Friday, October 16, 2009

MommaE Radio Rebels - BlogTalkRadio - 8:30 PM EDT, Friday, 16 Oct 2009

MommaE Radio Rebels interviews Mario Apuzzo, Attorney, and Charles Kerchner, Lead Plaintiff, in the Kerchner et al and Obama & Congress et al lawsuit currently awaiting decisions on two motions before Judge Simandle since July in the federal district court in Camden NJ.

BlogTalkRadio - MommaE Radio Rebels - 8:30 PM EDT, Friday, 16 Oct 2009.

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Captain Steve said...

sorry off topic, but want all to see.

More proof of a coordinated Obama citizenship/background cover-up, and the Honolulu Advertiser newspaper is part of it.

For days I’ve been posting the following news article where Tammy Duckworth, who claimed to know Obama well (and now on the payroll), says Obama was born in Indonesia.

The article states (14th paragraph),

“Both were born outside the country — Obama in Indonesia, Duckworth in Thailand — and graduated from high school in Honolulu — Punahou and McKinley, respectively.”

The original article and quote can be seen here.

But in the last day or so (Oct 16,2009) the Honolulu Advertiser scrubbed it clean. That quote has been removed. They sanitized article. The new sanitized cover-up version can be seen here.

How is it that our “history” can be so easily re-written? I remember when we used to criticize the USSR for re-writing their history to suit their political desires. We are doing it in America NOW!!

People need to be screaming bloody murder. Write to everybody you know. Let them know we're not going to take this anymore!

natural born citizen party said...

great discussion tonight

why not motion to join a multi-district court or just motion to consolidate your USDC-NJ case with an active case in the USDC-DC (District of Columbia) e.g. Strunk v US DOS 08-cv-2234?

William said...

I have a question pertaining to one of your last call-ins. He was questioning Obama private information and discovery. I would first bring this excellent question from another person which he made on a different site, add my own question in the end. His question follows:

“The Hawaii Supreme Court has defined the term “waiver” as follows:

“Waiver is the intentional relinquishment of a known right, or such conduct as warrants an inference of such surrender, and it is not essential to its application that prejudice results to the party in whose favor the waiver operates.” Hewahewa v. Lalakea, 35 Haw. 213, 219 (1939) (quoting United States Fidelity & Guar. Co. v. Miller, 237 Ky. 43, 47, 34 S.W.2d 938, 940 (1931)).

Thus, a waiver “may be expressed or implied and “[i]t may be established by express statement, … or by acts and conduct from which an intention to waive may reasonably be inferred.” 28 Am. Jur. 2d Estoppel and Waiver § 160 at 845 (1966). See also Stewart v. Spalding, 23 Haw. 502, 516 (1916).

BY Obama swearing (or affirming) that he is a NBC and holds all of the qualifications to be POTUS, as he did in the Arizona filing, he has forever waived any right to privacy in any documents that pertain to that NBC/Qualification status.”…………….

My question Mario is when he (Obama) Freely gave and the DNC his COLB attempting to prove to the Entire U.S. he was born in Hawaii by allowing to show this on the Internet for all 50 States, then he has no privacy rights after that point. In addition, is this not the improper use of the “Sword & Shield” whereby he Intentionally used the COLB private document as a “Sword” to prove to the world where he was born, publicly, but the uses the State dept. as a “Shield” by not releasing said document to in turn prove it. It was my understanding you cannot use both. Or am I wrong?

William said...


Just to add, is this also not the reason that Attorneys defending a client tell them to “Keep their mouth shut” from making public announcements about their defense? Once such client begins defending themselves in public and disclosing discussions with their Attorney, then it is no longer protected by privacy rights such as Attorney client privileges? Client used it as a sword, (truth or not), but now wishes to invoke Attorney client privileges from the DA as the shield. Cannot have it both ways, least in my understanding… I am quite confident it is much more complex that they laymen example I am using.

As for my personal belief and research. I do believe that his long form BC will state that he was born in Hawaii, but not from the typical hospital or doctor present. I don’t think Hawaii would have issued him a BC had they “Knowingly” had proof he was born outside the Hawaii jurisdiction. I could be wrong of course, they don’t seem to surprise me with their actions and outright lying lately. Which gets us back to the real issue, even if his Hawaii BC is disclosed and that is the NBC lawsuit which is the real legal suit.

Keep up the good work Charles and Mario.