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Questions to Ask Hawaii Governor Abercrombie About Obama’s Alleged Long-Form Birth Certificate

The Hawaii Five-O Question of the Century
News sources have reported that Hawaii will not release Obama’s long-form birth certificate despite Governor Abercrombie’s recent efforts to show the “birthers” that they are wrong to have doubts about whether Obama was born in Hawaii.  See APNewsBreak: Hawaii won't release Obama birth info. The story reports that Governor Abercrombie now says that he is giving up trying to get Obama's birth certificate because privacy laws prevent him from getting a copy. We'll, did we not all already know that? It was believed that since the Governor was such a good friend of Obama and his parents and that he wanted to put an end to the birth certificate saga, he was going to be able to impress upon Obama to do the right thing and give consent for the release of the document. That sure would have made both the Governor and Obama look good. But now we are full circle and back to square one.

What is not understandable is what is private about the President's birth certificate? Obama allegedly already posted in 2008 on the internet his alleged Certification of Live Birth (COLB). Those wanting the release of the long-form birth certificate are only interested in seeing what birth hospital and delivery doctor are listed on the document. Obama already told us he was born in Honolulu in Kapi'olani Medical Center. So where is the privacy concern?

And that is not even considering that the President cannot expect to have any reasonable expectation of privacy in a document which he needs to prove that he meets the "natural born Citizen" eligibility requirement of Article II.

On this latest development, Dr. Kate’s insightful article, Too Late, Abercrombie, is recommended reading and can be accessed at her blog at .  Dr. Kate correctly observes that first Abercrombie suggested that the birth certificate does not exist and now tells us that he cannot release the document to the public because of privacy laws, thus giving the false impression that the birth certificate does in fact exist but simply cannot be released.

We know that Abercrombie has stated publicly that he found some type of notation in the Hawaii state archives of Obama's birth. See my previous article on this entitled,  In Search of the Holy Grail of Documents -- The Obama Birth Certificate , which can be accessed at .  Here, he might be playing games with the public given that index data of Obama's birth in Hawaii is already known and a non-issue, and he could be playing stupid about that.  Of course he will not tell us whether it is index data that he was referring to in his statement about finding some notation of Obama's Hawaiian birth in the state archive. The fact that such index data does exist provides cover and justification for what he said about some notation in the state archive.  Then from such safe grounds, Abercrombie goes further and tells everyone that he cannot release the birth certificate because of privacy laws, again giving the false impression that one exists even though former Hawaii Chief Elections Clerk, Timothy Adams, has told the world that no such birth certificate exists and that he would so testify in a court of law.  From this latest revelation by the Governor, it follows that he did not first consult with Obama (or did he?) regarding his quest to find his birth certificate, for given the current Hawaii official position regarding the need for his consent, Obama would have probably simply told him at first as he apparently is telling him now that he was not consenting to the release even if Abercrombie could find the birth certificate. 

Given this duplicitous state of affairs, I have some simple questions for Governor Abercrombie:

• Apart from whether or not the alleged long-form birth certificate can be released to the public, does such a document in fact exist?

• Does the paper version of the alleged Certification of Live Birth (COLB) which Obama’s campaign allegedly posted on the internet in 2008 for public consumption in fact exist?

• If the alleged long-form birth certificate does in fact exist and the law would have allowed you to release it to the public, and given that you did not consult with Obama prior to your quest to find and release that document to the public, would you have done so over Obama's objection?

• Since Obama has already released to the public his alleged 2008 COLB, can you simply release to the public an officially authenticated paper version of that document?

• If you would not have released the alleged long-form birth certificate to the public over Obama's objection, then what were you attempting to accomplish by searching for the document?

• Since finding out that privacy laws prevent you from releasing the alleged long-form birth certificate to the public, have you asked Obama for his consent to the release of the document to the public? If you have not, why not?

Answering such questions does not involve releasing the alleged long-form birth certificate to anyone. Our national media should be asking Governor Abercrombie these questions rather than allowing him to escape from properly addressing this issue of critical national importance and at the same time to mislead the American public while doing so.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
January 22, 2011


Ted said...

I said before, at least ONE source is supportive of Obama on already having proven his Hawaiian birth: Iranian News Agency

Actually, Team Obama can use the Iranian News analysis as its talking points. United States Marijuana Party said...



and file legal demands, "production of documents"
to provide "injunctive relief" of
the TANGIBLE evidence every U.S. Citizen
has a right to know of when and where and
to whom President Obama was born.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq. said...


Wonderful information. It surely would be nice if you could help out with the phone calls. Let me know.

winnybar said...

Hawaii law allows the health department to develop an index to the vital records and make it public. They have refused to release it. It lists the name and birthdate and vital document number and type.
They are now saying they have an index and its lists Barack II, Hussain Obama not mentioning the birthdate and number of the vital document. By the way, the Obama claimed to be the father is spelled Barrack.

winnybar said...

§338-18 Disclosure of records.
(d) Index data consisting of name and sex of the registrant, type of vital event, and such other data as the director may authorize shall be made available to the public.


It now seems the article from the has a retired immigration attorney giving out this advice to all:
thanksforreading says:
As a retired immigration attorney, I feel the need to provide legal information in the regard. The constitution requires all persons who run to be citizens at the time of birth. Such citizenship can be established by soil or blood. Meaning even if born outside the USA (Like John McCain was), a person whose legitimate parent ("legitimacy" has been redefined since Obama's birth) was a USA citizen and spent 10 years in the usa (5 of which after age 14) is a citizen at birth regardless of where s/he was born. Mothers are always considered legitimate parents. So even if born in kenya, obama would still be a citizen at birth entitled to hold the office of the presidency.

juniper55 said...

Posted this morning at

Talks about speculation that the name on the BC was changed to Soetoro, that all subsequent records might also have that name on it, and that BHO never legally changed his name back to BHO. Hence, nothing will be released.

Anyone following Strunk v Paterson??? Apparently there was a hearing this past week in the NY state court system. (Roger Calero - a Nicaraguan citizen - was on the 2008 ballot in NY)

Anonymous said...

If the governor was going to do all he could to release the BC then he could request the state laws be changed to allow it to be released.

As AG and Governor they have the power now to simply subpoena the information.

He refuses to say what is there.

And what about what is posted above here by winnybar. It looks like they have the power to release whatever they choose.

winnybar said...
§338-18 Disclosure of records.
(d) Index data consisting of name and sex of the registrant, type of vital event, and such other data as the director may authorize shall be made available to the public.

Carlyle said...

Is there a simple answer to this?

Even if the HI disclosure law were “airtight” – which we believe it is not, and that DOH and/or UPA are “over applying” it – could not the Gov or AG easily and quickly establish a task force or commission with subpoena power?

Carlyle said...

Mario - this is an important legal matter and perhaps you would like to weigh in - and another chance to dispel rumor or stamp out disinformation.

As you probably know, Free Speech over at Citizen Wells has been promoting, for over a year, self-initiated, self-constituted (or sometimes, runaway institutionalized grand juries) as THE KEY to tackling Obama, and especially the eligibility issue.

He quotes various theoretical treatises, from the constitution, to SC justices, to academicians, in support of his idea. I have nothing against solid theory, but sometimes the system is broken and you face insurmountable practical barriers. I believe this is one of those cases.

You have shown yourself very astute about all these things and I would like to know your take.

My latest "speech" on the matter is posted here:

So you can see it in context, along with any supports or rebuttals. But I will post the text right now just below.

If needed, I can hunt up other "speeches" I have made. I have detailed a number of practical considerations that I believe demonstrate this method is unworkable - right now, today, to solve The Obama Problem.

Thank you for your consideration.

Carlyle said...

in reference to a recent article at Post and Email:

It supports a point I have been trying to make – against a headwind of confusing information, or sometimes outright disinformation.

The constitution supports (yea, demands) Grand Juries – with POWER – as a primary method to exercise the sovereignty of We The People.

But the process currently broken. We need to fix the process. We need to pound on it from as many directions as we can – education, awareness, legislation – perhaps even as extreme as civil disobedience.

But, in the end, this has nothing relevant to do with our present national crisis. Once we get the system fixed, then in the future, yes. But right now, is seems a severe misdirection to mention Obama Eligibility and Grand Juries in the same sentence.

Can Obama be prosecuted for crimes? Via a Grand Jury process? Perhaps, especially via a “traditional” institutionalized GJ. But I don’t think any “institution” has the remotest interest in tackling a sitting president.

What about a run away jury or a self-formed Citizens Grand Jury. See above. The system is broken. Nothing can come of this. The most that could possibly happen is that a new way will have been discovered to be denied on the basis of standing or jurisdiction.

My suggestion is that we focus our efforts elsewhere. Somewhere that has a chance of working. It is not clear what that is. But if we all collect our energy in figuring this out, we will be closer than if we just spin our wheels and throw dirt.

That is my OPINION – hopefully with enough REASONING that others can analyze and judge for themselves – and I’m sticking with it. I don’t care about theory. I care only about practicality.

On the other hand, if someone can show an example of any CJG that has done anything of national, or even regional, significance in the last 50 years, then perhaps some revisions of opinion would be in order. Similarly we were assured over a year ago that there were dozens or even hundreds of CGJ’s (properly and legally constituted) that were underway. A year seems like ample time for results. If we had an update of actual truth and progress, that might be helpful as well.

Otherwise – - -

bdwilcox said...

Hawaii official now swears: No Obama birth certificate
Signs affidavit declaring long-form, hospital-generated document absent

bdwilcox said...

Further narrative time-line issues:

Questions raised over Obama birth date
Was claim he was 3 months old during 'Bay of Pigs' a slip?

js said...

the historic significance of being POTUS should remove any right to privacy...just like hollywood...

js said...

wouldnt it be a federal crime if a person created a forged birth certificate and presented it to the public as proof of eligibility for POTUS...counterfeit charges...identity theft...naturalization/immigration fraud...what else would be tied in...conspiracy...the list is long...but...but...where is the US Attorney that should be investigating this the corruption so deep...that there is no more honest American citizen working in our legal system willing to fight for America? where did justice go...what use is the truth if nobody hears this what we have become...a nation more corrupt than tyrants...

cfkerchner said...

Sworn Affidavit by Tim Adams, Senior Election Clerk in Hawaii during the 2008 Presidential Election, Stating No Hawaii Hospital Generated Long Form Birth Certificate Exists for Obama and that all the government officials in Hawaii knew this in 2008 and that he was told to stop asking questions about it by his supervisors:

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)