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Obama Releases His Alleged Long Form Certificate of Live Birth But He’s Still Not a Natural Born Citizen

Obama Releases His Alleged Long Form Certificate of Live Birth But He’s Still Not a Natural Born Citizen

By: Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
April 28, 2011

On December 20, 2008, I published an essay entitled, The Two Constitutional Obstacles that Obama Has to Overcome to Be President, accessed at  I explained that Obama has to first conclusively show that he was born in Hawaii. Having done that, he must still show that he is an Article II “natural born Citizen” which is a child born in the country to citizen parents. I also explained that Obama may be able at some point to show that he was born in Hawaii, which would make him a “citizen” under the Fourteenth Amendment, but that he would not be able to show that he is an Article II “natural born Citizen.”

On April 27, 2011, putative President, Barack Obama, released to the public a digital image on the White House web site of his alleged long form Certificate of Live Birth. A majority of Americans have wanted Obama to confirm that he was in fact born in Hawaii. Yet, Obama refers to these concerned Americans as “sideshows and carnival barkers.” But worse than that, the document that Obama has released raises some very serious issues and confirms a critical piece of information.

The document published on the White House web site ( is not a scan of a paper document but rather was built with computer programming by using many electronic layers. A scanned document only has one layer of information. This document has various electronic layers which raises the serious question of whether the document was obviously forged. A must-see video by in which Alex Jones explains how in his opinion this document has been forged may be viewed at A big question that the video raises is that this document is so obviously a fake that one wonders whether those who did it are that highly incompetent or did they fake it so badly so as to want to get caught so as to draw attention to it and away from the real issue. For more information on the “document” being nothing more than an electronic manipulation, see ; The Market Ticker at; (Karl Denninger shows that the Obama BC image is not a scan and concludes the image is a forgery); (Post & Email interview of Dr. Ron Polland);

Another possible reason for the obvious forgery is that the creators of the forgery unknown to Obama want Obama to get caught at his big game of deceit.

Finally, another possibility for creating such an easily detected forgery is that Obama has the real birth certificate that provides the same information as this forgery. After all, Obama was sure to release to the public correspondence showing how two certified copies of the birth certificate were personally picked up by his personal attorney who flew to Hawaii to get them, paying $10.00 for the first one and $4.00 for the second. This correspondence is also careful to explain how the certificates were obtained from the Hawaii Department of Health. The letter from Loretta J. Fuddy, the Director of the Hawaii Health Department, states: “I have witnessed the copying of the certificate and attest to the authenticity of these copies.” See the correspondence chain at this link:  So, they created this forgery to mislead people in thinking that Obama does not have the real birth certificate and to keep the “birthers” screaming for the real document. In the end, he will just show the world that he does have the document and that he was telling the truth all along.

But regardless of whatever game Obama is playing, as we shall see below, the real issue is that Obama’s father was not a U.S. citizen and so Obama is not and cannot be a “natural born Citizen.” This is the issue from which Obama cannot hide behind some manipulated computer images.

Regardless of whatever Obama is up to with his new-found long form birth certificate, this new document confirms that Obama is not a “natural born Citizen.” A “natural born Citizen” is a child born in the U.S. to a U.S. citizen father and mother. While place of birth is a necessary element of being a “natural born Citizen,” let us not lose sight of the other necessarily element, i.e., a U.S. citizen father and mother at the time of birth. Even assuming this new long form Certificate of Live Birth to be genuine, what is important to understand about this document is that it confirms who Obama’s father is, a fact that has been debated for quite some time. The document shows that his father is Barack Obama Sr., who we know was a British citizen and never became a U.S. citizen. Hence, the document confirms that Obama is not an Article II “natural born Citizen” and is therefore not eligible to be President. Emer de Vattel, The Law of Nations, Sec. 212-217 (London 1797) (1st ed. Neuchatel 1758); David Ramsay, “A Dissertation on the Manners of Acquiring the Character and Privileges of a Citizen” (1789); The Venus (1814) (Marshall, C.J., concurring and dissenting for other reasons); Inglis v. Sailors’ Snug Harbor (1830); Dredd Scott v. Sandford (1857) (Daniels, J., concurring); Slaughter-House Cases (1872); Minor v. Happersett (1875); Elk v. Wilkins (1884); U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark (1898). No amount of computer manipulation or photoshopping can mislead concerned Americans on this score.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
April 28, 2011

Copyright © 2011
Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
All Rights Reserved


puzo1moderator said...

While this whole "assembled" PDF document the White House put out could be a ruse and trap to further embarrass the "birthers" as Mario considered in his new article, I had another thought. What's to say that the copies given to Obama's lawyer sent to Hawaii, and attested to by Hawaiian officials, actually show the same information on those two paper copies that is now being displayed on the internet in this very badly assembled PDF document.

As I recall the former HI director when interviewed in recent weeks, she said when she saw the alleged original Obama birth registration document she said it was half typed and half hand written. What we are being shown on the net is something that is entirely typed except for the signatures. That does not comport with what the former HI Health Dept Director said.

What if the Obama powers sent the lawyer to Hawaii to provide the necessary cover story that they did get two copies of the Obama vital record there ... but the image on the net now is NOT of the paper copies that they picked up ... say becaue there is something on it that Obama still does not wish to reveal. So he has a version cooked up once again to put online, and someone screwed up and did not flatten the PDF file prior to release to hide the layers. Would Hawaii officials speak up to affirm or deny that what Obama put on the net is not an image of the copy of what they gave to Obama's lawyer. Or would they keep silent in much the same way they did regarding the Certification document, the short form images on the net since Jun 2008. Remember that Hawaii never confirmed that any of those images on the net were copies of something that they issued. Hawaii has been very willing to cooperate with Obama's stonewalling and game playing regarding the vital records in HI for Obama. And, Obama is playing such a cat and mouse game with the American electorate about all his hidden records that one can never tell with him as to what is real or what is memorex. It is a disgrace how this administration is treating the American citizenry. And the main stream media does not call him out on this and instead helps and enables Obama to conduct such offensive disinformation tactics on the American electorate. Journalism no longer exists in this nation. The media should be ashamed.

Just putting this out as food for thought as to what the conman and grifter in the White House is up to this time.

CDR Kerchner (Ret)

MichaelIsGreat said...

Apparently, what was thought to be a forged document due to the layers found in Obama's pdf birth certificate is now said to be a normal occurrence when a pdf is optimized. I am not fully sure about that.
See "PDF Layers in Obama’s Birth Certificate" at

Despite that, I still believe Obama's long form birth certificate must be analyzed fully. But to know for sure, experts should examine Obama's original long form birth certificate directly with the original document and do even a few tests from various parts of it (ink, paper, etc.).

I think we must focus on clearly explaining to the American people that Obama is NOT eligible to be President of the USA because his father was never an American. The second condition for being a natural born citizen for a President is that he has BOTH parents American citizens. United States Marijuana Party said...




President Obama claims to have been born on Oahu Island, Hawaii.


BIRTHS ON AUG. 11, 1961.

AUG. 8, 1961.

ACCEPTED AUG. 11, 1961 WITH A NUMBER 61 10637.



Black Belt said...

Well put Commander. But, as with just about everything else in this saga, it doesn't matter and it won't matter.

I've not heard one news report about the forgery that is now in circulation. There is widespread discussion on various websites about the obvious problems with the new LFBC, but no a single mention of this in the MSM. Trump hasn't said a word, and like the NBC issue he just can't be that uninformed - he has to know this thing is a fake.

So along his merry way goes Barry. In one breath he says we can't vilify each other, in the next he calls out carnival barkers. He says he has more important things to do and then immediately jets off to Chicago to Oprah followed by not one, but three fund raisers in New York.

Unless Trump or some other high profile figure makes issue of what it means to be NBC, this is basically a dead issue as far as the MSM is concerned, and in turn the American electorate.

Bob said...

The world is watching! The fact that the U.S. has a written Constitution is highly desired even in places like the U.K. itself!

Many Brits openly call themselves 'republicans' (opposite of 'monarchists'), and greatly admire our constitution.

It is a great lie by the administration that people don't care in this country -- they do!

Those who care about the U.S. Constitution are surging, and the debates of the next two years will prove that!

The ones who defended the U.S. Constitution over these past two years will emerge as heroes, and those who did not, will discover they no longer have an audience or subscribers.

James said...

It's a possible theory but no way to prove. We would have to see the orginal copies obtained by the Hawaii DOH know. I believe now that Obama was born in Hawaii. There is no doubt about that.

jayjay said...

It seemed a tad odd to me that several hundred dollars - no doubt thousands - should be wasted "dispatching" a lawyer from DC to HI to accomplish this charade. But, hey, those are "your tax dollars at work" so they don't cost anything, right??? And besides everyone knows that overnight mail or other commercial overnight common carrier services are not NEARLY as fast as flying from DC to HI, spending a night or two in "paradise" at a several hundred $/night hotel with good meal service, paying a bit of cab fare, tips, etc. ... don't they?

Now, too, we see the eminent "technical" publication National Review:

explaining by various commenters as well as the article writer how this all was caused by the scanning/pdf creation process and so it really, really isn't a fraud - but the "birthers" (whoever they night be) are.

Unanswered by all that nonsense is the question "Are there no multimegapxel high rez cameras in HI to merely photograph the "document" making a *.jpg directly and not bother with any scanning/pdf creation process at all since it (per the National Review "experts") creates these thing that make it (the fake) look fake.

This is despite the fact that it really IS fake and couldn't be so photographed since it doesn't exist outside of the computer software. The Flying Monkeys never stop flapping weither their wings OR their mouths, do they? And, gee, where is the "handwritten" portion Fukino told us about? Would she lie??? (don't ask!).

AppealtoHeaven said...

You are correct, Commander. This is absolutely disgraceful how the putative president is treating the American electorate. It is not only disgraceful but should be followed up by a full and comprehensive investigation by Congress to put this issue to rest. I expect Obama to attempt to toy with his political opponents, but what concerns me even more is that Congress has nothing to say about the open game of deception Obama is playing on the American people. Whether Obama has a real birth certificate or not it is below the office of the presidency to engage in the disinformation campaign Obama is engaging in and must be stopped. Congress must put an end to it by immediately conducting an investigation and forcing Obama to disclose to Congress his long form certificate.

One final note, if Obama is purposely releasing a fake PDF image online only to disclose the official, material version later to embarrass birthers, the only way this doesn't completely make Obama look petty and small is with the help of the media. Still, this game doesn't help Obama just as much as it might hurt the birthers. I think Americans will want to be done with both of them by the time it's over. This is all very damaging to Obama, as it should be.

puzo1moderator said...

Obama Background Check and Constitutional Eligibility Checklist | by Brainreboot

CDR Kerchner (Ret)

puzo1moderator said...

@ YouTube - CDR Kerchner Debates Liberal On Obama's Eligibility - 4/27/2011

juniper55 said...

Apparently there was a FOIA regarding Obama SENIOR's immingration documentation:

I have two sisters and a brother who got married to immigrants who were seeking US citizenship. All three marriages failed and the immigrants ditched town, of course. (My own mother is an immigrant but is still around)

I still wonder WHY Obama released the long form NOW.

Is it either because of this FOIA (shows his dad was just marrying Stanley Ann to get a US hook)?

Or is it because of Orly's suit next week?

Or is it something else going on we haven't heard of yet?

OK - let's assume BHO's birth was actually here. What about the residence address? Wasn't that found to NOT be Mom/Dad actual address?

juniper55 said...

OMG this is too funny! Now I know why BHO was in a hurry to suddenly get his BC. Today (April 29) is the 47th anniversary of his daddy having to get out of the country!

Seems Dear Old Dad was just as much of a community organizer as Junior was. To no one's surprise for us folks who have been paying attention.

(Happy Weekend, everybody, the Wills/Kate wedding was beautiful)

dmacleo said...

been trying to inform people about the nbc issue but people refuse to believe that one parent citizen isn't good enough.
aggravating to say the least.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Pen has incredible great information on the new fake BC. This is a must read.

It proves that Obama was not born in any hospital in Hawaii but was presented to a doctor in Hawaii Kapoliani Hospital to get the certificate from the state. It seems rock solid investigation and explains so much.

Also why page 2 of this new BC was missing. The part about changes to the BC from adoptions etc.

Obama's last days can now be counted. This is explosive.

Mairi said...

GREAT explanation of what we are seeing in Barack's newly posted "Long Form".

Anonymous said...


Amazingly the Daily Pen article explains how Obama number is larger than Nordyke twins. It is because the numbers run by Geography first. Showing that Obama registered in a different location. He is at the bottom of the lists because he was not born in a hospital.

The doctor who signed the information was the first doctor to see the baby. He saw the baby but did not see the birth. This is proven.

I believe Obama was born in Kenya and momma rushed back to Hawaii to register. brought the baby to a doctor to show the baby existed. The doctor signed that there is a baby but not that it was born in Hawaii.

Read the entire article at Daily Pen.

This is real amazing detective work.

Obama was NOT born in the hospital. We are back to square 1. So far the only BC info on his birth is that he was born at Coast Hospital in Mombasa Kenya. Jumped on a plane to Hawaii and saw the good doctor at the hospital and registered according to the lax requirements in Hawaii.

Besides he later was adopted and Obama did not show that page 2 of the Long Form showing that info.

Why has no one gone to Kenya to get a BC from the same hospital as Smith did. Boggles my mind. It seems to easy. They claim in Kenya that he was born there. Why do Americans refuse to ask the hospital for a BC. Strange these Americans.

It is not impossible. Lucas Smith did it. Go get one.

Anonymous said...

Airline flights from Mombasa Kenya to Hawaii for an adult are $3,200 round trip. so about $1600 one way or a little more.

Trip time is 1 day 3 hours after adjustment for clock time.

So baby can be born on Friday. Get on airplane on Saturday and arrive Hawaii Sunday. Go register the baby on Monday. NO PROBLEM. Can easily be done by a determined person.

Mombasa has a major airport as does Honolulu. Rumor is mother wanted to go back to Hawaii but they did not allow her while pregnant. So she must have known all the details on getting back to Hawaii after the baby was born.

Remember Stanley Ann was a tough little cookie. many hours of sitting on an airplane is no real hardship in a way. She is not working. She is sitting. I am sure people were helping her on the plane ride.

The point is that she could have pulled it off with time to spare.

We need to look more closely at the Mombasa BC now that we know Obama was NOT born in a hospital in Hawaii. Congress needs to investigate now.

Our Founding Truth said...

Isn't this not what birthers wanted. What about his hand an feet prints certificate. Even if he is born here, I think he is ineligible for President.

His dad was a Kenyan national. The 14th amendment says a citizens parents must be naturalized through "jurisdiction"

Obama's position is that of an anchor baby. He is ineligible to be President.

Jo said...

The military has the right to escort their impostor commander-in-chief off the W.H. ASAP.

A transitional government has to take in place meanwhile the impostor & its enablers are censure.

Enabling the impostor to run for re-election in 2012 is not anymore an option.

"Simplify soldier" - The Marines.

Robert said...

The White House had a high-resolution birth certificate .jpg link on its website that is no longer there. If you visit and scroll down to the 43rd Post you'll be able to access the bc pic I copied from it. Bring it up, magnify it at any power you like and you'll see what looks remarkably like Ann's signature box 18a reading "Stanlay." I kid you not.

Their flash and .pdf birth certificate pictures, on the other hand, show the letter in question blurry when you magnify it.

Jo said...

Here's a compelling source for your perusal.

Carefully read the bottom end of COLB, line 23.

1. Birthplace: Kenya;Registered Honolulu. HRS 338-17.8 per Grandmother


Unknown said...

Hey There,
The full tilt poker is "seized" by the alleged United State Government..

Literally writes their page to be read as 'seized'.

Our education is steeped Oppression that OUR trees WITH THE FOREST ARE FORSAKEN.

oh boy who did it this time?????

another bad apple eh? talk about those circus mirrors.

Love ya all.
I really pray for the best, for all of those who, Yep, even those that OPPRESS,
Good will to all.
This is our beauty,

4 those who are short in truth, prove we sovereign denies beauty!

Unknown said...

puzo moderator

what makes you think to write a rebuttle with OLD MAN IF in story format?
Come on.

Unknown said...



"natural borne citizen"
natural= no unnatural, therefore 1+1 is not 1 because 1 is with 0 or stands alone. Its impossible to get 2 or 3 alone with 1.

Robert said...

I thought maybe I had made a mistake, but when I looked at the White House's flash file pic of the birth certificate this morning, the letter in question (Stanl*y) looked different from the one I had posted on my website, but then I looked at's pic of the bc a minute later -

and it too looked the same as the one on my site. That letter does indeed look like an "a" in her signature "Stanl*y."

js said...

so now...we have LTC Larkin in prison...and the BC has been released...

that BC confirms that BHO's father was not a US Citizen...

is there an appeal yet?

Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...


I have seen this document in the past. Please note that Hawaii Revised Statute 338-17.8 was not passed by Hawaii until 1982. Hence, this 1961 document is most likely a forgery on its face.

It would not be a forgery on its face if someone typed the 338-17.8 reference at some time after the statute was passed. But then other elements of the document, such as signatures, etc. would have to be analyzed for authenticity.

Comments on this document are welcome.

Bob said...

Filling in for Rush Limbaugh, Mark Steyn gave some latitude to Obama for the 'accident of birth' that he was born on American soil to an American mother, reasoning that the great world actor Peter O'Toole does not know to this day whether he was born in Ireland or Yorkshire.

This is the chief flaws in Mark Steyn's argument: Obama's older brothers are Brits, and Peter O'Toole is not on record campaigning for his 'cousin' in a major national election in Kenya, as Obama did for candidate Odinga.

That is why a precise application of the 'natural born citizen' clause is clearly what the Framer's intended, as Mario has argued.

Doublee said...

I accept what others have said about all the anomalies that can be discovered in the White House birth certificate. I believe that it is a digitally altered document.

The easiest thing to do - once you have downloaded the birth certificate - is to use the magnification feature of Adobe Reader.

When sufficient magnification is reached, you can easily see the uneven white space underneath the text. And if you look carefully you can see where text and handwriting have been replaced. For example in box 17a, "Non" appears to have replaced whatever was there before.

I attempted to duplicate what I found by scanning my certified birth certificate. I used the printer option that directly created a PDF document.

My certificate has a very light blue herring bone patterned background. No matter what magnification I used the light blue background was always visible under the text.

All these explanations about layering being a normal part of the process do not explain what I see as obvious discrepancies.

Obama's birth certificate has generated more questions than it answers. Releasing an obviously doctored birth certificate is bizarre beyond belief. He has to know what he is doing, or is he really that stupid?

Will the main stream media pursue this issue? What I have seen so far is that they are defending the legitimacy of the document.

jayjay said...

I recently checked the log of Erica Thunderpaws (Jefferson's Reels) and was put off by the comment emplaced thereon be a thread authored by Leo Donofrio.

I responded:


Wake up my friend!!!

The WHBC does not in any respect represent the "original Cetification of Live Birth"!!!

It is a total fraud as were the different COLB documents plastered all over the web a few years ago.

The WHBC is merely a "photoshopped" (generic term for image altering software), constructed image of a document created out of whole cloth that does not actually exist.

It is a total fake; a fraud as is the man who has never shown himself to be legally eligile to hold the office he now ocupies. It should be treated as such rather that proclaiming it to be - as you do - his original BC.

The prophecy of yours has not only not yet been fulfilled; it may never be. The man could be any of several different citizenships including an illegal alien, The Fat Lady hasn't even cleared her troat!!!


'Pologies for the typos.

puzo1moderator said...

The Washington Times a major media player in the DC area is finally doing an editorial on the issue of Obama's hidden documents:

MichaelIsGreat said...

A few comments. First, thank you Mr. Apuzzo for your comments, as I was waiting for your feedback on this recent long form birth certificate.

One thing is evident. Experts in forged documents must go to Hawaii and THOROUGHLY CHECK the ORIGINAL LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE. What do I mean by thoroughly check? First, a very high definition of this long form birth certificate must be made using a camera. Therefore, it must be a single picture, not a layered pdf junk. Second, several tiny samples must be taken from the original long form birth certificate and dated! Third, several experts in forgery must be present to check thoroughly Obama's long form birth certificate.
Personally, I have said it before that Obama would by now have a forged long form birth certificate ready and possibly, probably made even by the Department in Hawaii dealing with the birth certificates!!
Why did we not see Obama's long form birth certificate before? Because, possibly, the forgery had not be done yet by the guy(s) who did it and who possibly might work at the Department in Hawaii dealing with birth certificates!

Now, why now and not earlier? Well, the forgery was not yet ready?!!!

More, Obama's long form birth certificate is in a safe and only one guy has access to it!! It is Alvin Onoka. Let us assume that this Onaka is an Obama fanboy or a Democrat, how on earth could we allow one guy to control this vital document and possibly he surely could have replaced it with a "good" forgery long ago!!
There is something very dodgy, wrong with the way Obama's document is impossible to access by anyone who would request a viewing for instance. It is a cover-up in some ways or another.

We must inform Donald Trump that, no matter where Obama was born, he is NOT eligible to be President of the USA because he does not meet the SECOND CONDITION TO BE A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN that says that BOTH parents of the President must be American citizens at birth.
If Donald Trump would be informed of this second condition, it would be in the news the next day and it would then dawn on people that Obama is NOT eligible to be President of the USA!!

---We must now focus our fight on this second condition, to make sure that Donald Trump knows it very well and that all America knows it too!
---BUT keep fighting to have experts in forgery to check THOROUGHLY (AND TEST THOROUGHLY) the original long form birth certificate directly in Hawaii!!
---And the fact that Obama had an Indonesian nationality should have been clearly stated on his long form birth certificate!! This fact must be also fully assessed.

The fight continues until Obama the usurper resigns from Office. Obama has already bankrupted the USA! Not only that, he sent our soldiers to fight a third stupid war in a third Muslim country even though we already spent more than 1.5 trillion on Iraq alone!! The sooner Obama quits, the better our country will be for the future!!!

puzo1moderator said...

Very clearly explained and very well done video explanation of Obama BC fraud by the White House -- Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator - Official Proof | by OrangeGold! | @ YouTube

CDR Kerchner (Ret)

puzo1moderator said...

Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator - Official Proof 2 -- OrangeGold1 debunks one of the Obot misinformation explanations for how they claim the signature of Stanley Ann Dunham got split onto two layers because the scanner software mistakenly put part of the signature on one layer and the rest on another, which does not happen with a real scanned in image. But the Obots are lying and spinning frantically to convince people it does. This Obama BC PDF is a totally faked fabricated document. It is more than just having layers that proves it is a faked scan but what is in the layers makes it even more obvious that someone created this forgery out of whole cloth.

When will the Congress and FBI start investigating this document forgery by the White House?

CDR Kerchner (Ret)

Unknown said...

Commenter 8x8 made an extremely important point here, that seems to be missing today. I think it is key evidence that Hawaii has based this record on the same Kenyan birth certificate that Lucas Smith brought back. The birth time on the Hawaii document is 7:25pm, the same as on the Kenya certificate released long ago by Smith. This cannot be coincidence - it links and verifies the Kenyan document.

Extremely important.

jayjay said...

You speak of the “... actual birth certificate ...” ??? Oh you must mean this last Apr. 27, 2011 version of this continual felonious criminal document fraud that was put up on the White House site and proclaimed by all (especially Barky) as the “real deal” or words to that effect along with several cover letters intended to fool people; possibly even fool the water-carriers such as the barrister lady partner of Perkins Coie (lawyers extraordinaire of high repute) and with the newly-appointed HI DOH head why wouldn’t this be the “real deal”???

What most of the “dumbers” (those who hate and castigate “birthers”) don’t seem to realize is that not only are they are being made fools of by Barky and his close circle, but by their very own voilition they have enmeshed themselves in this ongoing criminal activity and will eventually pay a notable price. Their fussing and fuming about “race”, “birther irrationality”, etc. does nothing to mitigate their own criminal acts which are now coming to the fore and which, before too long, the American public by and large will not tolerate much longer as unpunished foolishness on the part of the “dumbers”.

By publishing and swearing to the veracity of the Apr. 27 WHBC, you see, Barky has told EVERYONE (including his myrmidons and other Flying Monkeys) that HE WAS NOT BORN IN A HOSPITAL IN HAWAII!!! (period!!). Everyone who could read knew years ago from the man’s own lips that his father was an alien and never an American citizen, but this latest revelation by Barkey’s forces of obfuscation is a mind-blower.

That will no doubt come as a massive shock to Barky and his handlers (and to the water-carriers who unthinkingly aided his performing this latest deed), but they have all aided and abetted in the fraud and can look forward to at least the public censure and ridicule that they so richly have earned - ALL of the “dumbers” are complicit no matter their political party and that includes some very big and prominent individuals of all three sexes. The American public will not stand to be conned in this way and they ARE becoming aware, have no doubt, “dumbers”.

To fully understand how Barky has managed to so thoroughly shoot himself in the foot, one need only absorb the content and import of the document of Arp. 29, 2011 called “OUT OF ORDER” on this link:

Even those of you who couldn’t bring yourselves to read (or didn’t want to believe it mattered) his statements in print of a few years ago about daddy being Kenyan had best absorb this article and wake up to the reality the “birthers” have been explaining to you for the last few years.

And, oh yes, by the way it has noting to do with race but everything to do with stupidity - YOURS!! A friend once told me that ignorance is temporary since it can be cleared up by learning but STUPID IS FOREVER!!! Perhaps you have one last chance to right your ship (though many of you “dumbers” don’t deserve it)... if not, there’s always tar and feathers or riding selected persons out of town on a rail.

MichaelN said...

Jo said...

CDR Kirchner last nite guest at on Hagmann & Hagmann Report foresee a pathetic outcome for the nation if no action is done within the next week or two.

CDR battlecry is march to WDC demanding swift investigation of the Usurper. If need be ditch-in there indifinetely till our demand is carried out and concluded.

Egyptian massess dug-in months and deposed their overstaying dictator. American patriots could dig-in by weeks or espouse a neo-usurper dictator.

Where it goes well with us, there is our fatherland America, CDR.

Unknown said...

I am sorry -- I need to retract my comment above for two inaccuracies. First the birthtime is not 7:25pm but is 7:24pm. But more important, the 7:24pm time was posted on the shortform BC put online by the campaign, before Lucas Smith released his. So I join those who fire off comments too quickly.

Bob said...

One of the most brilliant observations in JayJay's gentle rant (compared with what 'birthers' have to listen to) in this blogsite is this --

The registrar's name is actually the very popular Hawaiian instrument, the 'Ukulele.'

That is a typical indication of a genuine fake.

Obama should be required to PROVE that detail, before this BC is accepted -- because he will not be able to.

He should go down in history as 'President Ukulele,' just to memorialize his no little conceit.

Texoma said...


A Freeper posted a BC from 1962 signed by U K L Lee. See link below. Go down about half way down the page.

jayjay said...


Certainly 'President Ukulele' has a nice ring to it!! It also seems fitting since wasn't there a photo of Barky strumming one of those ... of course it, too, may have been photoshopped.

It seems the entire family is made up of a bunch of serial scofflaws and it is very likely to turn out that not only is Barky a Bastard in the biblical sense but, after becoming Indonesian and never reclaiming his US citizenship, he became an illegal alien when he snuck back into this country.

My vote is that we call him "El Presidente Wetback" since we know not:

- his real name
- his real parents
- if his mammy was really ever legally married to anyone
- his real citizenship
- if he really ever played the Ukulele

Lots of "reals" missing - and that's only for starters; don't forget the various school and other records (SSN, SSI, etc.)

puzo1moderator said...

Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator - Official Proof 3:

CDR Kerchner (Ret)

puzo1moderator said...

Terminology is important in this issue. The short form is labeled at top a CERTIFICATION of Live Birth. The long form is labeled at top a CERTIFICATE of Live Birth. People need to get that difference in document names drilled into there heads when speaking about these two forms. Especially Donald Trump. ;-)

puzo1moderator said...

Obama birth certificate forgery analysis -- OCR Theory Debunked For Obama Birth Certificate! 90° Rotated Elements Found! | by nick10463 | @ YouTube

When will Congress and the FBI investigate this blatant birth certificate document forgery placed on the White House servers by Obama and team.

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puzo1moderator said...

Pay attention to the last part of this video after the Obama gloating and acting invincible at the White House Correspondents Dinner for another clear cut example of why this birth certificate document placed online on 27 April 2001 was not a pure scanning of a paper document but was created by hand by a forgerer. The identical B evidence:

Unknown said...

This is the newer angle for most, but please have a look - No answers for my questions from ANYONE yet, and very easy to see.


You Smart guys and Experts need to address entirely differnet PIXLES in the same scanned characters and numbers..

Anonymous said...

Proof that the BC discussed by Jo and Mario which I believe is the same as the one at

is proven FAKE.

Justin said...

A couple of things. It should be relatively simple to determine if there ever was a real Registrar who's name was U K L Lee (really?). Hawaii has to have a record of such things don't they? If this was a real person it then needs to be discovered at what office they worked at, because the Nordyke BC's have a different Registrars name. Why do the certificates of two people born in the same hospital a day after Obama have a different local registrars name? One more thing. Look at the date by the mothers signature for the first Nordyke twin and Obama's certificate. If they aren't exactly the same I'll eat my hat.

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Flyer: Obama Long Form Birth Certificate on White House Servers Forged! ... Why Isn't the Congress and FBI Investigating?

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New Flier/Handout: Obama's Lack of Eligibility - The Three Enablers! Print some out and pass them around.

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Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...

The State of Hawaii also issued a press release on April 27, 2011, confirming that it made two copies of Obama's long-form Certificate of Live Birth and provided them to him. Read the press release here:

Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...

Here is an article that states that the "fleet of amateur Birther image analysts" got it wrong in concluding that Obama's on-line long-form birth certificate has been humanly altered and/or is a forgery.

First, the writer argues that one of the reasons the "layers" appear as they do is that a compression algorithm computer program does things when it compresses information which humans would not expect it to do. He/she says that the results of the layers is caused by how program algorithms store black and white versus color images and other objects. He states "[e]very single “anomaly” identified by the fleet of amateur Birther 'image analysts' in an attempt to discredit the Obama long form is directly attributable to the compression algorithms applied to the PDF between scanning and publishing on-line. None of them are signs of forgery or fraud, and all of them are so obviously generated by a non-human process that it is sometimes difficult to credit even amateur sleuths with simply not noticing them."

He adds that a forger would not act in such a fashion.

Second, the writer says the reason for some letters or objects appearing twice in identical form ("identical pixel patterns) is that the program to save space (avoid "redundancy") will store an object that is close enough in form to another same object (e.g. the "B" in Obama's name and the Miss Tickly twin boxes) just once rather than store each individual repetitive object and then just publish the one representative object when publishing the whole document.

The analysis may be read at

I am not a computer expert but the reasoning of the analysis seems weak. I am very suspect of the reasoning of this article because the writer does not tell us that he/she was able by controlled experiment to produce the same type of effect as what we see in the Obama on-line image. This expert's objectivity also is suspect given that he/she uses the expression "fleet of amateur Birther image analysts.'"

Your comments on this article are welcome.

puzo1moderator said...

Executive Summary Re NBC Defined in Constitution Plus 4 SCOTUS Cases | by Patriot35 | @

Five Citizenship terms used in the U.S. Constitution | by M Publius Goat | @

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cfkerchner said...

New video release comparing of the obvious Kerning in the Obama alleged long from BC put on the White House servers on 27 April 2011 to the lack of same Kerning in the Nordyke long form BC, born within one day of each other and according to Obama, at the same hospital.

CDR Kerchner (Ret)