Friday, May 7, 2010

A Failed Lesson in Honor and Courage

There is a more critical issue underlying the debate over Obama's eligibility to be President. The current status of the question regarding Obama's place of birth and whether he meets the constitutional definition of a "natural born Citizen" has left so many concerned Americans wondering why our nation's leaders have failed to provide them with clear, honest, and convincing information on the basic question of where Obama was born and whether he meets the constitutional eligibility requirement to be their President and Commander in Chief of the Military. The bottom line is that these leaders have failed the lesson of honor and courage. Yes, we have become a nation of leaders without honor and courage. Where is the America that I once knew, where honor and courage made America the great nation that it was? How can we as a nation tolerate a man who, while sitting behind the curtain in the White House, refuses to show the People whom he is supposed to serve a simple thing such as a birth certificate and his other background documents? How can we just sit back and complacently allow such flim-flam behavior to continue? Indeed, our leaders have made us a nation of cowards and buffoons, a nation where slick double talk and glittery images count more than what is right. Is this the way that our leaders propose to protect our lives and our nation? If our leaders lack the honor and courage to deal with the question of Obama’s eligibility to be President, can we reasonably expect those same leaders to have the honor and courage needed to adequately protect our safety and survival? Our leaders must right this wrong if they expect to ever regain the respect of so many Americans and to keep our nation honorable and strong.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
May 7, 2010


jayjay said...

... a natiion where honestly concerned citizens are met with i8nsuots, lies, and derision by none but the well-known Flying Monkeys???

At least you got the theme of the title picture on the thread right, Mario ...!!!

We SURE don't live in Kansas anymore!!

Anonymous said...

President Obama publicly admits that his father was a Kenyan native who never became a U.S. citizen.

At birth, President Obama acquired British/Kenyan citizenship by descent from his father.

Thus, the 2008 election was the first time in history that the United States knowingly elected a post-1787-born president

whose parents were not both U.S. citizens.

It drives me crazy ,nobody seems to give a crap!!

Incredulous said...

cowards covering for criminals
they seem less afraid of We The People than of thuggish criminals...
they try to provoke We The People constantly, relentlessly

I at first rejected Mr. Apuzzo's analysis that McCain was eligible because he was born of 2 US citizens while his father was active duty military. Why? Because I hated McCain for censoring the truth about Obama, even Palin was sat down for a "talking to" about stating the truth about Obama. That truth is that Obama is an illegal alien who supports Islamomarxofascism and who hates America.

So that hatred of McCain's evil deeds does not change even as now I come to believe he was eligible. His own comments reveal his doubts in his own eligibility, and that would affect the GOP, and leave them vulnerable to blackmail = voila Obama.
In order to call forth the pathetic trivial vestiges of courage of the GOP, they need to know they are not culpable for running an ineligible candidate, ONLY the Dems are. Maybe, just maybe, if they didn't feel they were dirtied by the same crimes as Camp Obama (other than censoring us about him) they could come forward and do the right thing.

Larry said...

People in their 20's tell me "the Constitution is over 200 years old, it's not important now - I don't care WHERE Obama was born 'he can think on his feet'". They've been taught that the Constitution is just a meaningless and old out of date document. Anyone who sends their children to public schools (NWO indoctrination centers) cares nothing about their future or the future of this nation.

jayjay said...

McCain's eligiility has nothig AT ALL to do with Obama's - NOTHING.

The GOP decided long ago that the "little people" didn't need to be aware of their behind the scenes deals as to who would be Prez ... and if you think otherwise, you're fooling yourself.

Tey're all a bunch of corrupt Beltway Bastards who don't give a damn about the voters but merely want to assure their own selfish interests and feather their own nest. That may be human nature - as our Founders knew and worked to mitigate - but it is WRONG and needs correcting.


Incredulous said...

Lieberman proposes stripping of American citizenship for those who affilitate with State Department defined terrorist organizations.

He says this law is already on the books for affiliating with uniformed enemies, it's a carry-over to terrorists that Lieberman wants.

Obama and his goons are of course against this. He's been egging for terrorist hits, wants them. He's protecting Nidal Hassan by withholding evidence. He released the "Jackson 5" (fort jackson) terrorists who were working to poison soldiers. He's released over 3,200 terrorists including Iraqi captives, Gitmo (some to $1 Million a head Palau and Bermuda), to Iranian Qud terrorists who were experts at IEDs and responsible for hundreds of US soldier deaths, he gave $900 Million to Hamas, he gave $2.5 million to Qadafi... and Faisal all but appears to be working for Obama, stating he expected his arrest, and Holder let him wander around ARMED for days before almost fouling any apprehension.
Nobama WANTS terrorists to hit us. He also stopped all port container screening for nuclear devices. He also gave BP a PASS on any inspections before the rig blew, then he sent SWAT to prevent any investigations other than his own. He said the US will not use nukes to retaliate for non-nuke attacks (bio, chemical, etc.) He IS the enemy.

So if Lieberman's bill passes, Obama helped al Qaeda linked Odinga, and if he ever had any US citizenship he should be stripped of it and convicted of treason!

Incredulous said...

Also Obama had removed Faisal from the terror list last year!

This guy is an operative. The condom bomber was a stooge for another operative, the well-dressed Indian man who was held then got away.

Obama spent time in Pakistan, his agenda is anti-Israel, anti-American, pro-terrorist.

cfkerchner said...


It looks like you want one set of liars and cover-up guys in the 2008 election to turn over a new leaf and expose the other guy liars and cover-up guys. Good luck. They did not do it in 2008, 2009, and 2010 (thus far). And they sure as hell know by now that "We the People" are pissed off at what both parties did in 2008. But do they try to help fix the problem? No,they still are encouraging their powerful friends in the media to destroy patriots who bring up the Obama Constitutional eligibility issue and keep the cone of silence and cover-up of the true facts in force. Both parties are doing us dirty, still to this day. If you think you can wake them up, send some of Mario's essays to Chairman Steele and tell him to wake up. He ignored my letters. If they want to redeem themselves, they must get off their duffs and do it. We cannot do it for em. And you keep posting about it here won't get it done. Start writing to the RNC and John McCain, the culprits who enabled this mess.

Details on John McCain's big lie in 2008. Vattel could have saved McCain from needing to use the big lie. But that would have exposed Obama's big lie. So McCain made the Faustian Pact with the devil and told his big lie and allowed Obama to tell his. Screw the Constitution and We the People was both their teams approach. Personal political power and the easy way out to cover up for both was the path they chose:
John McCain Goes From Hero to Zero!

Then read this excellent essay of the RNC's continuing cover up and reticence to do what is right. Does the RNC wake up. Nope, they just dig the hole deeper and cover up the facts with more layers of Wash DC double talk and call all us believers in the Constitution, the fundamental law of our nation, a bunch of fringe movement kooks. No what they're doing is not the right thing. What they're doing is called Misprision of a Felony.:

Like I said, you should first write to the RNC and John McCain yourself and see what they tell you with your suggestions. Then come back here and tell us their answers.

CDR Kerchner

Andy said...

Obama's own website makes the following statement:

The truth is, Barack Obama was born in the state of Hawaii in 1961, a native citizen of the United States of America.

You would think that, since the Constitution requires the President to be a natural-born citizen that somewhere on Obama's website it would make this claim. But I don't think that Obama has EVER claimed to be anything more than a NATIVE citizen of the United States.

Has anyone come across Obama writings or statements where he actually uses the words natural-born citizen to describe himself. I'm guessing not.

Greg Goss said...

Andy, As we know the constitution was written by honorable for honorable men. Having said that Obama's defense will be that there is no mechanism for this check. He did not mis-represent himself and was not challenged He won the most votes and subsequently sworn in.

I sit here and look at this and say, he pulled off a big one. You need to view the videos Dr. Ronald Jay Polland AKA Polarik from FreeP These videos are prelude to a book being published. I worked with Ron during his COLB investigation. These videos go far beyond that work, and I believe has useful information for you Mario.

Incredulous said...

Another obvious point is that Lingle's statement never says "barack hussein obama II " was born at Kapiolani...
it says "the president"

president of what?
was that president once a baby named barack hussein obama?

Was this just more of that cutesy nebulous language? Anyone care to just ask her? Just call her office, ask with civility, but be prepared for nasty snarly abuse by a lowlife employee, and just ask anyway.

jayjay said...


In fact, Obama HAS described himself as a "natural born citizen" using those exact words in connection with being "Constitutionally eligible" to be Prez. The document was a notarized submission to the state of AZ prior to the 2008 elections.

Of course we all now know that he lies whenever convenient since no one is smart enough to realize it (yeah, right!!).u

jayjay said...

Greg Goss:

Why don't you ask Ron Polland to email Charles F. Kerchner or Mario Apuzzo whose emails are readily available - or, better yet, both of them.

I think there would be a good deal of mutual benefit.

jayjay said...


Why bother - she'll either stonewall or lie. It's now a consistent, repeating pattern.

She's another that should be on the treasonb list.

Bill Cutting said...

Citizenship Of Children Of A Liens Born In The

United States. Editor of the Albany Law Journal:

Ib it not possible that Mr. George O'Doherty has been a little hasty in his attack upoii the undersigned In your issue of the 6th inst. ?

In my communication, which appeared in the JourNal, November 22d, I cited and referred to so much only of the opinions of Mr. Justice Field and Mr. Justice Miller in respect to the construction of the phrase '• subject to its jurisdiction" in the first section of the fourteenth amendment to the Constitution, as seemed

pertinent and appropriate in the connection referred to, viz., the question of citizenship as the result of birth within a given territory. "Persons born on a public vessel of a foreign country " are ruled by the same principle, as to national character, that applies to the children of foreign ambassadors and ministers, to wit, tho principle of extraterritoriality, while the exclusion of " persons who, though born or naturalized in the United States, have renounced their allegiance to our government," stands upon independent grounds, and is wholly aside of the point under discussion.

If the limitation announced by Mr. Justice Field in the United States Circuit Court of the Ninth Circuit had been less narrow than stated, the court would have been obliged to hold that Look Tin Sing was not a citizen of the United States. It seems to the undersigned, aside from judicial sanction, that the children of aliens born in the United States are, to use the language of Judge Cooley in another connection, " subject to the jurisdiction of the United States only in a much qualified sense; " until they take some steps submitting themselves to the jurisdiction. Nowadays among the majority of States, citizenship ia derived from personal, and not from local origin. And it should not seem unreasonable to expect that that construction would be favored by the courts which would reconcile rather than antagonize the almost contemporaneous provisions of the fourteenth amendment and the act of Congress of April 9, 1866, in respect to citizenship by birth. It may be that the words of Mr. Justice Miller in the Slaughter House case are susceptible of a construction different from that attributed to them by the undersigned. But if so, many of your readers will doubtless sympathize with me, in preferring to receive such announcement from the distinguished jurist rather than from Mr. George O'Doherty.

The legislation of the United States declared that children of American parentage born abroad are citizens of the United States. Is it consistent to hold, at the same time, that children of aliens born in this country are ipso facto citizens of the United States? In modern days, and among civilized States, citizenship, as dependent upon birth, has been held to be derived from political rather than from territorial sources. Construing tho first section of the fourteenth amendment, the Supreme Court of the United States say, in the case of Ell: v. Wilkins, decided at this term, and in the words of Mr. Justice Gray, announcing the decision of n majority of the court: "This section contemplates two sources of citizenship, and two sources only: birth and naturalization. The persons declared to be citizens are 'all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof.' The evident meaning of these last words is not merely subject in some respect or degree to the jurisdiction of the United States, but com, pletely subject to their political jurisdiction, and owing them direct and immediate allegiance."

Permit me to say in conclusion that I have no othet interest or concern in this discussion, except such as every member of the profession must feel who desires to learn what the law actually is.

Yours very truly,

Alex. Porter Morse.

Washington, D. C., Dec. 17, 1884.

A pen said...

Have you ever gone with a group of people out for dinner and everyone is hungry so the driver decides to take a shortcut? The scenery is somewhat interesting but after a while there are murmurings of being lost. Finally one person says hey do you know where you are going. The response is sure trust me I'll get us there. Next thing you know hunger has turned to pain and finally someone says STOP and let someone drive that can get us to dinner and you all wind up at some greasy spoon out in the middle of nowhere. Well, we as a nation know there is something wrong with the direction but nobody has yet felt the pain so off we go wandering. When someone finally yells stop the answer will likely be, shut up I'm driving.

cfkerchner said...

CNN's Anderson Cooper of Anderson 360 did a hit job on LtCol Lakin and his attorney on Friday night.

Part 1 of 2:

CNN Anderson Cooper Harasses and Brow-Beats Instead of Interviewing Lt. Col. Lakin. Anderson Cooper is research incompetent on the subject and does NOT know the difference between a "CERTIFICATE of Live Birth" and a "CERTIFICATION of Live Birth" and to recognize which form is being talked about with various statements and exhibits. What's the difference? Major ones, including appearance. One key difference, one is hand typed contemporaneously with the event the other is computer generated summary from a data base for which amendments could have been made to the vital record subsequent to the contemporaneous filing. One has the name of the delivering/attending physician or midwife and witnesses to the birth, the other does not. See this article by WND to see an exemplification of the differences. The image Cooper was showing on the screen is the digital image of a CERTIFICATION form. It says so right across the top. The image Cooper showed and described as a CERTIFICATE of Live Birth is NOT one. He did not even read the exhibit he showed while talking. That alone reveals his ignorance or deliberate deception on this issue.

Anderson Cooper of Anderson 360 is either ignorant or is deliberately playing the word games such as Hawaii is playing to protect Obama. When Hawaii says a CERTIFICATE of Live Birth (aka Birth Certificate) is an acceptable form of proof that someone was born in Hawaii, that is true, if it was prepared by a hospital and/or an attending physician or midwife. But Obama has NOT presented a CERTIFICATE of Live Birth. Obama has presented a CERTIFICATION of Live Birth (aka COLB) only online And, that is key too, he has only shown a digital image of such CERTIFICATION of Live Birth. Digital images can be easily altered. He has not presented a certified copy on paper of even the CERTIFICATION computer generated form to anyone outside his campaign and two young people at a website connected with foundations in Chicago that Obama once was Chairman of and a Director, the Annenberg Foundation, which funds, a major online defender of Obama. Also, no controlling legal authority or member of the main stream media has ever been allowed to examine the underlying alleged paper document used to make the digital image online nor has it been presented to any forensic document examiners to determine its validity. The print outs that some wave on the TV during interviews is nothing more than a printout of the online digital image.

continued ...

cfkerchner said...

CNN's Anderson Cooper of Anderson 360 did a hit job on LtCol Lakin and his attorney on Friday night.

Part 2 of 2:

Anderson Cooper played the same word game that all on the Obama side have been doing all along in his disgraceful non-interview of Lt. Col. Lakin and his attorney. During the lead-in and in the piece Cooper interchanged the phrase "native-born" with "natural born" as if they are identical. They are not. The former deals with location of birth. The latter deals with more, i.e., who your parents were and location of birth. The former term is not in the Constitution. The latter is. And the deceivers also interchange "CERTIFICATE of Live Birth" (aka a Birth Certificate) with "CERTIFICATION of Live Birth" (aka a COLB) as if those two forms are the same. They are not. The deceivers also interchange the use and requirements for simple Citizenship with the special term "natural born Citizen". Obama has presented a digital image of a COLB, not a Birth Certificate. AND, Hawaii has NEVER validated that the online COLB shown by Obama was issued by them and that it is valid.

CNN and Anderson Cooper played games tonight with Lt. Col. Lakin and his attorney and did a brow-beating and not an interview. Cooper should ask a question then shut up and listen to an answer instead of running his motor continuously, 360.

I challenge Anderson Cooper to put my lawyer, Mario Apuzzo, and I on his show and let him try to play the same word game with us. If anyone has Anderson Cooper's email address at CNN, send this to him.

CDR Charles Kerchner
Lead Plaintiff
Kerchner v Obama & Congress>

Erica said...

Movie of the Century: Obama as ‘The New Manchurian Candidate’

How many times have you watched a suspenseful movie, and believed that you fully understood the main plot, only to discover a surprise subplot at the end of the movie that proved you wrong? Damn it! Why didn’t I see that subplot coming? With that thought in mind, I would like you to consider the possibility that the falderal surrounding President Obama’s eligibility to serve as President resembles such a movie with a subplot twist.

Joe said...

I could not believe the all out assault on Lt. Col. Latkin tonight!!

I kept thinking this is no interview, my goodness, Cooper is attacking him and destroying him.

The lies Cooper was stating was just unbelieveable.

I wish Mario was there too. It appears when you go to these "interviews" you just have to keep talking and ignore the interviewer like politicians do, in order to get the truth out.

The first thing you gotta do is, nbc, colb, then newspaper, then HI officials. That way you can get everything out before you are torn to shreds!!!

I don't think anyone should go on CNN anymore unless they can shout louder than the interviewer and ignore their "questions".

I hope the Lt. is not shaken up over this.

Did everyone see the new Michelle video, "somebody like Barack Obama – a Kenyan" ?

Why are these videos coming out now?

Incredulous said...

jay jay: I think it's the inquiries directly to Hawaii, like going behind the curtain of the Great and Mighty Oz which have led us to understand that these are just evil puny paid-off idiots who harbor anti-American sentiment themselves, but who squirm under the glare of analysis and then say stupid things...

like Lingle...she squirmed, she lied, on the record, she is now an AFFIRMED LIAR. In her position she just cannot spout off about evidentiary issues, saying she said this and that when she never did. If she lied about that, then nothing else she says has any credibility.

She could have stayed silent, but it's been the pressure on those peon idiots out there in Hawaii as they realize there's 320 million really pissed off Americans micro-analyzing their every word that makes them mess up. The more analysis, the more they will mess up, such is the nature of lying.

Bill Cutting said...

Well anyone who watched that last night and owns a computer could figure out in 5 minutes that AC was lying his A** off.

1. Did cnn/ac360 actually go the newswpaper archives and look for the socalled birth announcements?

2.Did cnn/ac360 ask the Obama campaign to veiw the socalled COLB and have experts check the veracity of said document?

3.No court has taken judicial notice of the socalled Obama colb or the socalled birth annoucments.
They have had ,what 60 somthing chances?

I have always thought that he was probably born in Hawaii. But if that is the best that Lefty can do is reference the same old false internet campaign lies. The Hawaiin birth looks more like a fairy tale every day.

The new Polarik videos are very telling on how that media con was run on the American public in the 2008 election.
Thanks Greg for linking to those.

Bill Cutting said...

Here is the new Poalrik video. Make your own HI colb!

Mick said...

I am not sure that Lakin's attorney understands the full argument. On the Libby interview callers reminded him of the dual citizen issue, but he did not respond correctly in my opinion. On CNN that issue should have been brought up first, and clearly. When will someone that gets interviewed state this issue concisely and clearly without getting sidetracked with the "WHERE
was he born" question? Hopefully Lakin is not a plant to further obscure the issue Dual citizenship at birth) that is already admitted that makes Obama ineligible.

Anonymous said...

Bill Cutting said...
Citizenship Of Children Of A Liens Born In The

You may be interested in this, the US & China Burlingame Treaty that brought the parents of little Wong K A to the US........see Article VI....

Judge Gray ignored the intent of the Treaty just like he ignored the intent of A2S1C5...........

James said...

I found an interesting publication:
Children Born in the United States to Aliens Should Not, by Constitutional
Right, Be U.S. Citizens

Herb Titus contributed to this publication. LTC Terry Lakin should definiely seek out Herb Titus as Titus was intimately invovled in the Michael New case.

James said...

I just found a MODERN publication (2005) that has been written by lawyers who are experts in consitutional law in which they are argue that children born to aliens should NOT US Citizens. This publication certainly implies that Obama is definitely not a NBC.
Children Born in the United States to Aliens Should Not, by Constitutional
Right, Be U.S. Citizens


Lakin should definitely reach out to Herb Titus as he was heavely involved in the Michael New case.




Bill Cutting said...

"Judge Gray ignored the intent of the Treaty just like he ignored the intent of A2S1C5..........."

Thanks NBC great find, looks like Gray voided the exclusive power of excutive branches treaty making authority.
I guess that sets precedent for the current court to void Obama's climate change treaty.
Oh the Irony, LOL

I have pondered the question, did Natural Born British subjects become Natural Born Citizens at the end of the American Revolution?


Of course the America and the Brits have always differed on the date, we at the Declaration of Independance, they at the end of the war.

The British courts veiw.

(The first case is Doe d. Thomas v. Acklam. James Ludlow O B. &C. was born in a part of America which was at the time a British 1^632!] Colony; he was therefore a British subject. His daughter was Cases born after the recognition of the independence of the Colonies, "1 The question was whether at the time of her birth her father was still a natural-born subject. It was answered in the negative, because after the Colonies had become United States, and their inhabitants generally citizens of those States,— James Ludlow " by his continued residence in those States manifestly became a citizen of them ".)

And the children of those original citizens became Natural Born Citizens.

Bill Cutting said...

Early life and public career of Hon. James G. Blaine

1868.-REPUBLICAN PLATFORM, Chicago, May 20.

"9. The doctrine of Great Britain and other European powers, that because a man is once a subject he is always so, must be resisted at every hazard by the United States, as a relic of feudal times, not authorized by the laws of nations, and at war with our national honor and independence. Naturalized citizens are entitled to protection in all their rights of citizenship as though they were native-born; and no citizen of the United States, native or naturalized, must be liable to arrest and imprisonment by any foreign power for acts done or words spoken in this country; and, if so arrested and imprisoned, it is the duty of the government to interfere in his behalf."
page 522

This platform was proceeded by Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation. Jan.1st 1863
page 519

Did he say Law of Nations? he most certainly did.

Robert said...

The left claims that we are challenging Obama's NBC status because he is black. They argue that because such a challenge has never been made before on a past (white) candidate, McCain aside, then we must be doing it because we are racists. What the left conveniently fails to consider is that the Internet, which is relatively brand new, has allowed the people to become more educated and vocal about political issues.

To give you an example, this morning I woke up, had my cup of coffee, and turned on the news. Same old, same old, I thought. Afterwards, I went on the Internet and found this article that I must have missed seeing on the evening news three weeks ago: “The government of Puerto Rico is invalidating every birth certificate issued on the island before July 1, 2010, in an attempt to curb rampant fraud and identity theft that officials say has ruined lives, strained social service programs and compromised national security.”


Dixhistory said...

At this point in time if you don't understand that we are under attack from with-in and obama is not a natural born citizen, you have to be brain dead.

The trouble is we have career politicians or those that get into government for what they can get out of it. Doesn't matter what branch it is or what party.

What moral person could lay with such scum as in office now or play by the rules of good for me and F*** you.

In other words it all boils down to money. No matter how crooked you are if you have the money you have the ears of the politician of any party.

If there is a country on the face of this earth that can pull out of this nose dive it will be this one.

There is no doubt in my mind that history will show quite a few fools in government during this period in our history.

Few men of this time frame really understand what freedom means.

Allow me to tell you what it means to me. I am willing to starve and to let my family starve before I or they bow down to another human being nor will I allow that person to bow down to me. We are all equal in the eyes of my God. That is freedom and liberty at its heart.

How many can say and will do what those great men did that fought the british and founded our nation and our form of government?

How many in Washington will say they will, then not do it?

Incredulous said...

Justice Gray was the longest serving appointee of Chester Arthur. One wonders if all the appointees rulings of Arthur the Usurper, and all of the laws passed by Congress under Arthur the Usurper are challenge-able today?

cfkerchner said...

Citizen at Birth (CAB) by man-made, "positive law" such as acts of Congress and statutory law does NOT identically equal Natural Born Citizen (NBC) which is created by nature and nature's God via "natural law". Obama is NOT a "natural born Citizen" of the USA no matter where he was born.>

Pass these links along to any and all bogs you post in and in comments therein. Thanks.

CDR Kerchner

cfkerchner said...

In Obama's biographical book Dreams from My Father, on page 126, Obama tells the account of Obama's mom telling him that some day it was intended that all three of them were to "return to Kenya", i.e., his father, mother, and Obama. Therefore to return somewhere you must have been there first. Thus all three of them were there before, i.e., when Obama was born. ;-) Hat tip to an anonymous poster.

See the quote on page 126 of Obama's book Dream from My Father, in this image:

And as we know from prior readings in Obama's book Dreams from My Father, per page 26, he had in his possession a copy of his birth certificate circa 1982 along with his vaccination forms. So he should show us and also some controlling legal authority that BC and vaccination docs (to see where they were done) instead of a 2007 internet image of an alleged Hawaiian computer generated 2007 COLB. See the BC quote in this image.

Pass this comment/post around.

CDR Kerchner

Anonymous said...

An Indonesian official news finally published that according to his school application in Indonesia he was an Indonesian citizen and also a muslim. This site is already written on it's site on March 17 2010:
Presiden AS Barack Obama pada masa kecilnya tinggal di Jakarta dan tahun 1968 masuk SD Asisi sebagai siswa angkatan kedua.US President Barack Obama childhood living in Jakarta and on the year 1968 went to SD Asisi (Asisi Primary School) as second generation class.
Sekolah yang terletak di Jalan KH. Ramli, Menteng Dalam, Tebet Jakarta itu berdiri tahun 1967.
The school that were on KH Ramli street, Menteng Dalam, Tebet Jakarta was established in 1967.
Dalam buku besar siswa, nama Obama tertulis sebagai Barry Soetoro dan beragama Islam. Kewarganegaraan Obama tertulis sebagai warga negara Indonesia. Sayangnya buku yang
berisi daftar nilai Obama tidak ada.
On the big book of students, Obama name was written as Barry Soetoro and had faith Islam. The citizenship of Obama was written as Indonesian citizen. Unfortunately the book contains his mark grade didn't exist.

Anonymous said...

Thedata should be on smart.zhou at israel insider. This and the chinese blankon contains the data of Indonesian law on the same place were belongs to the late tigerzhou. My best friend who were passed away on February 7 2010. You also know him as zhoutay due to illness.

Anonymous said...

He admitted to me that he never once an American. The reason he did this was because of returning the favor on what your countrymen had done to his during Chinese prosecution, organized mass rape during 13-15 May 1998. On his dying breath and his last word, he told me never to told any one about it instead took his place. The late tigerzhou was a Canadian after he renounced his Indonesian citizenship.

cfkerchner said...


You said: "An Indonesian official news finally published that according to his school application in Indonesia he was an Indonesian citizen and also a muslim. This site is already written on it's site on March 17 2010"

Please find again and obtain/make a PDF file and/or a 'screen shot JPG file' of the Indonesian language and English version of that article (the site has an English version of its articles online I noticed). I was not able to find the article for 17 Mar 2010. Please find the article again and post the direct link to that article here.

Please then email a copy of it to my attorney, Mario Apuzzo. His email address is is in the upper right frame of this blog, i.e., "apuzzo @".

CDR Kerchner

Anonymous said...

Now how to get and done to open his dual nationality; here's the first step:
go to: and then goes straight to
you can see that he even do not has any right to be represented by lawyer at all (provide by states). And if you checked on what I had written in the past (I using his notes about KK (kartu keluarga) I done that and 100% true it was there but unfortunately all my picture was confiscated and held due I'm not a reporter. So if any one of you were reporters just do this before June 2010 for if he can get his hand on that nothing you can do about it.

Anonymous said...

the site will be on this address:

Anonymous said...

As a Canadian I will never get too involved or take that action again due they were already suspecting me and I'm now on the black list. By the time you read this letter I'll be on my way to the plane back to Canada. This is my last time assignment in Indonesia and I never ever again step my foot on this God Forsaken liar country. PS:
1. This case it's never over even if you can overthrown him. But you must also checked on all aid especially technology that's belongs to US transfer to Indonesia
2. Had you ever wonder why Sri Mulyani who held be responsible on Century Bank Scandal by Indonesian parliament can be a Managing diractor at World Bank. Who can order that to the chairman of the world bank anyway?

cfkerchner said...


Thank you for the link. I captured a copy. I could not get an English copy.

Would you retype here in Mario's blog the relevant paragraph in both Indonesian language and then in English ... that is just the paragraph were you say the newspaper article confirms that Obama was an Indonesian citizen when he lived there as a child. Can you do that for us? Also state which paragraph number in the article contains the relevant statement. Thank you.

CDR Kerchner

cfkerchner said...

I had Google translate the page. I have not studied it yet. I'll let you all read it as I do to see if what JackChow1 has sent us is good stuff ...

I suggest you all make PDF copies of the Indonesian language version and the Google translation in case Obama has the article scrubbed like he has had done many times before.

CDR Kerchner

Bill Cutting said...


Who knows what these people are up to.

I guess that's the problem, at least 3 foreign countries can lay claim to "O"

Looks like the same guy...

"Although I’m love Indonesia as former Indonesian and I loved to supported Barack Obama as the US President, but I prefer that all nation in the world is lead by their own people (having true nationality). I know by saying all of this things, I might called traitor by kin but I think the truth shall set us free.
I learned about his past in Indonesia, and guess what; in Indonesia especially back on that era during late 60’s up to late 70’s, Indonesia was on power struggle between Soekarno and Soeharto. as Zhou yue my relative said on texasdralin:
You got it 100% right sir. He is an Indonesian. Why, For the law. Period. When he stay and went to school on the public school, the law also said that only Indonesian that had all the right to go to the public school. The other shall required SKBRI (Surat Keterangan Berkewarganegaraan Indonesia/ Letter for acknowledge of Indonesian citizenship) which practically applied the most on the Chinese and foreigner that mostly were non Muslim origins. However for his step father were native Indonesian, then his mother automatically could become Indonesian too. As well as he. Remember this, once you become Indonesian, then you must revoke your old nationality, period. As a Chinese man and former Indonesian citizen I dare to speak for this. As 3 richax said:

This is where your logic falls apart:

Now while Indonesia does not allow children over the age of five to be adopted, so far as I can tell, it does recognize that other countries do so. There is a provision covering that:

“A foreign child aged below 21 and unmarried, who is adopted by an Indonesian, will be eligible for Indonesian citizenship if the process does not cause dual citizenship.”

So it is possible to adopt a child abroad under the Laws of another country, for example the USA, and that child could be of any age. But, you say, if you adopt an American child that IS causing Dual Citizenship. In the real world the rest of us live in, yes, but in Indonesian Law:

“his or her relationship to the birth parents is severed by adoption”

From your endnote 3:
Therefore he is Indonesian and truly must not has any right once so ever to even went to this race. Why, because our nation law forbid that unless that child is not revoke his nationality when he become Indonesian, while his parents is 100% certainly must revoke his old nationality in order to get him to school in Indonesia. Lolo Sutoro is not a stupid man after all. Only us the Americans is the biggest fools.
And allowed me to write his base on Indonesian constitution translation:
Pasal 31
(1) Tiap-tiap warga negara berhak mendapat pengajaran.
(2) Pemerintah mengusahakan dan menyelenggarakan satu sistem pengajaran nasional, yang diatur dengan undang-undang.
Article 31:
1. Every citizen (Indonesian citizen) have right to gain education.
2. Government shall provide and create a national education system, which applied by law.
By this original Indonesian constitution, has stated clear that only Indonesian that had access to studying on public school. And since Indonesia don’t apply dual nationality, means he must drop his US nationality first before he become Indonesian. After I seen the AP picture that contains his school cerfiticate and similliar with my own, now I convinced that he is truly is Indonesian. I also read about the US constitution and I think this man, no matter how bright he is and how proud I’m had he become the US president must not become the US President at all.

If you not believed me then check this out by your self and if this true I think you must

Posted by: zhou tay | October 31, 2008 at 03:19 AM "

Found this in the comments here

cfkerchner said...

Hmmmmh! Was the adoption officially and legally done and was it done in Indonesia ... or was it done in Hawaii?

I wonder if Obama was officially, legally adopted by Lolo Soetoro while he was in Hawaii. Did Obama's mom marry Lolo in Hawaii or in Indonesia? Has anyone ever checked that out? And if married in Hawaii and the adoption was done in Hawaii, have those records been looked for. Or has Obama probably had those records scrubbed too.

CDR Kerchner

Larry said...

Something that REALLY gets on my nerves is our arrogant senators and congressmen posting videos of themselves on YouTube and "disabling comments". They don't want to hear ANYTHING we have to say! THOSE 100% GUTLESS COWARDS MUST GO!!!

Dixhistory said...

Charles I think most think because of the wording in the 1 page at top about they having "1 adult child above 18 years but dependent on the parties for education" is what makes some think he adopted obama. see at for

Dixhistory said...

Mrs. Obama was to have said this.

"African Press International is supposed to support Africans and African-American view," she reportedly said. "It is strange that API has chosen to support the racists against my husband. There is no shame in being adopted by a stepfather. All dirt has been thrown onto my husband's face and yet he loves this country. My husband and I know that there is no law that will stop him from becoming the president, just because some American white racists are bringing up the issue of my husband's adoption by his stepfather. The important thing here is where my husband's heart is at the moment. I can tell the American people that my husband loves this country and his adoption never changed his love for this country. He was born in Hawaii, yes, and that gives him all the right to be an American citizen even though he was adopted by a foreigner."

The Obama campaign immediately denied the telephone call happened.

Tommy Vietor, a campaign spokesman, told Byron York on the National Review Online blog "The Corner," the conversation didn't happen.

"The answer is no, it's not real, the report is made up. She did not speak to the organization," Vietor said.

However, in an e-mail to WND, a man who identified himself as API's "Chief Editor Korikr" confirmed the exchange.

"API hereby confirms to you that the story is true and if the huge interest on this particular story continues, we will post the recording on our website in the next immediate days.

"When we published the story we did not intend to cause any chaos but we are shocked by the huge interest the story is receiving from the Americans and the American media," he continued.

"Mrs. Obama called us just to ask API to stop joining the mainstream hate online media that is trying to destroy her husband's opportunity to get the presidency," he wrote.

He said his editorial board would meet to discuss how best to release the audio.

AFI asked Michelle Obama to comment on the detention of Corsi during his visit last week to Kenya, where he was investigating the presidential candidate's links to a controversial strongman serving as prime minister.

Get the book that started it all – Jerome Corsi's "The Obama Nation," personally autographed – for only $4.95, available today, but only from WND!

"When API asked Mrs. Obama to comment on why Dr. Corsi was arrested by the Kenyan government and whether she thought Kenya's prime minister, Mr. Raila Odinga, was involved in Dr. Corsi's arrest, she got irritated and simply told API not to dig [into] that which will support evil people who are out to stop her husband from getting the presidency," the publication reported.

AFI also said the first lady in waiting had some clear instructions for the publication.

(Story continues below)

jayjay said...


Why in the world do you keep blabbering on and on about the Lakin case.

That is a totally different issue and set of circumstances than the Kerchner et al case. The two have nothing at all to do with each other.

I believe there are blogs about the Lakin case where you can go and offer your thoughts, but they are surely completely misplaced on this blog - unless your intent is to try to obfuscate and confuse (and you're not doing too successful job of that).