have reviewed and we approve while filed simply means we have received your documents.

Anyway, check out for lots of info on the current battle to obtain information from Hawaii.

Jim said...

Sallyven,you are correct.But understanding the larger picture it should alert any thinking person that Nixon was a shill for the powers that be.It is good to look at both sides of an issue and do one's own research on history to get the larger picture.The fact is that we lost the Republic in 1861.To simplify-look at the Judiciary Act of 1789;the War Powers Act of 1933;and the APA Act of 1946.To fill in the blanks go back to the Reconstruction Act.Then look at Title 28 US Code sections 1333 and 1343 and how the federal corporate employess have viloated it.The last true Article III court in the nation is the Superior Court in DC.You mentioned other things,and I mentioned the Tissues book,but should have given a caveat lector on it.I could delve into history much deeper but this is not the forum for it.