Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Wisdom King

While the future now is that which be our destiny,

Things of the past continue to last.

How one is born will shape one’s years,

For where and how one goes in great degree

Doth make its path whence one did spring.

I do implore the vision yet for all to see.

May the Wisdom King give the living now for all the living come

That simple but great truth.

Whence did Obama first the shining light did see?

And finally please do speak of how the future course shall Biden be.

Copyright © Mario Apuzzo, Esq.


Anonymous said...

More from Berg site today. This stuff is GREAT.

Mario this should help.

[quote="Another_American_4_Truth"][color=#FF0000]Hey! Has anyone ever seen this 31 page report from the [b]Office of Inspector General [/b]entitled "[i][b]Birth Certificate Fraud[/b][/i]" dated Sept 2000? It is VERY informative. (I found it when I was searching for info on race identifiers/references for Annette, and Karen) The purpose of it is to [i]"provide an update on the nature and extent of birth certificate fraud"[/i].....[/color]


Below are some of the statements found in the report. This info may be helpful in getting somone to hear our case, and also make it more difficult for the usuper to make another fraudulent birth certificate!

[color=#FF0000][i]"This inspection was initiated at the request of the Department of Health and Human Services to provide information which the Department could use in responding to responsibilities placed on it as a result of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996"[/i][/color]

[color=#FF0000][i]"They also conclude that stolen, counterfeit, and altered birth certificates are often used as “breeder documents” that allow the holder to obtain documents needed to create new identities."[/i][/color]

This is the most interesting;

[b][i][color=#FF0000]"Birth Certificates Alone do not Provide Conclusive or Reliable Proof of Identity"[/color][/i][/b][/quote]

[quote="Another_American_4_Truth"][b]This is another very interesting stamtement in this report[/b];

[color=#FF0000][i]"The Criminal Use of False Identification, the committee concluded that 100 percent of all Federal fugitives and 80 percent of all drug trafficking are associated with false identification. They also reported that false identification is a major factor in crime, including illegal immigration and flight from justice, and that falsified or stolen vital statistics (i.e., birth certificates) are used as “breeder documents.” (“Breeder documents” refer to documents that allow the holder to obtain other documents -- passports, driver’s licenses, etc. -- and benefits, such as resident status, Social Security benefits, loans, and other government aid, including Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, Food Stamps, and Medicaid). The Federal Advisory Committee also issued a supplemental report entitled A Plan for Reducing the Abuse of Birth Certification. In 1984, the Laws at Work Task Force, co-chaired by top HHS officials, issued a report entitled A Report of the Task Force on Criminal Implications of False Identification"[/i][/color][/quote]

[quote="msscarletto"]On several of the blogs, and I checked with Fulbright Scholarship blog, show that Obama attended Occidental under one of these scholarships and registred as an alien national - this information was obtained under the FOIA from the Fulbright Foundation - he maltriculated sometime in 1979 and was here in the early 80s - hopefully the lawsuit now current in the CA court will be successful in obtaining the rest of his documents which will prove place of birth and national allegience - when the White House was confronted about this matter they ignored it and Robert Gibbs did his usual spin on the right wing attacking the president - however, the British press questioned him when he was in Europe and he did not respond[/quote]