Monday, June 22, 2009

Sixth U.S. House Representative Signs on to Sponsor HR 1503

The sixth U.S. Congress House Representative has signed on to co-sponsor HR 1503. Congressman John Campbell (R-CA 48th District) is the latest to co-sponsor the bill written and sponsored by Bill Posey (R-FL). This bill would prevent Presidential candidates running in future elections, including 2012, as I read the bill, from hiding and sealing their birth and other records and require the political party for the candidate to file the necessary birth records and any other sought corroborating evidence which would be necessary to prove that they are a "natural born citizen" and eligible for the office of President under Article II of the U.S. Constitution. It would be administered by the Federal Election Commission (FEC). See this website for more details:

List of sponsors and co-sponsors as of 18 June 2009. Sponsor: Rep. Bill Posey [R-FL15]. Cosponsors: Rep. Robert Goodlatte [R-VA6], Rep. John Culberson [R-TX7], Rep. Randy Neugebauer [R-TX19], Rep. John Carter [R-TX31], Rep. John Campbell [R-CA48]

P.S. If so inclined, some of you readers may wish to call in to the various talk radio show hosts (and/or your own U.S. Representative) to discuss this new bill which is gaining support in Congress in order to get more public support for this bill and to get other U.S. Representatives to sign on to it. Also, using this bill as your subject may get you past the call screeners so that you can get to "deeper" issues. Tell them you want to talk about HR 1503 and that the listening audience should call their Congressional representatives and ask them to also sign on and co-sponsor HR 1503 and that it will prevent in the future what happened last year and now, hiding of records by people who want to be President.

P.S.S. Also, please feel free to join the discussions and comments in this forum about the subject of the Natural Born Citizenship clause in Article II of our U.S. Constitution by [Clicking Here]. ####


mtngoat61 said...

HR 1503 is a start for the future and a much needed bill. This type action will hopefully lead the Congress to waking up and taking further action regarding the currently sitting usurper. Anything to get Congress and/or the public and talk show hosts talking about the eligibility issue is good.

M Publius Goat

mtngoat61 said...

A proposed narrative to explain the various seemingly conflicting statements made about Obama's birth in Kenya and Hawaii:

Underage U.S. teenager gets pregnant via a significantly older married man from Kenya. An unusual event in 1961.

Mother of teenager is in total shock over the event as would have been many mothers of teenage girls getting pregnant in 1961 and says to her daughter you have ruined your life and will make going to college much harder for yourself and convinces the teenage girl to go to Kenya in the last month of her pregnancy and give up the baby to the Kenyan natural family of the natural father of the child to be raised in Kenya by them.

The Kenyan grandmother of the child attends birth in Kenyan hospital in Mombasa Kenya and is ready to take custody of the child and raise the child for the foot loose and fancy free natural father with multiple wives ... and the U.S. teenage mother is supposed return to Hawaii leaving the child with the natural father's family and restart her life back in Hawaii minus the child ... and go to college. In 1961, pregnant teenage girls giving up children to restart their lives anew was not unusual.

But nature throws the plan a curve ball. Maternal instincts kick in and mother cannot leave the baby in Kenya, either due to pure maternal instincts or in seeing the conditions in Kenya that her child would be raised in with a mostly absentee father over there. Thus she changes her mom's plan and she takes the baby and birth certificate issued by the Mombassa Hospital to the American Embassy or consulate in Kenya and shows them the Kenyan Birth Certificate for her child and "explains" the baby was born unexpectedly in Kenya while there visiting her "husband's" family. U.S. officials then stamp her passport as traveling with an infant child.

Mother gets on plane carrying the child and flies back to Hawaii and appears at the airport arrival with the new baby in tow, much to the shock of her mother, the child's U.S. grandmother. Baby easily is passed through U.S. entry officials due to embassy stamp on mother's passport and the supporting Kenyan birth certificate showing a U.S. citizen is the mother.

Child's U.S. grandmother is still besides herself at this change in plans by the mother of the child. The child's grandmother then knowing or learning from legal advisers how lax Hawaiian birth registration laws were in 1961, then cooks up a plan and scheme with the child's mother, to lie to Hawaiian officials and swear and sign affidavits at the birth registry office that the child was born in Hawaii at home with no witnesses but them, in order to get the child U.S. citizenship (a highly desirable status) to make future travel and life easier on the family and new child. They did this lie and cover up simply to gain U.S. citizenship for the child a highly coveted status for any child, not knowing that this child might someday grow up and try to become the President and thus risk having their whole plans and lies exposed.

Birth registration office then issues the announcements to the two newspapers, as was the offices custom at the time to send the papers lists of babies born, of the birth event which at its source was only based on the false sworn testimony of the mother. Thus the birth notices in the newspapers are not independent data, they all came from the same source, ... false sworn statements from the mother and/or grandmother that the child was born in Hawaii.

Thus under this narrative the birth records in the vaults in Hawaii may be simply sworn affidavits of the mother and grandmother saying Obama was born at home with no witnesses, all based on lies and fraud, which seems to be a common occurrence with Mr. O's entire life.

A suggested narrative to explain events and facts as revealed thus far.


James said...

There was an interview a while back where Gary Kreep touched on this scenario a bit. The interview is no longer available but some of the transcript still exists from it. Might be helpful to contact Gary Kreep for more information:

"Please listen to the Ambassador Dr. Alan Keyes Legal Counsel Interview
Gary Kreep, Esq. Interview PART 2 (last one at the bottom - below)

"The radio host is saying that he has a friend who works at a title research company in Hawaii who HAS seen the Obama vault Birth Certificate - and it reads and states that he was born in Mombasa, Kenya. The statement is at about 17 minutes into the audio.

"The host said they are trying to connect that person (his friend) with Gary Kreep one of the attorney for Dr. Alan Keyes case here in California to obtain an affidavit in writing."


“Joe? Can I break in for just a minute? Ok, Gary, I will tell you this much. I have a member in Hawaii who works uh… something like title research. You know what I’m talkin’ about?

“He has actually seen Barack Obama’s vault birth certificate. Dennis tells me that this vault birth certificate has nothin’ but his mother’s signature on it.

“It also shows that he was born in that uh… coast town… I can’t remember what the name of it… Kenya.”

Gary Kreep interjects, “Mombasa.”

The toothless Bubba continues:

“Mambosa, Kenya. Right.

“Uh, he tells me that’s why Obama will not release it and that’s why nobody’s gonna get it because when that comes out it’s gonna show that he was not born in America.

“That this birth certificate is actually produced by his mother. There’s no hospital uh, signature, no doctor signature, nothin’ on it.”

James said...

The narrative suggests that Obama's Vault Copy is not derived from a hospital birth in Hawaii. This might explain why no Hawaiian hospital have even confirmed Obama's birth, Obama has never revealed the identity of the doctor who delivered him and no has ever came forward that they witnessed Obama's birth in a hospital or was present. The Vault Copy Birth Certificate might simply be based on statement from the mother which provides no real proof that Obama was born in Hawaii.

Joe said...

The Supreme Court dismissed and denied Schneller's case today.

Can someone explain this?

mtngoat61 said...

Hi Joe,

This is just my opinion. This was another one of the suits against Secretaries of States (SOSs) charged with not doing their job to vet the candidate. This case is in a similar vein to the Wrotnowski and other cases against SOSs. SCOTUS apparently does not wish to get involved with states issues and cases filed originally in the state courts and telling the SOSs in this eligibiilty issue and matter how to do their job. Dumb I think, but they probably look at it as not wanting to meddle in the states' rights in SOS issue.

The cases in the federal courts still in process and working the way up the ladder to SCOTUS are the ones to watch now, imo, particularly Kerchner v Obama & Congress. The charges against Congress are unique and have not been aired before SCOTUS at all before.

I wish that SCOTUS would not look at the state cases the way they did, but they did. Meanwhile Obama is ruining our Constitutional Republic. But I think people are wising up to him more and more each week. JMHO.


The Stacker said...

This is interesting from a while back (11/12/2008):

O'Reilly says they "have a copy of it". How do they have a copy of it if all they were allowed to do was go to "view it" (like factcheck was supposedly able to do).

Something's not right and obviously they won't ask the right questions either.

shakes said...

How come thee are no Democrats signed on to this bill????

Let us move forward said...

I believe that Stanley Anne would have relished the adventure of traveling to Kenya.

mtngoat61, your proposed narrative might work. We must also consider that immediately after childbirth, a woman may not be able to travel for a while, especially the ordeal of flying from Kenya to Hawaii in 1961 (how many stops and plane changes? how long are the layovers?). And what about diapers for the newborn?

Stanley Anne may have called home and told her mother that she was bringing home the baby. It could be that the Africans didn't want the mixed race baby. Her mother could have taken care of the Hawaiian birth certificate (sworn testimony of one relative). Stanley could have obtained the necessary passport changes while recovering in Nairobi and before traveling home when physically able.

Have you looked at the map of Kenya? Mombassa is a long way from Obama Sr's village. There would have been a 50 mile road trip, and a long train trip to Mombassa, and then the "grandmother" would have needed food and a place to stay. All that would take money. Stanley Anne could have given birth in the village (the road trip alone probably would be enough to induce labor!) or in Mombassa and the "grandmother" wasn't really there except in spirit. The airport and the US consulate would have been in the capital Nairobi. If she really had married Obama Sr., could she have obtained a British passport?

I had a cousin who became pregnant by a foreign national. She went with him to his country and gave birth there. She was expected to stay there and live with him but she couldn't adapt to the culture and came back to the US.

Let us move forward said...


He didn't want to pay the filing fees. The SC is apparently familiar with this plaintiff and has told him that he must pay the filing fees and follow the rules.

Joe said...

Mario, get this, Orly has a hearing on July 13th because the defendent defaulted. This is the important part..

She served Obama on Jan. 20th before the inauguration. White House legal counsel sent the process server away to the DOJ.

Judge in a pickel because he is accusing her of not serving him properly. But she did it right.

It appears the DOJ did not notice the filing date/time (because they can't represent him as an individual) and got it mixed up with another case that was already dismissed.

Judge dismissed her instant case and she is asking for reconsidertaion and for what for?

Now this is interesting. Both the judge and the DOJ screwed up. Of course that would only matter if there was justice...

mtngoat61 said...

I saw this in the Washington Times National Weekly on page 25 by Bill Barnstead - The Manchurian President.


roderick said...

the truth of the matter is that the imposter has accomplished nothing in its life and never will. it has been rendered impotent thus far in its attempts to ruin the people. anybody with half a brain can figure out how to promise the sheeple things that it can not deliver. anybody with half a brain can figure out how to get a few people to follow blindly (jim jones). the imposter is in a tizzy right now as it is losing support and becoming truly transparent. i am on the white house e-mail list and his wife sent out an e-mail the other day explaining the imposters background and how his father left it when it was two years old. i will be back with further encouraging news as we rid ourselves of this conman

JavaJoe said...

My teenager had to present an original copy of his birth certificate to play in little league baseball.

Dread said...

Why is that paragon of the Constitution, Dr. Ron Paul, not a co-sponsor to this bill? Has anyone inquired about that?

Unknown said...



What if you ask this court to certify the question to the US Supreme Court to define NBC because neither side ca continue without this "final decision" of NBC an original issue because if the court were to decide for either side it would have to KNOW what NBC meant to dismiss or how to construct an order requiring "complaince with the constitution" after all the defendants DID "vet McCain (right or wrong) they did vet him, BUT their result, "non-binding" clearly shows their lack of conviction re NBC,...don't ya think???

If they really wanted to get this done they would pass this now so Obama would have to prove NOW who he is! Why wait till 2012???

cfkerchner said...

Copy of email I sent to the show producer for O'Reilly, Hannity, Beck, Cunningham, Fox News Specials, and many more:

30 June 2009

Dear Show Producer:

There has been important activity in the Kerchner v Obama & Congress case. The defendants' have finally made a motion after over 4 months of stalling and not answer. It is what we expected as the next phase of this case and this will allow the case to get to that next step and beyond the defendants continued stalling phase. Mario is very confident we will defeat the motion by the defendants. Thousands of people are now aware of this lawsuit and have written the Judge personal letters. See link 2 below. This is a very important legal matter about the sanctity and sovereignty of our Constitution and the future of our Constitutional Republic. For more details see the post in Atty Mario Apuzzo's blog, link 1 below:



Would you be willing to invite Atty Apuzzo, and/or the two of us, to be a guest on your show to explain the latest activity and our next action?

You can contact him at: ""
Or call at: 732-521-1900
Or FAX at: 732-521-3906
Blog with my address:

We'd be very happy to do a 15 or 20 minute segment with you to inform you and your audience about this case. If interested, please contact Atty Apuzzo and arrange a mutually convenient date and time. We would be happy to appear on your radio or TV show show if you can provide him prearranged time slot. You pick the date and the time and provide the contact number.


Charles Kerchner
Lehigh Valley PA
Lead Plaintiff
Kerchner v Obama & Congress

cfkerchner said...

And now there are SEVEN sponsors and co-sponsors of HR 1503.

See the list of names here:

Write to your House representative and ask them to sign on and co-sponsor and support this bill. Tell them if they do not you will not even consider supporting their re-election in 2010. This bill is pure common sense. Everyone in Congress should support it ... unless they still want to hide and sweep under the carpet something they did wrong last year. ;-) Also write and call your Senators and ask them to introduce a similar bill in the Senate, and not just say, if the House passes this one I'll support it, etc. Tell them to step up and take action too. While not a total solution by any shape or means, it is a step in the right direction: