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Congress Investigates the Sexual Flings of Rep. Anthony Weiner but Not Obama, the Impostor President Sitting in the Most Powerful Office in the World

Congress Investigates the Sexual Flings of Rep. Anthony Weiner but Not Obama, the Impostor President Sitting in the Most Powerful Office in the World

                                                 By: Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
                                                         June 8, 2011

File:US Congress seal.png

On December 20, 2008, I published an essay entitled, The Two Constitutional Obstacles that Obama Has to Overcome to Be President, accessed at I explained that then-President Elect Obama had to first conclusively show that he was born in Hawaii. Having done that, he must still show that he is an Article II “natural born Citizen” which is a child born in the country to citizen parents. I also explained that Obama may be able at some point to show that he was born in Hawaii, which would make him a “citizen” under the Fourteenth Amendment, but that he would not be able to show that he is an Article II “natural born Citizen.” Emer de Vattel, The Law of Nations, Sec. 212-217 (London 1797) (1st ed. Neuchatel 1758); David Ramsay, “A Dissertation on the Manners of Acquiring the Character and Privileges of a Citizen" (1789); The Venus (1814) (Marshall, C.J., concurring and dissenting for other reasons); Inglis v. Sailors’ Snug Harbor (1830); Dredd Scott v. Sandford (1857) (Daniels, J., concurring); Slaughter-House Cases (1872); Minor v. Happersett (1875); Elk v. Wilkins (1884); U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark (1898).

In his need to prove that he was born in the U.S., on April 27, 2011, putative President, Barack Obama, released to the public a digital image on the White House web site of his alleged long form Certificate of Live Birth. A majority of Americans have wanted Obama to confirm that he was in fact born in Hawaii. Yet, Obama refers to these concerned Americans as “sideshows and carnival barkers.” But worse than that, the document that Obama has released is a forgery.

We have seen the tremendous amount of evidence accumulate which shows that Obama’s April 27, 2011 released long-form Certificate of Live Birth is a forgery. Countless concerned Americans have been demanding that both the FBI and Congress conduct an immediate investigation into the fraudulent birth certificate that Obama released onto the internet. Recently, we have also been following the story regarding the sexual affairs of Congressman Anthony Weiner. Nancy Pelosi has formally requested a House ethics probe into the sexual affairs of Congressman Weiner and top Democrats have refused to defend Weiner, and many other top political leaders have asked for Weiner’s resignation. See the AP story here

Obama maintains that he was born in Kapi’olani Hospital in Hawaii in 1961. But he has yet to conclusively establish that fact with a valid long-form Certificate of Live Birth or with any medical evidence. Rather, on April 27, 2011, after refusing to do so for over 2 ½ years and spending or causing to be spent countless millions of dollars of public and private funds and resources and even the 6-month imprisonment of a decorated military officer, LTC Terry Lakin, he released on the internet a forged internet image of his alleged long-form Certificate of Live Birth. This computer image is a forgery, as it contains evidence of electronic manipulation and evidence that even if the electronic image is real, the underlying paper birth certificate is a forgery.

The document published on the White House web site ( is not a scan of a paper document but rather was built with computer programming by using many electronic layers. A scanned document only has one layer of information. This document has various electronic layers which raises the serious question of whether the document was obviously forged. A must-see video by in which Alex Jones explains how in his opinion this document has been forged may be viewed at A big question that the video raises is that this document is so obviously a fake that one wonders whether those who did it are that highly incompetent or did they fake it so badly so as to want to get caught. For more information on the “document” being nothing more than an electronic manipulation, see ; The Market Ticker at  (Karl Denninger shows that the Obama BC image is not a scan and concludes the image is a forgery); (Post & Email interview of Dr. Ron Polland); .

Even if the internet image is a true representation of the alleged underlying Certificate of Live Birth, that underlying paper birth certificate, which is supposed to be a document filled in with a typewriter in 1961, is a forgery. First, it contains evidence of kerning. Web expert, Karl Denninger, has made this discovery. His article can be read at This discovery was also reported by WND and is contained in an article written by Bob Unruh which can be accessed at  Kerning describes a style of printing letters which causes part of one letter to extend into the vertical space of the letter next to it. The extension appears underneath the letter whose space is being encroached. Today, kerning can be done on a computer or with typesetting. Kerning could not be done on a typewriter in 1961.

Second, now we have additional evidence that the underlying alleged paper Certificate of Live Birth is a forgery. On June 7, 2011, Jerome Corsi reported in his article with WND which can be accessed at, that a retired typographer who worked in the industry for 50 years has analyzed the Obama April 27, 2011 alleged long-form Certificate of Live Birth. He concludes that the document contains different typewriter typeface letters which come from a number of different typewriters. Paul Irey, an expert in typefaces and typography, concludes that the forger(s) used different pieces of actual 1961 valid birth certificates from Hawaii to create the Obama birth certifificate. The problem for Obama is that the different typewriter letters which come from different typewriters prove that the document is a forgery, for a valid birth certificate would not contain typeface letters created by so many different typewriters.

"My analysis proves beyond a doubt that it would be impossible for the different letters that appear in the Obama birth certificate to have been typed by one typewriter," Irey told WND.

Industry expert, Doug Vogt, has recently filed a criminal complaint with the FBI. He concludes: "I have irrefutably proven that the Certificate of Live Birth that President Obama presented to the world on April 27, 2011 is a fraudulently created document put together using the Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator programs." Read more: Why did Obama release electronic birth certificate?  We have also seen evidence of Obama’s social security number and selective service registration fraud. Despite all this evidence, criminal complaints, and countless letters, communications, and complaints by concerned Americans to their political representatives and police officials, we have not heard a word from our mainstream media or from either Congress or the FBI. Again, where are the FBI and Congress who need to be doing a full-blown investigation of this serious crime (identity theft, birth certificate fraud, social security fraud, selective registration fraud, and much more) which presents a serious security threat not only for the United States but for the entire world? While Congress is about to investigate Weiner’s sexual excesses, I have not seen Congress call for any investigations into Obama’s true identity and fraudulent birth certificate, social security number, and selective service registration. I guess our illustrious Congress believes that investigating Weiner’s sexual flings is more important to the national security of the United States than investigating whether or not we have an impostor sitting in the most powerful civilian and military office in the world and learning what his motives are.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
June 8, 2011

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Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
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Black Belt said...

Hi Mario - Another excellent essay hitting many nails directly on the head. I often try to "wrap my head around" how our country can just look the other way over this incredible situation. Not a peep from the MSM about what is so obviously a forgery in the WHLFBC.

I was sorely disappointed on Monday evening to see Joseph Farah, he of, supporter and sponsor of Dr. Jerome Corsi, and overall activist in the quest to expose Barry's fraud and usurpation, on the Sean Hannity program talking about the Weiner scandal. This is the same Sean Hannity that canceled his interview with Dr. Corsi at the very last minute a couple weeks ago.

To me, Mr. Farah's appearance on Hannity is emblematic of the way everyone else is treating Barry - look the other way. Until we have one major media personality take up the issue and report it objectively, there will be no investigations and the 2012 election will go on without even a breath about Barry's frauds. I am sick of hearing Hannity, O'Reilly, et al extol their concern for our constitution when they refuse to report on the biggest constitutional breach of our history. Hannity had the perfect opportunity to be that media person, and refused to do it with Dr. Corsi. Joseph Farah of all people goes on his show and "goes along to get along", doesn't mention anything about Barry and his own "cause", and in effect enables Hannity in his shameful conduct on the eligibility issue.

Many were hanging their hopes on Trump, which predictably went nowhere. I see nothing on the horizon that's going to change one damn thing. Barry sails along and nothing is going to change that. Sad isn't it?

Doublee said...

Can Obama be convicted of passing a fraudulent document? According to U.S. Code section Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 47, Sec.1028 he must have knowledge of having done so in order to be culpable.

How does one prove that someone had knowledge of passing a fraudulent document?

Assume for the moment that Obama did not have knowledge that birth certificate his attorney obtained was a digital creation. By now he should be fully aware of the controversy regarding his fraudulent birth certificate. What does he do in this case?

If he admits that he was duped and that he had no reason to doubt the authenticity of the document given to him (and this is a big "if", because he has to know his own birth history), he will only be re-opening the birth certificate issue. Certainly, he wouldn't want to do that.

His only choice, it seems to me, is to leave well enough alone, and rely on all his apologists in Congress and the media and possibly the FBI to continue to ignore the issue as they have done so far.

What is it about this man that no one is willing to challenge who he is?

What are the chances that the FBI will investigate this case?

jayjay said...


Actually, the chances the FBI will actually DO something are pretty good given the evidence given them by Doug Vogt in his complaint.

And there are a tually more 8 USC portions that may very well apply other than the ones cited so far in the complaint - those only are surface scratchers.

The key is if enough citizens scare the hell out of ALL the CongressCats reminding them these are serious felonious document fraud issues and that (now that you've apprised them of such) it is their duty to not be guilty of misprison of either felony or misprison of treason under 8 USC section 4 by failing to take up the furtherance of the matter to authorities and to determine what the FBI (the authority involved) has done to resolve the reported cerime (e.g., to investigate it).

Keep in ind the FBI is an investigative agency. "Our tax dollars at work" ut only if all of us kick a little utt with our CongressCats to put the squeeze on the FBI in writing. Fews of these government type employees (Congress or FBI) will do anything they think they can duck out of.

It's out job to let them know in no uncertain terms that serious crime have obviously bween committed and we expect them as "out" Congressmen to follow up and not condone or overlook such serious crimes.

Get out the old word processor, keep the heat on these bozos (or obozos) and follow up after a bit of time just so they know the issue isn't fading away.

If they give you the usual "ain't my problem" (or similar BS) don't stand for that and let them know it IS their problem, you're a voter, and you DO expect action from both them and the FBI through them.

jayjay said...


Sorry for the myriad of typos in my above post, but I think the point is readable,

juniper55 said...

Yeah, but Eric Holder is head of the Justice Department, which oversees the FBI (Holder WAS FBI back in the Koresh & Waco/Ruby Ridge days. I am not optomistic.

juniper55 said...

oops, Holder was District Attorney for DC then Deputy AG. My bad. I still don't trust him.

MichaelN said...

A new site recommended by Post & Email as a rallying point.

jayjay said...


Agreed about Holder, but it has nothing to do with trust of him or any of the other Odministration.

The idea is to put on sufficient "heat" - e/g/, public awareness - that the FBI will HAVE to do the investigation. For that we need to see a groundwell of citizens demanding this be done by use of letters to Congress, to the FBI, to newspapers via letters to the editor, and even radio shows (Doug Vogt has said he would be glad to sign on for interviews - and he's done so).

It has to have a lot of us plain everyday folks so the Beltway Bastards understand that the game of 3 Card Monte is now over.

Doublee said...

Is Obama really playing a game with his birth certificate to keep the focus of the "birthers" on his place of birth and not on his dual citizenship?

Let us assume that this is true.

Does this mean that there really is a birth certificate in Hawaii?

Does this mean he really had someone create a birth certificate that can easily be discovered to be a forgery, when in fact all the information on the birth certificate is correct?

Can a president be held legally liable for pulling off such a prank if indeed that is what it was?

Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...

On 6/11/2011 2:15 AM, a leslie sent me the following email:

Dear Mr. Apuzzo:

I have contacted all of my congress people with no answers, contacted FBI no answers, contacted Fox News no answers...

My question to you is why???? What is going on in this Country, why hasn't the media reponsded and started to report this issue that has us all under a National Security risk at the highest. Is it just the people that beleive so strongly about this that we have lost our senses? I don't think so, something big is going on, and it really scares me...Do you have any idea why the media is being so quiet and not doing their job in reporting to the people. I almost fear that we are living in a communist country, where we don't get the true answers any more.


God Help America, Leslie


This is my response to Leslie:


You are not the only one to feel this way. We really do not know what is going on. Our government and legal institutions have failed in protecting us which is the purpose for which they exist. The media too, who also has been given a trust to be used to protect us, has failed us. We saw how the courts ran away from this issue, even refusing to let anyone in the door to just talk about it and even threatening me with sanctions.

Countless concerned Americans have presented to our government evidence of fraud involving Obama's birth certificate, social security number, and military registration, in essence his identity. At the least, our government and media should assure the American people that they checked Obama out and all is fine. But not a word from our government. Rather, what does excite them is the sexual excesses of Rep. Anthony Weiner. They will talk about and investigate that all day and night.

We have no choice but to continue in our search for the truth. We cannot relent.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...

I received today an email that contains the following response from Senator Udall of Colorado regarding the Obama eligibility issue. I will only use the first name of the concerned citizen:

"June 10, 2011

Dear Kathleen,

Thank you for contacting me about President Barack Obama's citizenship. I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts.

While I know that some have questioned the authenticity of President Obama's birth certificate, which was issued when he was born in Honolulu in 1961, my understanding is that Hawaii's state health director, Chiyome Fukino, and the registrar of vital statistics, Alvin Onaka, have affirmed that it is genuine. Moreover, multiple lawsuits challenging President Obama's citizenship have been dismissed. The Constitution states, "No person except a natural born citizen...shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years and been fourteen years a resident within the United States." President Obama meets all of these criteria and is therefore constitutionally eligible for the office in which he is serving.

I will continue to listen closely to what you and other Coloradans have to say about matters before Congress, the concerns of our communities, and the issues facing Colorado and the nation. My job is not about merely supporting or opposing legislation; it is also about bridging the divide that has paralyzed our nation's politics. For more information about my positions and to learn how my office can assist you, please visit my website at

Warm regards,

Mark Udall
U.S. Senator, Colorado"

The fraud of this Senator, in effect saying that he has satisfied his responsibility to protect the American people by, not personally investigating or asking that Congress investigate the matter, but rather hiding behind some officials (he names just two) in Hawaii who do not even say what he purports they said and putting forth the lie that the courts decided the merits of the issue of Obama's eligibility which we know they did not.

Anonymous said...

One of the primary movers in the legal community is Landmark Legal, which along with the Heritage Foundation and Thomas More promote Conservative issues.

Landmark is headed by Mark Levin, radio talk show host and friend of Sean Hannity. Levin also has influence over Andrew Wilkow.

Levin refuses to discuss the Article II eligibility issue, prefering a 'get out the vote' and support 'conservative candidate' approach for 2012.

I say, 'Why Not Do BOTH?'

Eric Stanger is the producer of the Sean Hannity Show. His e-mail address is

I think Mario Apuzzo is one of the finest legal authorities on the subject of Article II natural born citizenship . . . I disagree when he dwells on kerning, just as I cringe when Jerome Corsi talks about the 'smiley face' 'A' in the birth certificate . . . However, Apuzzo is the best out there.

I've done my legal due diligence with hundreds of hours of research, and Mr. Apuzzo has the issue covered. I have gone more into the 14th Amendment issue, and judicial impropriety if not criminal abrogation of legislatsed act, but that is where debate has taken me.

Levin and Hannity refuse to discuss the criminal abuses of the Birth Certificate, whether it can be proven to be merely altered, or an outright forgery (Cf. the Social Security Number), it is a violation of law either way.

My fear, right now, is that the White House deciding to publish an obviously fake Birth Certificate shows total AUDACITY without fear of reprisal or legal repurcussions . . . The Obama Administration is Acting with Utter and Complete Impugnity, and that MUST NOT CONTINUE another DAY!

The Birth Motto should be 'Nemo me impune lacessit' ("No-one provokes me with impunity!)

jayjay said...


You ask -

"Does this mean he really had someone create a birth certificate that can easily be discovered to be a forgery, when in fact all the information on the birth certificate is correct?"

Te answer is both yes and no. Yes about having someone create a sloppy forgery since he elieves he has now forced all 3 Federal branches and tghe corresponding state government branches as well by conning them into doing criminal deeds for him and now they're stuch since if he goes down, they go down - big time. The No part is that not all of the information on the forged WHBC is correct - not by a long shot.

He has bamboozl.ed Congressmen such as Udall fron CO into buying the Democrat liberal nonsense presented by Jack Maskell and the CRS Memo that they all use as lying, evasive cover. It was prepared by liberal staffers using OUR tax dollars and is a mishmosh of monsense.

All of them use the evasions of HI said it was OK. That's bullshit too as the HI natality laws are so "quaint" that they can (and have) done VERY questionable acts under their "laws". These are HI laws and not laws in the US Constitution.

When former Director of the DOH Fukino specified that Obama was a “natural born citizen” she was speaking with reference to a HI determination of the term (which she herself could solely and legally determine) and NOT with respect to any US Constitutional meaning - but this was never stated. That would be good for a HI driver’s license no doubt but not for a license to the Oval Office. It is abundantly clear that the former Director (though a medical doctor) took upon herself - intentionally or not - the cause of American legal justice along with an interpretation of what constitutes a natural born Citizen mentioned in the Constitution, through a birth which she did not witness, about 50 years after it occurred, in a location she did not witness and cannot verify, while also proclaiming the person’s successful fulfillment of Constitutional eligibility requirements. To my knowledge she is also not a Constitutional legal expert.

So the half-truth game that the HI part of the RICO operation does is used by the DC Congregational (and Judicial also) to hide behind these untruths.

Kapiolani has always said it has no record of such a birth and there are other errors on the WHBC as well. What the criminal complaint filed by Doug Vogt with the FBI asks is for an investigation of felonious crin=minal document fraud. It should start by the FBI making a flyspeck comparison of the WHBC image with the actual live-birth certified by a medical doctor at Kapiolani and properl.y withessesd y others with metrics such as heigt, weight, etc. If these are not identical the entire bunch are outed as criminals.

All need to be aware that Hawaii is the only state in U.S. history to offer an alternative form of an ‘Original (Vault) Birth Certificate’ which does not require an eyewitness to the birth, or natal history attributable to any location other than the State of issuance.

js said...

this is america...remember...our courts and elected leaders have very little care about a lot of let the pigford settlement go through...even though the only farming half the claimants ever did...was in a 1 gallon pot on thier patio...

what we see going on...are the results of back door deals...for some unknown reason...the entire congress voted to install BHO into office...without one of them...out of 435 members...has raised this issue based on the question of demanded from the Constitution...a total failure of our republican representative form of government...our own congress...refused to validate the qualifications...of the man they put in charge of the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world...

what makes anyone think its going to change...if we keep playing the game by thier wont

Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...

I see Obots like Dr. Conspiracy have no credible explanation for all of Obama's fraud concerning his Frankenstein long-form Certificate of Live Birth, his phony social security number, and time-machine created Selective Service Registration. So what do they do? They resort to arty rhetoric concerning the "birthers." They publish stories that have a superficial appeal as an explanation for the Obot-created "birther" phenomenon. But really, folks. Where's the beef? Those Obots are full of empty talk, but empty of any facts.

Black Belt said...

Some things piss me off, but that response from Senator Udall is off the charts. What an idiot! These people have their heads so far up their #ss that they can't tell what day it is. Are you kidding me?

Everyone in Utah should write and call this jackass and let him know what he's missing. He's violating his oath of office and should be out.

Poor Kathleen.

Black Belt said...

I have written to Senator Udall expressing my outrage at his incompetence and failure to exercise his constitutional duty.

Everyone should do the same.

Michael said...

Don't get suckered by this Long Form BC diversion. Of course it's a doctored document. It was intended to be "discovered" by diligent "birthers". The whole plan is to keep the BC controversy alive so that attention may continue to be diverted away from the real issue of obama's admitted duel citizenship (which really does call into question his eligibility to hold the office of President). When obama needs an increase in the polls, in time for the 2012 election, the Director of the Hawaiian DOH will acknowledge the authenticity of the document posted by the White House, thus making it seem that all who are now claiming the document to be a forgery are irrational. Forget this BC foolishness!! Obama has strung us along for 2 1/2 years with this. The BC issue has been a well constructed, well orchestrated diversion of time and energy. Duel citizenship is the real issue concerning his eligibility. That is what we need to make the issue!

bgalloway said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Xxxxxxx:

Thank you for informing me of your concerns regarding President Barack Obama’s citizenship. Your thoughts on this important matter are most welcome and appreciated.

As you know, the United States Constitution, in Article II, Section I, establishes the principle qualifications an individual must meet to become President of the United States. Specifically, the Constitution states “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.” Additionally, the candidate must be at least thirty-five years of age and have been a resident in the United States for at least fourteen years.

On August 21, 2008, Mr. Philip J. Berg, an attorney filed suit against President Barack Obama, alleging he is not eligible for the Office of the President because President Obama lost his United States citizenship when his mother married an Indonesian citizen and naturalized in Indonesia. Further, Berg alleged President Obama followed his mother’s naturalization and failed to take an oath of allegiance when he turned eighteen years old to regain his United States citizenship status. In October of 2008 Pennsylvania Eastern District Court Judge R. Barclay Surrick dismissed the lawsuit Berg v. Obama, ruling Mr. Berg lacked standing to bring the case. Thereafter, Berg filed an emergency motion with the United States Third Circuit Court of Appeals, where subsequently, Third Circuit Judge Thomas Ambro denied the motion. Subsequently, Berg petitioned for a Writ of Certiorari, where if granted, the Supreme Court would review the decision of a lower court. On December 10, 2008 the Supreme Court denied Berg’s petition for an injunction against the seating of the Electoral College. On December 15, 2008, Berg re-filed the application for injunction. Two days later, the petitioner’s appeal was denied without comment by Justice Anthony Kennedy. On December 18, 2008, Berg’s request for an injunction was re-filed with the Court and was summarily denied on January 21, 2009.

Recently, on January 20, 2009, Barack Obama was sworn in as our nation’s 44th President. Nevertheless, Berg continues to assert President Obama lost his naturalized citizenship when he became a citizen of Indonesia after moving there as a boy. Similarly, additional lawsuits have been filed requesting the birth certificate of our President.

Ultimately, under our Constitution the authority to make a ruling on this matter rests with the Supreme Court of the United States. Rest assured, however, I will well remember your concerns regarding this issue during the 111th Congress. Again, thank you for contacting me; and for all you do for our community and our country. Should you have any further comments or questions on this or any other issue, please contact me at the Livonia or Milford district, or Washington, D.C. office.

I work for you.

Thaddeus G. McCotter
Member of Congress

Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...

In an exclusive interview with TODAY's Ann Curry that will air on Tuesday's show, Obama said that if he were Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner, he would resign given the scandal in which Weiner admitted to sending through the internet explicit photos of himself to women.

"I can tell you that if it was me, I would resign," Obama told Curry.

"When you get to the point where, because of various personal distractions, you can't serve as effectively as you need to, at the time when people are worrying about jobs, and their mortgages, and paying the bills - then you should probably step back," Obama said.

Read more:

Weiner should fire back at Obama and tell him that if he were Obama, he would resign given that Obama has posted on the internet a fraudulent birth certificate, obtained and has been using a fake social security number, and fraudulently created a Selective Service Registration after the fact, all serious criminal offenses for which he can be impeached and subsequently prosecuted and convicted.

Black Belt said...

I must be living in a parallel universe! Barry gets down on Weiner! That's just the best. From one skunk to another skunk - you suck but I don't. Folks, you cannot make this sh*t up. Who would ever think that in America somebody could pull off what Barry has? 535 members of congress, the electoral college, opposing candidates, influential radio and television personalities, and the United States Supreme Court. Not a set among the bunch of these dopes.

Not in America -or- Only in America?

jayjay said...


McCotter's moronic response using the precepts of the CRS Maskell paper merely show that he is terminally stupid as well as tht he doesn't use the internet.

If he did, he'd realize how dumb he sounded and how out of touch with the real worlk he actually is.

... and just think - fools like this write our laws ...

Black Belt said...

To show how terminally stupid McCotter must be:

"Berg continues to assert President Obama lost his naturalized citizenship when he became a citizen of Indonesia..."

Barry lost his "naturalized citizenship"? If he was naturalized in the first place he couldn't ever be NATURAL BORN you friggin fool.

Ignorant can be fixed. Stupid is forever.

Anonymous said...


McCotter is considered one of the shining legal lights in the Republican congress.

Yes . . . that letter he sent me is frustrating as hell.

Congress has jurisdiction over Article II eligibility, viz-a'-viz Title 3, § 15 and McCain's case before the Senate prior to the nomination.

In addition, congress can write a small addition to 8 USC 1401(a) describing 'under the jurisdiction thereof' coming from the 1866 Civil Rights Act's 'not subject to any foreign power.' That is valid legislative history.

The result of that small subsection would be the end of the 'border baby' birthright citizenship, and a renewed perspective that the U.S. recognizes the nationality of the father as the source of natural allegiance.

“Citizenship is established by the laws of each individual country. Those laws are generally classified into two types: jus soli, in which citizenship is based on the place of birth, and jus sanguinis, in which citizenship is based on the citizenship of one (or both) parents.” Wauchope v. US Dept. of State, 756 F. Supp. 1277, 1283 (N.D. Cal 1991), affirmed , Wauchope v. US Dept. of State, 985 F. 2d 1407 (9th Cir. 1993)

Black Belt said...


McCotter might be a shining legal light, he just didn't show it in his letter. If he doesn't know that fact something is wrong, or he never read the letter (very likely). The point is that any member of congress could do something about this if they wanted to. He spent a lot of time talking about Berg and I say, so what? Just because Berg has his own theories is not a reason for a congressman to use him as a reason to do nothing. No legislator that cares about this should be relying on any private litigation to solve the problem.

Maybe the best part of the letter is "Rest assured, however, I will well remember your concerns regarding this issue during the 111th Congress". How's that working out for you? He hasn't done anything and he's not going to.

I'm sure McCotter is well thought of. But, there's no excuse for dodging the issue if you're smart enough to determine the facts and understand them. I assume the congressman is capable of both.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...


Your comment is very insightful and correct. So many who defend Obama will use some strawman argument as a standard for the truth of the matter when in reality it is no standard at all. They will then tell us how failing that strawman argument is and expect us to just go away. What intellectual dishonesty.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...

The Louisiana vetting and eligibiilty bill got shelved for this year. It will come back next year (hopefully). See the story here:

What is amazing is to see state legislatures having such a tough time over such a simple issue. If they cannot do the simple things, how can we expect our federal and state governments to get the harder things right?

Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...

Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Tuesday, June 14, 2011 -- 10:32 PM EDT

Pakistan Arrests C.I.A. Informants Who Aided Bin Laden Raid

Pakistan’s top military spy agency has arrested some of the Pakistani informants who fed information to the Central Intelligence Agency in the months leading up to the raid that led to the death of Osama bin Laden, according to American officials.

Pakistan’s detention of five C.I.A. informants, including a Pakistani Army major who officials said copied the license plates of cars visiting Bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, in the weeks before the raid, is the latest evidence of the fractured relationship between the United States and Pakistan. It comes at a time when the Obama administration is seeking Pakistan’s support in brokering an endgame in the war in neighboring Afghanistan.

The fate of the C.I.A. informants arrested in Pakistan is unclear, but American officials said that the C.I.A. director, Leon E. Panetta, raised the issue when he travelled to Islamabad last week to meet with Pakistani military and intelligence officers.

Read More:

What happened to Obama's influence in Pakistan?

Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...

The Hawaii Attorney General has objected to Orly Taitz's subpoena to that state for Obama's birth records. Read the story at Orly's site at

I left the following comment for Orly at her site:


Under Hawaii Statute 338-18(b)(9), someone acquires "a direct and tangible interest" if a court so orders.

File a motion with the court for an order allowing you to obtain from Hawaii a copy of the records you are seeking.

First, argue that Obama on April 27, 2011 released to the world an alleged copy of his long-form Certificate of Live Birth. Hence, there is no longer any legitimate privacy concern by Hawaii. With no such privacy concern, Hawaii will not be able to state what its objection is to a release of the records that you are requesting. Argue that Hawaii Statute 338-18(a) (the integrity and privacy concerns) should therefore not be a block to your obtaining the records that you seek.

Second, ask that the court declare that you, as a plaintiff, have a "direct and tangible interest" in the vital records you are seeking to obtain. Explain in your motion what your "direct and tangible interest" is. You will either win or lose on your ability to articulate what your interest is. Use the other examples given in the statute of person whom Hawaii considers as having such an interest to show that your interest is just as worthy and important as theirs.

If the court grants your motion, you will be able to satisfy 338-18(b)(9) which means that Hawaii has to then release the documents to you. If you lose the motion, you will learn why the court believes you do not have such an interest.

Include in your motion that, in the alternative, you, as a private attorney, want under 338-18(g)(4) a verification in lieu of a certified copy of the records that you are seeking. Argue that on April 27, 2011, Obama released his long-form Certificate of Live Birth to the world on the internet. Hence, he is not claiming any privacy interest in the document. Argue that he made such a release "for the purpose of legal proceedings," i.e., to influence any legal proceeding raising the issue of his place of birth. What you want to do is confirm the information that is stated in his released birth certificate.

If the court denies your motion, you could also appeal the court's ruling once you have a final judgment."

bdwilcox said...

MissTickly demonstrated precedent has already been set regarding the release of records under HRS-338.

She also discusses further technicalities of HRS-338 and HRS-92.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...


I already covered Ms. Tickly's unfounded, unfair, and belated attack on attorneys for what she claimed was their failure to use 338-18 and I do not know why you raise that matter here again.

More important, now we have a different situation than that raised by Ms. Tickly. There is no standing problem in Orly's suits. That is important because she will need a court order to accomplish her goal. The court will not give a party who has no standing any such court order.

Also, when Obama released the short-form COLB in early 2008, there were no pending legal proceedings nor were any contemplated. Now, Obama released his alleged long-form Certificate of Live Birth knowing quite well of the past, present, and contemplated future law suits against him. Hence, it can be reasonably argued that he made the release "for the purpose of legal proceedings."

Additionally, with the release of the long form birth certificate, there are no other privacy issues that he or Hawaii can reasonably claim.

Black Belt said...

Greta Van Susteren interviewed Marco Rubio last night and asked him about being VP. Not a word about Natural Born Citizen. Rubio - NOT.

I posted some comments on Greta's blog about the Rubio interview. Many of my comments were not posted - they blocked things that got into the NBC issue. I'm not PC enough for Fox.

The Dems won't squawk about Rubio because it would raise BHO's problem. Will the Republicans let it go for Rubio or will somebody have the cahones to state the obvious?

Is this America anymore?

Greg Goss said...

I am having a hard time believing that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton does not know that her right hand gal Deputy Chief of Staff, Anthony Weiner's wife, Huma Abiden's mother is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood and that her brother partners with members of the Muslim Brotherhood and has ties to al-Qaeda!

Read more here and be sure to jump to the referenced links.

Black Belt said...

And then, O'Reilly on Wednesday night at the end of his program talks about a Perry-Rubio ticket. If Fox can't figure out what a Natural Born Citizen is, how can we expect any of the "liberal" media to get it?


Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...

Here is a very good YouTube presentation by Kenschan showing that there was no OCR scanning process that created the anomalies with the on-line posted Obama long-form Certificate of Live Birth.

We can see that the file links could not and were not created by any OCR scanning process.

Kenschan shows how the birth certificate image was assembled with different pieces from different files. Again, this is confirming evidence that the birth certificate image publised by Obama on April 27, 2011 on the White House web site is a forgery.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...

Just saw this at Dr. Conspiracy's blog. And these Obots profess to stand for truth and the American way. Take a look at this comment and the implications in it. The comment concerns all the Obot empty threats about suing Dr. Jerome Corsi and WND for Dr. Corsi's article on Birther basher, Foggy.

"GeorgetownJD June 16, 2011 at 6:15 pm GeorgetownJD(Quote) # Damages are decided by a jury. In this case that would be a jury in the District of Columbia. Think about it — how well do you believe an ultra-conservative fact-challenged blogger and his editor would fare in that jurisdiction?"

Would anyone care to comment what GeorgetownJD is implying in her comment?

Black Belt said...

Mario - This is the same as always. The implication is that it's the politics, not the facts or the truth. In other words, a DC jury, because they are overwhelmingly left of center, would punish a conservative because their politics govern - not their sense of truth and fair play.

These people make me sick. On the other hand, what's the difference between that and the Congress of the United States?

Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...

Ten Congressmen have filed suit in Federal Court against Obama to re-establish Congress's power in our checks and balance system of government.

BREAKING NEWS_ 10 Congressmen bring Obama to Federal Court about illegal Wars 16 June 2011.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...

Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Friday, June 17, 2011 -- 9:05 PM EDT

Obama Overruled 2 Top Lawyers on War Power in Libya

President Obama rejected the views of top lawyers at the Pentagon and the Justice Department when he decided that he had the legal authority to continue American military participation in the air war in Libya without Congressional authorization, according to officials familiar with internal administration deliberations.

Read More:

Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...

Here is an email from a Nebraska State Senator's office which presumably tells us what she thinks of "birthers."

"From: "Sen. Council, Brenda"

Date: June 3, 2011 12:05:42 PM PDT

To: "Arnie Rosner"

Subject: RE: Agnostic's Dreaded Verdict: Birthers Are (Mainly) Right

If you a birther, you are racist. It's offensive. Stop contacting us.

Chris Triebsch
Senator Brenda Council's Office (NB-11)

We cannot simply stand by and be silenced by such despicable comments.

Maybe the "birthers" should contact Senator Council to tell her what they think of this racist comment.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...

Be sure to read the new report by nationally recognized computer expert, Mara Zebest, entitled "Barack Obama: Long Form Birth Certificate." Ms. Zebest opines that the April 27, 2011 computer image of Obama's alleged long-form Certificate of Live Birth is a forgery. She explains in full detail in her report how she reaches her conclusion. At the end of her report, she provides a brief resume on her credentials which are impressive.

The report may be read at

Again, where is Congress and the FBI to lead an investigation on Obama's fraudulent activities. The evidence point to the inescapable conclusion that we have an impostor sitting in the Office of the President and Commander in Chief. A majority of the American people are demanding an investigation. Why does not Congress and the FBI assure the American people that they have checked out the allegations against Obama and report back to The People they are supposed to serve and protect?